The Best Month to Visit Marrakechon Your Morocco Trip

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Planning a trip to Marrakech? The Moroccan city is a popular destination, especially for travellers from Europe looking to escape the cold winter weather! The majority of our Morocco group tours start or end in Marrakech, with guided sightseeing and free time to explore your way. We also take in other Moroccan highlights such as Casablanca, Rabat, Ait Benhaddou, Fes and the Sahara Desert. But which is the best month to visit Marrakech? The weather is a key factor here, but it’s also important to keep in mind annual events such as Ramadan and the busier and quieter times of year, which can also affect prices. Read on to discover the best month to travel to Marrakech!

Visiting Marrakech by Month

Your calendar to exploring Marrakech, so you can pick the best time to visit the city for your trip!


January is a popular month for Brits and other European travellers to escape winter and head south for some sun. And Marrakech is a common choice, for good reason. Temperatures aren’t off the charts, but it will almost certainly be t-shirt weather, though you can expect a few showers. If you’re looking to sizzle then we suggest waiting a few months until spring, when Marrakech warms up a bit, but for a few days of winter sightseeing, January is a good time to go. It’s cheap too!


There’s little to choose between January and February, though with spring on the way, it is getting a bit warmer. You can still expect showers but when compared to the weather in western Europe at this time, it’s an improvement! It gets cold at night during these winter months, so remember to pack a jacket!


If visiting Marrakech in February, March or April, then be aware of Ramadan. This annual Muslim festival is of huge importance in Morocco and sees the majority of the country’s Muslim population fasting throughout the day for a month (the dates change annually). You can still visit Morocco, but be aware of businesses closing and do not eat or drink in public as this is disrespectful. If you’re planning a party-fuelled trip to Marrakech then it is best to avoid travelling during Ramadan, but it can be a wonderful time to experience authentic Moroccan culture.


Ramadan aside, the weather in Marrakech in April is pleasant, as the summer highs haven’t yet arrived. Expect temperatures in the mid-twenties, perfect for sightseeing and lounging by the pool – the best of both worlds! This is one of the wettest times to visit Marrakech, so expect a shower or two, though still far outweighed by sunshine! Keep in mind that Marrakech gets busy over Easter, so prices in April may be higher if Easter falls in this month.


May is the last month of spring and perhaps the best month to visit Marrakech. Ramadan is over, temperatures are on the up but still very bearable, and the worst of the rains have passed. European schools have not yet broken up for summer, so the crowds are not too bad, and the plants are in bloom across the Jardin Majorelle and Djemaa el Fna. All in all, May represents one of the best months to visit Marrakech.


June is also a good month to visit Marrakech, as long as you can tolerant the heat. Whilst the highs of July and August are a few weeks away yet, the mercury will frequently top 30 degrees Celsius in June. But Moroccan schools don’t break up until the end of the month and European summer travellers are also still a few weeks away, so it’s possible to avoid the crowds and grab a bargain!


July is the hottest month of the year in Marrakech and Morocco more widely. Temperatures often reach 40-degrees Centigrade, which can make for uncomfortable sightseeing. However, for an all-inclusive break spent lounging by the pool, it can be a great time to book, with lower prices.


In August, Marrakech is still hot, although slightly cooler than July. This summer period from June – August typically sees fewer foreign visitors, and more domestic travellers making the most of the Moroccan holidays. It’s another great month to secure a good deal on flights and hotels.


September marks the beginning of autumn and high season in Marrakech. Temperatures begin to come down to more manageable levels. This is a great month to visit Marrakech, with typical daily temperatures still in the high 20s but way below the 40-degree highs of summer. These are perfect conditions for sightseeing in the city, exploring the souks and botanical gardens that make Marrakech such a vibrant city to explore.


October is the middle of high season, so expect attractions to be busier and prices higher. But there’s a good reason for this. The weather is about as good as it gets, with hot days and warm nights, and there is virtually no rainfall. It’s a fantastic time to explore Marrakech, enough said!


The main difference between October and November is that there can be quite a large drop off in temperature. Marrakech in the day averages around 30-degrees in October, but this average tumbles to 23 in November. It’s still a great time to visit, but if you’re looking to bronze, then we recommend travelling a little earlier in the year.


Marrakech is popular with festive travellers looking to ring in the New Year somewhere exotic, and this makes December a lively time to visit. The city tends to be abuzz with action, and the city’s bars and restaurants are full throughout the month. Temperatures are pleasant, normally in the low-mid 20s, and there is little rain. It certainly beats the cold, dark European and American winter!

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So, When is the Best Time to Visit Marrakech?

A warm, desert climate means that there is no terrible time to visit Marrakech, it’s a year-round destination. But spring from March – May and autumn from September – November are the best time to visit, with the most pleasant conditions for sightseeing. If you’re looking to sit by the pool and relax, then you can take advantage of lower prices in the hot summer months, but it can get too hot for sightseeing during this time. If visiting from February – April then make sure to check the dates for Ramadan, as this can impact the opening hours of businesses, including hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. If you pressed us to pick just one best month to visit Marrakech, then our vote goes to May, with September a close second.

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