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About the Far East

Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions and modern culture of the Far East with our wide selection of guided group tours and private package trips, plus a selection of useful destination travel guides to help you plan.

The Summer palace in china
Summer Palace

Travel to the exotic lands of the Far East – Japan, South Korea and China on one of our award winning holidays. With our experienced local English-speaking tour leaders you'll gain a true insight into these fascinating countries and immerse yourself in the local way of life. We also offer a wide variety of touring styles to the Far East, from our award-winning Signature group tours to budget-friendly Essentials packages, so you're bound to find the trip that's right for you.

Our tours to the Far East include some unique experiences - spend a night in a traditional Hanok Village in South Korea, weave your way through the Hutongs of Beijing on a rickshaw, meet the Yau ethnic minority group along the Dragon's Back Bone in China, join a sunrise class of Tai Chi at Beijing's Temple of Heaven, try your hand at calligraphy during an optional class in Japan.

Best Far East tours

We offer many tours to the Far East countries of Japan, South Korea and China. We pride ourselves on creating and offering tours to fit every budget, length of time and interests. No matter which tour you choose you’re sure to make memories that will last a life time. Below are some of our most popular tours to the Far East.

Far East by country

About Japan

Mt Fuji with a pagoda in the foreground
Mt Fuji

Japan is known for its mix of stunning natural beauty and futuristic high-tech cities. Our guided Japan tours take you across this beautiful country showing you the best of both worlds. Explore the ancient, cobbled streets of Kyoto and the towering anime covered buildings of Akihabara. There are so many reasons to book one of our Japan tour vacation packages, visit stunning castles and temples, take walks by serene lakes and try delicious food in Japan.

Our guided Japan tours are full of unique experiences, from staying in a traditional ryokan to visiting the magical Studio Ghibli Museum. No matter what you’re looking for on a holiday tour Japan is sure to have something for you.

Japan tours: Discover the highlights of Japan

Whilst Japan is full of unforgettable highlights, these are the places that you really can't miss on your trip. From the heaving metropolis of Tokyo to the peaceful, rural tranquillity of Miyajima Island and Kyoto - steeped in ancient history. Japan is a land of beautiful contrasts just waiting to be explored.

Why visit Japan?

Sushi in Japan
Sushi in Japan

Food in Japan

There are so many delicacies when it comes to Japanese cuisine. From freshly rolled sushi to steaming bowls of ramen Japan is world famous for its culinary exploits. Whether you’re dining at a 5-star skyscraper restaurant watching the world go by below, or grabbing a quick snack from a street vendor on a busy Shibuya street, Japan is the home of delicious foods at all different price points.

Cherry Blossoms in japan
Cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossom Season

When you think of Japan you likely think of beautiful light pink petals on dark wood trees. Cherry Blossom season begins around the end of March and, depending on the weather, can last well into May. The season is when the thousands of cherry blossom tress in Japan bloom creating beautiful rows of pink flowers. During this time people will come from all over the world to view the beautiful flowers for the Cherry Blossom Festival and have picnics underneath the falling petals.


Amine and Manga

One of Japan’s biggest exports amine and manga has a huge and dedicated following all over the world. Japan is an anime and manga lovers’ paradise. Visit the Kyoto International Manga Museum, to gain an insight into the history of manga. Or visit the famed Akihabara (Electric Town) with its huge multi story stores full of anime merch and arcades that offer manga and anime themed prizes.

About South Korea

A girl in a Hanbok
A girl in a Hanbok

A vibrant and dynamic country where ancient traditions blend with cutting-edge modernity. From the bustling streets of Seoul, filled with world-class shopping, entertainment, and culinary delights, to the serene temples and scenic landscapes of the countryside, South Korea offers a unique and unforgettable experience for every traveler. Famous for its top-of-the-line skincare, delicious spicy food and, of course, KPOP.

From the hometowns of BTS to ancient dynasty castles, South Korea has a rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality waiting to be explored. Book a tour with us today and start your next holiday adventure.

Highlight of South Korea

Discover our top picks for places to visit in South Korea and experience them first hand on one of our south Korean tours!


Where the bright lights of the future meet relics of the past. Traditional temples and ancient ruins hide within the bustling streets of Seoul. Seoul is also a '24 hour city' that never sleeps. From the bars of Hongdae to the shops of Gangnam and the developed banks of the Han river, you'll never run out of things to do.


A buffer zone between North and South Korea that has become a de facto nature reserve. A walking tour to a stretch of the DMZ yields uniformed soldiers, memorials to the victims of the 1950 - 1953 Korean War and an observatory where you can peek into the reclusive North.

Jeju Island

Lying off the south coast of the Korean peninsula and home to a unique layer of South Korean culture, Jeju is an island getaway like no other. Head towards its idyllic beaches, mountain hikes, and unrivalled views. Jeju was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature - let us help you find out why!


Gyeongju glitters with traditional Buddhist temples and towering pagodas. It brims with tales of ancient Korean culture. It's where a proud, colourful history comes to life.

Mount Seoraksan National Park

Mountain peaks, hot springs, and untouched natural beauty. Uncover South Korea's hidden side at Seoraksan National Park. A Biosphere reserve protected by UNESCO, it's a great location for hiking, nature, and wildlife holidays.


Trendy Busan is South Korea's hippest destination, with tropical beaches, stunning mountain scenery and a thriving cultural scene to be found alongside historic temples. The city is also home to one of the world's largest department stores, and a lively night scene.

Why visit South Korea

a mural of Jimin and Jungkook from BTS
BTS mural


One of the most popular music genres on the planet, KPOP is a worldwide phenomenon. With many groups each with their own dedicated fan base coming out of South Korea the country is a KPOP lovers paradise. With many shops, cafes and record stores selling everything KPOP. Shop till you drop picking up hard to find memorabilia outside of South Korea and visit the hometowns of your favorite idols like Busan, Gwangju, and Seoul. You can even find streets like Gangnam’s K-star road and Gwangju’s Hope World that have statues dedicated to KPOP stars, the perfect photo opportunity for any fan.

A group of girls at Lotte World
A group at Lotte World

Lotte World

Lotte World in Seoul is a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers and families alike. As one of the world's largest indoor theme parks, it offers an array of exciting rides, parades, and festivals throughout the year. Beyond the adrenaline-pumping attractions, Lotte World boasts a picturesque ice-skating rink, a fascinating folk museum, and a charming lake surrounded by beautiful walking paths. With its unique blend of entertainment and cultural experiences, Lotte World promises an unforgettable adventure for visitors of all ages.

A solider at the DMZ
A solider at the DMZ

DMZ South Korea

Visiting the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in South Korea offers a unique and powerful glimpse into the country's complex history and ongoing quest for peace. This narrow strip of land, separating North and South Korea, is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world. Here, visitors can witness firsthand the remnants of the Korean War, explore the historic Joint Security Area (JSA), and learn about the poignant stories of division and hope. A visit to the DMZ is not just a journey through a tense and fascinating region, but also an opportunity to reflect on the profound significance of peace and reconciliation.

About China

Pagoda in Guangzhou China
Guangzhou China

China is a land of timeless wonder and breathtaking contrasts, where ancient history meets modern innovation. Explore the majestic Great Wall, marvel at the imperial grandeur of the Forbidden City, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures of cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an. From the tranquil beauty of the Yangtze River to the bustling markets and diverse culinary delights, China promises an unforgettable adventure that captivates travelers from across the globe.

We offer a range of tours visiting China, see pandas in their home country, eat the famous Peking duck and hike along the Great Wall on an unforgettable adventure in China.

Highlights of China

Our top picks of things to see and do in China!

The Great Wall

Stretching for more than 20,000km from the Yellow Sea in the eats to the Gobi Desert in the west, the Great Wall of China is known around the world and is a major factor in many people's decision to visit China. Dating back more than 2,300 years, the UNESCO-listed wall measures 7 metres in width and 6-14 metres in height with over 25,000 battlements snaking a path along precarious mountain ridges and thick forests.

See pandas in Chengdu

Known for being absolutely adorable, Great Pandas are endemic to china making it the perfect place to see them in their natural habitat. Watch them as they play, sleep and wander around their conservation sites and learn all about China's effort to increase the panda population to stop these beautiful bears from going extinct.

The Terracotta army in Xi'an

In 1976 three farmers near the city of Xi'an were digging a well and in doing so discovered one of China's greatest treasures - Emperor Qin's 7000-strong terracotta army. Believed to have been made 2200 years ago these life-size warriors stand in military formation in excavated pits under the cover of a modern protective hanger. Made of local clay, no two faces are alike – each is said to be an individual portrait.


Capital of the People’s Republic, Beijing is China’s political, economic and cultural centre. With a chequered history, Beijing was established in 1045 BC and for 800 years served as the capital of several dynasties. At first glance Beijing can appear as nothing more than a modern cosmopolitan city with soaring skyscrapers, sprawls of apartment blocks and a crisscross of freeways. But hidden amid the concrete and glass one can still find remnants of the city’s past and evidence of traditional Chinese culture still practised today.


Buzzing with energy and activity from its gleaming sky scrapers all the way to its charming Old Town, the mega city of Shanghai epitomises China’s meteoric rise to global power status. Everywhere you look, there is something to do, see or buy, and you're unlikely to ever find yourself having a dull moment during your stay.


Renowned for it’s striking, if bizarre scenery - vast areas of karst limestone outcrops that rise up from flat rice paddy fields, and beautiful pagodas, Guilin is often the subject of Chinese painting. On our tours that travel to Guilin, we will visit the enormous and dazzlingly beautiful Reed Flute Caves. The city is filled with a delicious fragrance of Sweet Osmanthus trees and indeed this is the meaning of the name Guilin - "forest of Sweet Osmanthus".

Why Visit China?


Chinese food

Chinese cuisine is a vital part of the country's rich cultural heritage, journey through diverse flavors and cooking techniques of traditional Chinese dishes. Each region in China boasts its own unique culinary traditions, from the spicy and bold dishes of Sichuan to the delicate and light flavors of Cantonese cuisine. Visitors can try an array of delicious meals, such as Peking duck in Beijing, dim sum in Guangdong, and the iconic hot pot in Chongqing. Chinese food is not just about taste; it's also about the artful presentation and the cultural significance behind each dish. Whether you're sampling street food or dining in a high-end restaurant, experiencing Chinese cuisine is a must for any traveler.



Endemic to China seeing Giant Pandas in China is a unique experience. These adorable bears are under conservation efforts from Chinese nature groups as they are currently listed as a vulnerable species. In 2020 government opened a Giant Panda National Park in their conservation efforts, the park is made up of roughly 70 nature reserves and is more than three times the size of Yellowstone National Park. The best place to see pandas in China is in the city of Chengdu, also known as the panda capital of the world, this city has conservation centers, a giant panda museum and a research base for giant panda breeding.

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall

Great Wall of China

Experience the awe-inspiring grandeur of the Great Wall of China, one of the world's most iconic landmarks and a testament to human ingenuity and perseverance. Stretching over 13,000 miles, this ancient marvel offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, rugged mountains, and historic watchtowers. Walking along the Great Wall provides a profound connection to China's rich history and cultural heritage, making it an unmissable highlight of any visit to this extraordinary country.

China travel guides

Find out more about visiting China
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