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Take a trip through Croatia, with a guided tour

A Croatia tour package can help you make the most of this wonderful experience as you see the breathtaking scenery and historic cities of Croatia.

Croatia has over a thousand islands, each giving a unique experience, from the party energy of Hvar to the peaceful stillness of Vis. Zagreb, Croatia's capital, is a mix of old and new, with Austro-Hungarian architecture, lively street art, and bustling marketplaces. Croatia's eight national parks are a haven for nature lovers, with hiking, canoeing, and wildlife watching among the many activities available. Furthermore, the country's culinary scene is a beautiful blend of Mediterranean and Central European flavours, complete with fresh seafood, truffles, and superb wines that must be tried. With so much to see and do, Croatia tour packages offer a structured yet flexible method to immerse yourself in the many attractions that this lovely nation has to offer.

About our tours to Croatia

There are a plethora of tour options available in Croatia, whether you're interested in guided excursions through the picturesque streets of Dubrovnik or would rather have a more personalised experience. A lot of tourists choose all-inclusive Croatian itineraries that stop at Split, the Plitvice Lakes, and the charming Adriatic Sea coastal villages. You may easily learn about Croatia's rich cultural legacy, stunning natural beauty, and dynamic local way of life on a tour, all while taking advantage of the comforts and knowledge of expert guides. On our tours to Croatia, we offer a range of tours to explore the country by land and by sea. If you are looking to sail the waters of the Adriatic sea, then why not book a Croatian sailing tour. These tours include up to a week aboard a traditional ensuite ship with air-conditioned ensuite cabins., continental breakfast every morning, and, throughout the duration of your Croatia sailing tour, 3 course lunches. If you don't have your sea-legs, we offer guided tours to Croatia that explore the country and its neighbours by land. These tours include entrance to local attractions such as the Museum of Yugoslav History, Bran Castle and Peles Castle, just to name a few. During your tour, you'll be staying in a 4-star hotel and breakfast will be included. You'll have opportunities to go sightseeing in Croatia's cities, from the capital of Zagreb to Dubrovnik and beyond. If Croatia has been calling your name, now is the perfect time to explore the country with a guided tour.

Croatia sailing trips

The Adriatic coast of Croatia is a well-known European treasure. Blessed with long summer days full of sunshine, a breathtaking blue sea, a picturesque coastline, and excellent wine, sailing amongst some of the best islands in the country is the perfect way to see the region. We provide several Croatian sailing tours that leave from Split and Dubrovnik. We provide a range of ships, from a traditional, ensuite ship to a deluxe boat. So, no matter which tour you choose, you'll be sailing in style. During your tour, you'll hop from island to island as you explore all the best Croatia has to offer. While aboard, you'll be able to indulge in 3-course lunches and incredible dinners, with multiple opportunities to swim, snorkel, sightsee, and soak up the sun.

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Croatia group tours

Our small group Croatia tours are the ideal excursion if you would rather explore on dry land! The well-known Western Balkans Discovery tour departs from the capital city of Zagreb and travels through Slovenia, stopping in Ljubljana and Lake Bled before heading south to Split and Dubrovnik. Other trips we offer to Croatia begin in Venice, Italy, and include stops in areas of Austria as well as famous Croatian sites on the mainland, like Plitvice Lakes National Park. And the best of Croatia is seen on our travels, which begin in Belgrade and end in Budapest, along with other Balkan nations like Bosnia, Montenegro, and Romania!

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Island hopping & city breaks

For those seeking a more personalized experience of Croatia, we offer private tours that include 5-star accommodations, guided walking tours of Split, Trogir, Hvar, and much more. Over four to five days, you'll be able to explore the city of Split and cruise across the Adriatic's turquoise waters by private motorboat to the marvelous Hvar Island. If you are looking to stay on land, we offer city breaks to Dubrovnik and the capital city of Zagreb. Croatia city breaks are perfect for a short yet immersive escape, allowing you to explore more of Croatia's cities.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I visit Dubrovnik as part of my Croatia package?

Oh yes! You simply cannot visit Croatia without exploring the country's most popular destination and all of our sailing trips, plus the majority of our group tours start or end in the city. Some tours included guided sightseeing to take in some of Dubrovnik's rich history. And in some there is free time for you to head out and explore your way. The walled city itself is quite small and revolves around the Stradun, so you won't get lost - especially if you're walking the ramparts and city walls!

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I want to make the most of Croatia's islands. What time of year would you recommend I visit?

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Top destinations to visit in Croatia

Whether it's the vibrant cities of Zagreb and Dubrovnik or the sun-kissed islands of Hvar and Korcula, take in these top spots on your Croatia trip!

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