The best time to visit Madagascar

Updated: 13th May 2021

Baobab trees in Madagascar - Best time to visit
Rainfall is at a minimum in Madagascar between April and December

Madagascar at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

Recommended time to visit: April - November. This is Madagascar's dry season, when the weather is good and nights are mild.

Less popular time to visit: The wet season lasts from December - March and is characterised by heavy rainfall and hot, humid temperatures. This can make it harder to explore the country's forests. January and February in particular are very wet, with many tourism businesses shutting their doors for this period.

Best time for wildlife: The country's iconic lemurs can be seen all year round but breeding generally occurs between October - December. Humpback whales can be seen off the coast in July and August. August and September are best for birdwatchers.

Best time for beaches: September - December offers the best beach weather, with hot and relatively dry weather, though this can vary across the island.

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Climate | Ifaty

Temp Min °C232222201715151517192022
Temp Max °C292828272625252626272729
Rainfall (mm)667236241218654962475
Coquerel's sifaka - Madagascar
A Coquerel's sifaka - October - December is the best time to see Madagascar's famous lemurs

Festivals and Events

It can only be expected that a country as vibrant and colourful and with as rich a history as Madagascar will have festivals and events to match. Often ceremonies will combine traditional customs and cultures with elements of Christianity, delicately blending the two to achieve a unique and fascinating festival that can be enjoyed by everyone.

What is Alahamady Be?

This festival celebrates the traditional New Year for the Malagasy people and takes place during the first new moon of the Malagasy New Year, which occurs in March. During this event, people dress up in their favourite lamba, a colourful piece of fabric that is wrapped around the body, and climb to the top of a local hill to engage in singing and dancing. In Antananarivo, people head to the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga to celebrate.

When is Madagascar's Independence Day?

On June 26th, the Malagasy people celebrate their independence from French rule, which they were under from 1897 until 1960. After WWII, demands for independence by the natives increased exponentially and despite around 80,000 being slaughtered during uprisings and demonstrations, the pressure continued and eventually the French withdrew. This day is celebrated with a parade by the armed forces, speeches from officials and musical performances.