Tours for Female Travellers

Adventures for women with wanderlust

On The Go Tours for Female Travellers

Female travellers are creating one of the biggest trends in the travel industry right now. With more and more female travellers choosing to go globetrotting alone, solo female travel is on the rise – and it’s a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

Whether you’re considering travelling solo or not, our group tours are perfect for female travellers. So have a read about what makes us a great choice and check out some of our tours to find your next adventure.

Why Female Travellers Choose On The Go Tours

With over 20 years’ experience of operating group tours in a range of destinations, it’s fair to say we know how to put together the perfect holiday. We take the hassle out of planning your trip, with our expert team on hand to arrange your travel plans and our passionate guides on the ground to bring each destination to life.

Female Travellers in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Fellow Travellers

Our group tours cater for everyone from aged 18 to over 70, but with around 60% of our travellers being female, you’re sure to be travelling with other like-minded women. Nearly 70% of all our solo travellers are female too, although this does vary depending on the destination.

Females travels at Queen Hatshepsut's temple, Egypt

Group Sizes

Making friends on tour can be particularly important to solo female travellers. On our group tours we have an average group size of 16 to 18, meaning you’ll really get to know everyone you’re travelling with. In fact, lasting friendships are often made on these trips.

Female tour guide at the Great Wall of China

Guides and Safety

We employ local guides on our group tours who are not only there to show you the highlights of each destination, but to offer support and guidance if needed. They’ll be able to advise you on where to spend your free time, local customs and help you if things go wrong.

Female travellers jumping in the air at Petra, Jordan


With the day to day itinerary, local transport and the accommodation each night sorted for you, our group tours take the hassle out of planning your holiday. There’s still plenty of free time for you to relax by the pool or further explore each destination if you wish to.

Geisha in Kyoto, Japan

Authentic Experiences

From sampling local street food in Vietnam to sleeping under the stars in the Sahara and attending a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, our tours offer plenty of authentic experiences. So travelling with us is sure to broaden your horizons in more ways than one.

Female traveller cycling in China

Single rooms at a modest price

Single rooms offer added comfort and privacy for solo travellers and are available on all of our holidays, aside from Overlanding in Africa, at an affordable price. If travelling solo you will be required to book a single room, others can also opt for a single room if they choose.

Airplane in flight

Airport Arrival Transfers

We include airport arrival transfers on most of our group tours, so you don't need to worry about turning up in a destination and trying to get to your hotel. We like to ensure a smooth and hassle-free start to your holiday, with some of our trips including a departure transfer too.

Camp in the Wadi Rum, Jordan


Alongside 3 to 5* hotels, our group tours include a range of authentic accommodation to give you a real feel of the destination you are staying in. You could be spending the night in a Berber camp in Morocco, a jungle lodge in Peru, a traditional ryokan in Japan or a haveli in India.

Signature Range
Camel man and Pyramids of Giza - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursKing Tutankhamun - 10 days Map

King Tutankhamun

10 days | FROM AUD $2,105

Explore the legendary Pyramids of Giza, see King Tutankhamun's famous gold mask and uncover the secrets of the...

Signature Range
HUrghada marinaEgypt Uncovered - 11 days Map

Egypt Uncovered

11 days | FROM AUD $2,475

Take in the best of ancient Egypt, from the Pyramids of Giza to the exquisite temple of Dendera and Luxor's...

Signature Range

Aegean Explorer

7 Days | FROM AUD $2,684

Kicking off in the powerhouse of the Ottoman empire - Istanbul, pay your respects at Gallipoli, get lost in...

Signature Range

Taj Express

8 days | FROM AUD $1,390

Experience the richness of Indian culture on this classic tour of India's Golden Triangle. Kick off in Delhi,...

Signature Range

Golden Triangle & Tigers

10 days | FROM AUD $2,136

WILDLIFE TOUR: Explore India's famous Golden Triangle and go wild in Ranthambore National Park,...

Signature Range

Delhi to Colombo

15 days | FROM AUD $2,993

Combine the incredible sites of India's Golden Triangle with Sri Lanka's ancient ruins, verdant jungles, cool...

Signature Range
Monkeys sitting in front of Boudhanath Stupa in Kathamandu - Nepal Tours - On The Go ToursHighlights of Nepal - 9 days Map

Highlights of Nepal

9 days | FROM AUD $2,335

Discover the beautiful landscapes and cultural treasures of Nepal on this 9-day small group tour. Explore the...

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Colourful boats on Lake Phewa in Pokara - Nepal Tours - On The Go ToursAnnapurna Panorama - 13 days Map

Annapurna Panorama

13 days | FROM AUD $3,575

TREKKING HOLIDAY: Take in the highlights of Nepal and enjoy a wonderfully varied and easy-paced 6-day...

Female Travellers - Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide if one of our group tours is right for you, here are some questions that are frequently asked by female travellers.

Is it safe to travel solo as a woman?

This is often one of the first questions solo female travellers ask. And the simple answer is that travelling solo is no more risky than other everyday activities. Thousands of women travel alone each year, encountering no problems whatsoever. However, it’s always wise to keep your wits about you and follow some basic precautions such as avoiding walking around late at night, keeping your valuables out of sight and an eye on your drink at all times. It’s also best to always let someone know where you’re going.

What should I wear when travelling?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on where you’re travelling to. If it’s a liberal Western country, then you can pretty much wear what you like. However many countries, particularly where Islam is the main religion, have a more conservative outlook that should be respected. While you will certainly see other female travellers in skimpier dress, it’s best to choose clothing that shows your respect for other cultures. This can be achieved by covering your shoulders and wearing skirts or shorts that reach below your knees. Avoid tight fitting clothes or those that reveal your chest.

Will there be other solo female travellers on tour?

Our tours attract a mix of solos, couples and groups of friends travelling together. It's unlikely you'll be the only solo traveller as nearly 20% of all our travellers are solos. Some destinations attract more solo travellers than others, so feel free to ask our reservations team if you would like to know how many solos are booked on your tour.

What age are other female travellers on tour?

Our group tours cater for everyone from aged 18 to those over 70 years old, so you’ll be travelling with other female travellers across a range of ages. On average, 34% of our travellers are aged 21 to 40 and 34% aged 41 to 60. Whatever your age, you'll no doubt make some great friends on tour that share your love for travel.

Will I have much time to myself?

Our shorter tour itineraries are packed with sightseeing to really make the most of each destination. Evenings are generally free for you to do as you wish, with our tour groups often sticking together for the evening meal - although you are welcome to do your own thing. Depending on the day's schedule, we always try to allow for some free time at each of the sites we visit for you to take photos and further explore. Our longer tour itineraries often include a few free afternoons or a free day here and there. This gives you the flexibility to either relax in the hotel or take part in an optional activity.