Experience the Middle East and North Africa with our range of group tours, private journeys and tailor-made holidays to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Israel.

From the legendary Pyramids of Giza and treasures of Tutankhamen to the spectacular rose city of Petra and the holy city of Jerusalem, experience the magic of a holiday to the Middle East and North Africa. Sail the Nile river in Egypt, trek the rugged Atlas Mountains in Morocco, float in the Dead Sea shared by Jordan and Israel or dive in the Red Sea. Camel trek across the dunes of the Sahara or hot air balloon over ancient Luxor. Visit captivating cities and revered miracle sites, kasbahs, Crusader castles and Roman ruins.

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Travelling with us you'll truly immerse in the local cultures - try tasty falafels from Cairo's most famous sandwich maker, take a dip in Cleopatra's spring, learn to cook traditional Jordanian food, camp out under the desert stars Wadi Rum, walk the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, barter in the souks of Djemma el Fna and spend a night with local Berbers in the vast Sahara Desert.

Top Middle East & North Africa Travel Deals and Upcoming Tours

Trip NameStartsDepartingPriceMap
King Ramses - 13 days Cairo, Egypt 13 Mar 2020 CAD $1,248 was $2,495 2-for-1 King Ramses - 13 days Map
Classical Egypt & Nile Cruise - 11 days Cairo, Egypt 15 Mar 2020 CAD $1,423 was $2,845 2-for-1 Classical Egypt & Nile Cruise - 11 days Map
Festive King Ramses - 13 days Cairo, Egypt 18 Dec 2020 CAD $1,348 was $2,695 2-for-1 Festive King Ramses - 13 days Map
King Ramses with Cruise - 13 days Cairo, Egypt 28 Feb 2020 CAD $2,716 was $3,395 20% off King Ramses with Cruise - 13 days Map
Pyramids to Petra - 15 days Cairo , Egypt 28 Feb 2020 CAD $3,116 was $3,895 20% off Pyramids to Petra - 15 days Map

Middle East & North Africa Group Tours

Signature Range

Festive King Ramses

13 days | FROM CAD $2,695

Christmas & New Year Tour: Escape to sunny Egypt this festive...

Signature Range

Classical Egypt & Nile Cruise

11 days | FROM CAD $2,495

Discover the ancient wonders of Egypt and cruise the River Nile in...

Signature Range

King Ramses

13 days | FROM CAD $2,145

Visit the towering Pyramids of Giza, relax on a felucca as you cruise...

Signature Range

Road To Jordan

16 days | FROM CAD $3,495

Discover the wonders of Egypt and Jordan on this 16 day adventure....

Signature Range

Passage to Petra

6 days | FROM CAD $2,095

Spend two incredible nights in Petra's lost city, camp under the stars...

Signature Range

New Years in Wadi Rum

8 Days | FROM CAD $2,945

New Year Tour: Celebrate a Bedouin New Year’s Eve Bash in the...

Signature Range

Festive Road to Jordan

16 days | FROM CAD $4,195

Christmas & New Year Tour: Discover the wonders of Egypt and...

Signature Range

Imperial Morocco & The Blue City

8 Days | FROM CAD $1,745

Journey through Morocco on this 8 day group tour, set off from...

Signature Range

King Tutankhamun

10 days | FROM CAD $1,795

Explore the legendary Pyramids of Giza, see King Tutankhamun's famous...

Signature Range

Totally Morocco

9 days | FROM CAD $1,995

Led by an expert local guide, this exciting 9 day group tour is an...

Signature Range

Road to Casablanca

9 Days | FROM CAD $1,995

Depart from Casablanca, explore the capital Rabat, fascinating Fes,...

Signature Range

Totally Jordan

8 Days | FROM CAD $2,695

Camp out in Wadi Rum, spend two nights in the lost city of Petra,...

Signature Range

Jewel of the Nile

10 days | FROM CAD $2,595

Embark on a five star Egyptian adventure. Stay in one of Cairo's...

Signature Range

Road to Jerusalem

11 days | FROM CAD $4,695

Combine Jordan and Israel on one amazing trip. Discover the wonders of...

Signature Range

Egypt Uncovered

11 days | FROM CAD $1,895

Take in the best of ancient Egypt, from the Pyramids of Giza to the...

Signature Range

Cairo to Luxor Explorer

6 days | FROM CAD $1,145

Take in the highlights of Cairo and Luxor on this compact 6 day tour...

Signature Range

Alexandria & Ancient Egypt

13 days | FROM CAD $2,695

Take in the best of Egypt on this 13 day tour which combines...

Signature Range

Cairo, Cruise & Coast

13 days | FROM CAD $2,895

Discover the best of Egypt and its ancient wonders on this 13 day...

Signature Range

Pyramids to Petra

15 days | FROM CAD $3,695

Take in the highlights of Egypt and Jordan including the legendary...

Signature Range

Magical Morocco

13 Days | FROM CAD $2,995

Discover Morocco’s highlights and hidden gems on this 13 day tour....

Signature Range

Israel Explorer

6 days | FROM CAD $2,945

Discover the highlights of Israel on this six day tour, taking in the...

Signature Range

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land

19 Days | FROM CAD $5,545

Travelling from Cairo to Tel Aviv, take in the highlights of Egypt,...

Signature Range

Festive King Tut

10 days | FROM CAD $2,145

Christmas & New Year Tour: Classic Egypt at its best - ancient...

Signature Range

Casablanca & Coast

7 days | FROM CAD $1,145

See the world's tallest minaret in Casabanca, browse the exuberant...

Signature Range

Morocco Meteor Shower

9 days | FROM CAD $2,195

Gaze up to the nights sky and witness the incredible Geminids Meteor...

Signature Range

Perseids Meteor Shower

8 days | FROM CAD $2,695

Witness the incredible Perseids Meteor Shower from our desert camp at...

Signature Range

Treasures of the Nile

10 days | FROM CAD $3,395

Discover the very best of ancient Egypt, from the Pyramids of Giza to...

Signature Range

Best of Morocco

13 days | FROM CAD $2,445

The journey of a lifetime awaits in Morocco on this exhilarating two...

Signature Range

Casablanca to Essaouira

13 days | FROM CAD $2,695

Combining the best of culture and coastal bliss, this two week tour of...

Signature Range

Temples, Tombs, Treasury

14 days | FROM CAD $3,295

Experience the best of Egypt and Jordan on this 14 day adventure....

Handpicked Range
Jerusalem Old City Wailing Wall - Israel Tours - On The Go ToursHeritage & Holy Land - 8 days Map

Heritage & Holy Land

8 days | FROM CAD $3,745

COACH TOUR - From vibrant Tel Aviv we trace Israel’s holy...

Handpicked Range
Highlights of Israel - Israel Tours - On The Go ToursHighlights of Israel - 8 days Map

Highlights of Israel

8 days | FROM CAD $2,995

COACH TOUR - From the vibrant coastal city of Tel Aviv, spend 8...

Handpicked Range
Biblical-Land-Israel-Tourmain-imageBiblical Lands - 8 days Map

Biblical Lands

8 days | FROM CAD $3,445

COACH TOUR - Join us on a Biblical adventure through Israel’s...

Handpicked Range
Woman looking over Jerusalem Old City - Israel Tours - On The Go ToursHighlights of Israel & Jordan - 11 days Map

Highlights of Israel & Jordan

11 days | FROM CAD $5,495

COACH TOUR - Journey through Israel and Jordan on this epic...

Signature Range
Camel caravan in the Sahara Desert - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursChristmas in Morocco - 8 days Map

Christmas in Morocco

8 days | FROM CAD $1,545

Christmas Tour: Make your way to magical Morocco this...

Signature Range
Rock-The-Kasbah-Itinerary-Main-Xmas-and-New-Years-MoroccoRock the Kasbah - 10 Days Map

Rock the Kasbah

10 Days | FROM CAD $1,795

Christmas & New Year Tour: A Christmas of changing colours at...

Signature Range
Essaouira coastal town - UNESCO sites in Morocco - On The Go ToursNew Years in Morocco - 11 Days Map

New Years in Morocco

11 Days | FROM CAD $2,195

Christmas & New Year Tour: Spend a cracking Christmas exploring...

Middle East & North Africa Budget Group Tours

Essentials Range

Felucca Explorer & Red Sea

13 days | FROM CAD $1,495

From the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza to King Tut's tomb in the...

Essentials Range

Felucca Explorer to Luxor

8 days | FROM CAD $645

Travelling from Cairo to Luxor, take in the highlights of ancient...

Essentials Range

Jordan & Felucca Explorer

15 days | FROM CAD $3,545

Step back in time exploring the incredible archaeological treasures of...

Essentials Range

Jordan & Egypt Discovered

19 days | FROM CAD $3,995

From the lost city of Petra to the Pyramids of Giza, take in two...

Essentials Range

Felucca Explorer

9 days | FROM CAD $825

Take in the highlights of ancient Egypt, from the legendary Pyramids...

Essentials Range

Essential Jordan

7 days | FROM CAD $1,225

From the remarkable rose city of Petra and Karak Crusader castle, to...

Essentials Range

Essential Egypt

9 days | FROM CAD $895

A value-packed adventure into ancient Egypt. Essential Egypt is a...

Essentials Range

Essential Jordan & Egypt

14 days | FROM CAD $3,395

Travelling from Amman to Luxor, discover the ancient wonders of Petra,...

Essentials Range
Marrakech djemaa el fna square - On The Go ToursMarrakech Express - 5 Days Map

Marrakech Express

5 Days | FROM CAD $945

Head to Morocco for a long weekend with a difference. Explore magical...

Essentials Range
Sunset in Tangier Morocco Northern Explorer Main imageNorthern Morocco Explorer - 7 Days Map

Northern Morocco Explorer

7 Days | FROM CAD $1,395

Explore the highlights of northern Morocco departing from vibrant...

Essentials Range
Djemmaa el Fna - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursMarrakech & Beyond - 8 Days Map

Marrakech & Beyond

8 Days | FROM CAD $1,345

Experience Morocco through the expertise and passion of your local...

Essentials Range
Migration-Of-The-Berbers-Itinerary-Main-Trekking-Adventures-MoroccoMigration of the Berbers - 11 days Map

Migration of the Berbers

11 days | FROM CAD $2,195

Come to Morocco and take the road less travelled on our unique...

Essentials Range
Chefchaouen HousesCamels, Souks & Kasbahs - 15 Days Map

Camels, Souks & Kasbahs

15 Days | FROM CAD $2,095

With an expert local guide by your side, uncover the Imperial Cities,...

Essentials Range
Gemenids Meteor Shower MainGeminids Meteor Shower - 15 Days Map

Geminids Meteor Shower

15 Days | FROM CAD $2,145

Become starstruck! Camel trek into the Sahara for an unforgettable...

Middle East & North Africa Family Holidays

Signature Range

Egyptian Express for Families

8 days | FROM CAD $1,445

A one week family holiday with camel riding, boating on the Nile, a...

Signature Range

Best of Egypt for Teenagers

8 days | FROM CAD $1,295

Take in the highlights of Egypt with your family on this 8 day tour...

Signature Range

Egyptian Family Adventure

9 Days | FROM CAD $1,945

Pharaohs, pyramids, tombs, camel riding, boating on the Nile and a...

Signature Range

Egypt & the Red Sea For Teenagers

12 days | FROM CAD $1,995

Discover Egypt on this 12 day group tour for families with teens aged...

Signature Range

Egyptian Family Adventure & Red Sea

13 days | FROM CAD $2,495

Enjoy a fun and educational family adventure in ancient Egypt. Explore...

Handpicked Range
Morocco For Teens 2019 - Main Image - Camel Caravan in Moroccan DesertMorocco Adventure For Teenagers - 8 days Map

Morocco Adventure For Teenagers

8 days | FROM CAD $1,295

From colourful Marrakech, discover the the striking Ouarzazate and...

Handpicked Range
1001-Berber-Nights-Itinerary-Main-Family-Holiday-MoroccoMorocco Family Adventure - 9 days Map

Morocco Family Adventure

9 days | FROM CAD $1,545

Take your family on a Moroccan adventure! Marvel at the sights and...

Handpicked Range
Essaouira Coastal PicMorocco Family Adventure & Beach - 12 days Map

Morocco Family Adventure & Beach

12 days | FROM CAD $1,895

Take your family on an adventure from the Sahara Desert to the beaches...

Middle East & North Africa Private Tours

Tailor-made Range
Israel-Explorer-3-imageTel Aviv & Jerusalem - 4 days Map

Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

4 days | FROM CAD $1,145

Visit the holy city of Jerusalem, learning about the traditions and...

Tailor-made Range
Petra and the Dead Sea main image - the Monastery - Petra - JordanPetra & The Dead Sea - 4 Days Map

Petra & The Dead Sea

4 Days | FROM CAD $2,095

Enjoy a brief but memorable jaunt to Jordan. Visit the legendary Rose...

Tailor-made Range
Trek Jordan main image - solo traveller on rocks - JordanTrek Jordan - 7 days Map

Trek Jordan

7 days | FROM CAD $2,745

Trek part of the famous Jordan Trail through rugged mountain...

Tailor-made Range
Self Drive Jordan main image - driving in Wadi RumSelf Drive Jordan - 8 days Map

Self Drive Jordan

8 days | FROM CAD $2,295

Grab the wheel and take control of your holiday on this 8-day self...

Tailor-made Range
Journey-To-Galilee-Israel-PrimaryGalilee to The Dead Sea - 8 days Map

Galilee to The Dead Sea

8 days | FROM CAD $8,645

Starting in Tel Aviv, spend 8 days taking in the highlights of Israel,...

Tailor-made Range
Jordan on the Menu main image - Jordan food stock imageJordan on the Menu - 8 days Map

Jordan on the Menu

8 days | FROM CAD $4,195

Learn how to cook delicious Jordanian cuisine on this culinary tour...

Tailor-made Range
Marrakech skylineMarrakech & Ait Benhaddou - 4 days Map

Marrakech & Ait Benhaddou

4 days | FROM CAD $1,245

Enjoy a city break with a difference in captivating Marrakech. Just a...

Tailor-made Range
Lawrences-Arabia-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-JordanLawrences Arabia  - 9 Days Map

Lawrences Arabia

9 Days | FROM CAD $4,395

Jordan, home to the Rose City of Petra offers much more than initially...

Tailor-made Range
Imperial-Cities-and-Deserts-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoImperial Cities & Deserts - 10 days Map

Imperial Cities & Deserts

10 days | FROM CAD $3,495

Soak up the atmosphere in Marrakech's famous Djemaa el Fna, explore...

Tailor-made Range
Jordan-Wildlife-and-Nature-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-Jordan copyJordan Wildlife &  Nature - 12 days Map

Jordan Wildlife & Nature

12 days | FROM CAD $6,795

Discover the rare wildlife, stunning scenery and ancient wonders of...

Tailor-made Range
High Atlas editedAtlas & Atlantic Coast - 10 days Map

Atlas & Atlantic Coast

10 days | FROM CAD $3,095

Experience the madness of Marrakech, visit the beautiful Cascades...

Tailor-made Range
Classical-Morocco-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoClassical Morocco - 14 days Map

Classical Morocco

14 days | FROM CAD $4,695

The ultimate Moroccan adventure - Wander through the souks of Fes and...

Tailor-made Range
Classical-Egypt-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptClassical Egypt - 9 Days Map

Classical Egypt

9 Days | FROM CAD $3,245

Discover the incredible wonders of ancient Egypt in nine exhilarating...

Tailor-made Range
Cruise-Lake-Nasser-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptCruise Lake Nasser - 11 days Map

Cruise Lake Nasser

11 days | FROM CAD $3,845

Cross the Tropic of Cancer, cruising Lake Nasser from the spectacular...

Tailor-made Range
Cairo-Cruise-and-Coast-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptCairo, Cruise & Red Sea - 13 Days Map

Cairo, Cruise & Red Sea

13 Days | FROM CAD $3,995

Discover the amazing highlights of Egypt, from Pyramids & pharaohs to...

Tailor-made Range
Abu Simbel  Egypt  On The Go ToursCairo to Amman - 15 days Map

Cairo to Amman

15 days | FROM CAD $6,195

Discovering some of the world's best archaeological sites, we combine...

Middle East & North Africa Tailor-made Holidays

From Egypt's ancient Pyramids of Giza and Jordan's lost city of Petra, to the holy sites of Israel and the rolling dunes of the Sahara in Morocco, discover the wonders of the Middle East and North Africa on a Tailor-made holiday. Having extensively travelled to the region themselves, our Tailor-made travel consultants can suggest places to visit, experiences to enjoy and recommend the best hotels to suit your budget from comfortable 3 star to luxurious 5 star.

Explore the countries of the Middle East & North Africa

Middle East & North Africa tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.83 out of 5 based on 728 recent reviews — See All Middle East & North Africa Reviews

Abdulleh was a superb guide and both of us were very impressed. He was friendly, patient, knowledgeable and professional, with excellent English and a nice gentle sense of humour. Morocco was wonderful but Abdulleh made the holiday very special and we thank him for that.

Hussain was the driver and, although he spoke no English, he was also very professional and friendly, and an excellent driver. We felt very safe with him at the wheel, particularly when crossing the High Atlas with hairpin bends looking down onto terrifying drops . IRather him than me!

The guide in Fes (Imrah) was also excellent. He knew the place like the back of his hand, and obviously was well-known locally because lots of people said "Hi" to him as we walked through the Medina.

As for the tour, we would have preferred more free time during the day. The general feeling among the group seemed to be "We've seen enough today. I'm tired and I really don't want to troop around another tourist site." But we realize that On The Go want to give customers their money's-worth, and don't want to leave them feeling short-changed.

The hotels were generally good but the Riad Reada in Fes was dreadful. Very beautiful place, but everything was sub-standard. The room-heater didn't work (I walked down three times to Reception to complain and each time they said someone would come and fix it but they didn't). The shower spurted water from the hose, not from the shower-rose. Truly awful. Either Riad Reada needs a new owner or a new Manager. If I was "On the Go Tours" I'd use a different hotel or insist they get their act together.

Apart from that, it was a great holiday, and we'll certainly use On the Go again.”  

David Challice • Submitted 31 Jan 2020


Our adventure started in 2019 when we sought to travel – two school friends from the junior days. We both had Egypt as a bucket list item and discovered that it would be possible to take this adventure to the next level in January 2020. The research began… the travel agents contacted. We asked 100’s of questions and were fed information and sadly a little mis-information too (travel agent was not on point with all the details 😢!

It was our first trip with On the Go Tours, not to mention our first as travel companions. This too compounded by people such as consulates, social media and friends cautioning us against the safety aspect of traveling to Egypt. We did the King Tutankhamen 9 nights 10 day tour of Egypt and were delighted to find that not only were we able to check the bucket list item off but also were safe and experienced the tour with little cause for concern.

On the Go Tours representative met us at Cairo airport and assisted with the acquisition of the e-visa. Then he escorted us to meet the transport to the Hotel for check-in. Our first hotel was the Holiday Inn Maadi – I was very impressed with their service and cleanliness.

Ahmed (On the Go Tours – Operations Manager) met with us at the hotel, advised us of the land arrangement costs, and tip kitty arrangements.

Later in the day, we met our Egyptologist Mohamed Saiid (MoMo) who during the tour passionately and enthusiastically took us through the history, the architecture, the politics and egos of various Pharaohs and their family members.

MoMo has a unique approach to guiding a tour group by making us part of his “family” – he did this ensuring the as at all times knew the call meant we needed to focus on him – he certainly made sure we experienced both the local cuisine and cultures as well as the tourist hot markets and shops.

Tour Highlights:

- Great Pyramid and Khafre’s pyramid at Giza – seeing a number of other pyramids in the plateau, exploring the Necropolis of Saqqara (stepped pyramid) and visiting the Egyptian Museum to see a vast array of treasures as well as King Tut's tomb, mask and thrown.

- Although the overnight train was played down on the scale of enthusiasm it was still a hoot and added to the adventure

- Aswan - take a leisurely boat trip to Agilika Island to explore the romantic Philae Temple, Check in to Aswan Tolip

- Nile felucca cruising - sail the River Nile on board a traditional felucca and spend two nights on board

- Coach to Luxor

- Luxor - roam around the colossal Temple of Karnak and take an optional tour of the beautifully illuminated Luxor Temple at night

- Kom Ombo - visit the Nile side Temple of Kom Ombo

- Luxor West Bank – (Thebes) discover exquisite tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the towering - Colossi of Memnon and the beautiful Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

- Luxor to Cairo over night train

On our last day and a half in Cairo, we had a free to do whatever we wished. This provided a chance to explore Cairo city without papa bear “MoMo”

We did felt safe – the people of Cairo and Egypt are as helpful and hospitable as possible – if approached for directions and info they were always friendly and tried their best to help.

Thank you to the people of Egypt for your warm hospitality.

I look forward to visiting the New Egyptian Museum and hopefully next time get a chance to see Abu Simbel and do a Nile Cruise.”  

Portia Redmond • Submitted 30 Jan 2020

Where to start. Absolutely incredible tour. From the moment you get picked up at the airport to when you get dropped off at the airport. Customer service is a top priority with everyone I met. Through the streets of Cairo, to the sleeper car, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada, everything was safe, secure. Of course the sites were amazing, camel ride in Giza, Egyptian museum, sleeper car with my Aussie roomie (best of luck Hayden). Abu Simbal in Aswan, a fantastic felucca ride with an amazing crew. Karnac Temple in Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hapshepsut, Luxor temple.

The shops we were taken to were absolutely amazing! From jewellery to perfumery to a workshop for fine stone pieces.

The food was great everywhere we went, all local restaurants if you were up for it. I highly recommend. Turkish Coffee and Sisha! Oh my!

I believe this trip, with a great group of Aussies, South Africans and those darn nice Canadians, was made so much better by our tour guide...Momo! His passion for his country and its history is straight from the heart. Egypt is a better country having Momo be a representative. Not enough can be said about Momo, he’s awesome! I just left the trip, and miss everything already. Thanks for everything Momo. Miss you bro. ”  

Mike Davison • Submitted 29 Jan 2020

Middle East & North Africa Video

Outdoor adventure abounds
Deserts, dead seas and beaches

There's more to the Middle East and North Africa than awesome archaeological sites and ancient history - outdoor adventurers will find plenty to entice them from the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea in Jordan to the undulating desert sands of the Sahara in Morocco and the appealing beaches of Egypt's Red Sea and Israel's cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv on the coast. Find your own outside fun in the Middle East and North Africa this year.

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