The Best Vietnam and Cambodia ToursWhy You Should Combine The Two Countries

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Vietnam is one of our most popular destinations, with travellers young and old flocking to discover the turbulent history, lush forests, hidden bays and blissful beaches of this Southeast Asian gem. Many of our travellers like to combine our Vietnam tours with neighbouring Cambodia, a country with a chequered history of its own. Having emerged from the horrors of the Pol Pot regime, Cambodia is now a booming travel destination, crowned by the mighty temples of Angkor Wat. In this article, we’ll explain why you should consider our trips to Vietnam and Cambodia, and why combining the two destinations into a single adventure is such a great option.

Reasons to Combine Vietnam and Cambodia

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam
Mekong Delta

Geographical Convenience

Vietnam and Cambodia share a border, making it logistically convenient to travel between the two countries. This proximity enables a seamless transition between destinations, saving time and effort for travellers.

Maximizing Time

Travellers can make the most of their time by exploring two distinct countries in a single trip. This is particularly beneficial for those with limited vacation time, allowing them to enjoy a more comprehensive Southeast Asian experience.

Solo female traveller kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Kayaking Halong Bay

Cost effective

Group tours that cover both Vietnam and Cambodia often provide cost savings compared to separate trips. Combining destinations allows tour operators to optimize logistics, resulting in potential discounts for travellers. You will also only need one pair of international flights!

Connected Histories

By visiting both Vietnam and Cambodia, travellers gain a more comprehensive understanding of the region's complex history, including the impact of colonialism, war, and subsequent periods of development.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, bathed in the rising sunlight
Angkor Wat sunrise

Scenic Contrasts

Vietnam and Cambodia offer diverse landscapes, from the lush Mekong Delta in Vietnam to the iconic Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Travellers can enjoy the contrast between bustling cities, serene countryside, and ancient ruins.

Benefits of a Vietnam and Cambodia Tour Package

Expert Guides

The benefits of taking group escorted tours to Vietnam and Cambodia are numerous. Firstly, you will be accompanied throughout your trip by an expert local guide. Not only will they be able to share the history of each site you visit, but they will be on hand throughout your trip to offer support and advice. Whether you’re looking for the best nearby restaurant for dinner, need help communicating with a market vendor, or simply have a question about the country’s culture, your guide will be on hand to help.

Hassle-free Travel

It can be challenging to plan your Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary, especially if you haven’t visited before. Aligning internal flights, buses and trains and ensuring you have the right hotels booked is time consuming and stressful. With a group tour, all you need to do is arrive at the airport. You will be collected on arrival and from then on, your transport and accommodation will be taken out of your hands. So you can focus on what really matters – enjoying everything that Vietnam and Cambodia has to offer.

Unmissable Highlights

As experts in Vietnam and Cambodia travel, we know what travellers want to see. Our expertly curated itineraries are designed to ensure you spend the right amount of time in each place, taking in the very best that each country has to offer. From an overnight junk boat cruise at Halong Bay to a return visit to Angkor Wat at sunrise, we ensure you enjoy the best experiences possible on our trips to Vietnam and Cambodia – experiences you may miss out on if you travel solo!

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Highlights of Cambodia

Killing Fields & Tuol Sleng

Located near Phnom Penh, the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng, the school turned prison, serve as a poignant memorial to the tragic events of the Khmer Rouge regime, where more than a third of the entire Cambodian population was exterminated in a heinous genocide. This sombre yet crucial historical site invites reflection on Cambodia's past, providing a profound and sobering experience.

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam and Cambodia

The best time for your Vietnam and Cambodia tour package is during the dry season, from November to April. This period offers pleasant weather, lower humidity, and minimal rainfall, ensuring optimal conditions for exploring cultural sites, natural landscapes, and enjoying outdoor activities. However, specific months may vary slightly, and travellers should consider regional nuances within each country for an ideal and comfortable group tour experience. There’s lots more information in our Travel Guides for Vietnam and Cambodia.


Vietnam and Cambodia are two of our most popular travel destinations, and it almost always makes sense to combine the two in a single trip. Not only is it time and cost efficient, but it allows travellers a more immersive trip, where they can compare and contrast these two similar but equally diverse destinations. Travellers with more ambitious travel plans can easily incorporate Laos, Thailand and other nearby destinations like India into their trip, for a truly bucket list adventure!

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