A continent of diversity. Explore the land of a thousand cultures on our award-winning Europe group tours.

In the north lie majestic fjords and thundering waterfalls. In the south, pristine coastlines and idyllic island delights. And in between? Medieval cities blended with modern architecture, scenes of breath-taking natural beauty, and culinary diversity like nowhere else you've seen.

Our Europe tours uncover the very best of the continent - and the greatest of adventures. With once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Exceptional experiences. And life-long connections with like-minded adventurers.

But don't just take our word for it. Our trips to Europe win British Travel Awards year after year.

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Europe Group Tours

Handpicked Range

Land of the Northern Lights

5 days | FROM R14,900

The Land of the Northern Lights: a whirlwind adventure of Southern...

Handpicked Range

Christmas Land Of The Northern Lights

5 days | FROM R23,900

Christmas Tour: Visiting the highlights of southern Iceland, departing...

Handpicked Range

Northern Lights Discovery

6 days | FROM R19,900

On The Go Exclusive: Go in search of the Northern Lights on our...

Handpicked Range

Northern Lights & Glacier Lagoons

5 days | FROM R18,900

Depart from Reykjavik between October and April when the Northern...

Handpicked Range

New Years Land Of The Northern Lights

5 days | FROM R24,900

Celebrate New Years eve the Icelandic way whilst searching for the...

Signature Range

Renaissance & Riviera

12 days | FROM R63,900

Marvel at the mighty Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, travel...

Signature Range

Italian Expresso

8 days | FROM R35,900

Ancient wonders in Rome. Incredible coastline at Cinque Terre....

Handpicked Range

Iceland Circle

8 Days | FROM R32,900

Year round tour: Travel to Iceland and delve into the ancient land of...

Handpicked Range

Southern Iceland Explorer

8 Days | FROM R43,900

Summer tour: Explore the best of South Iceland on this 8 day that...

Handpicked Range

Northern Lights Exploration

8 days | FROM R37,900

See the best of Iceland on our most inclusive Northern Lights tour....

Handpicked Range

Iceland Country Life

9 Days | FROM R69,900

Summer tour: Complete a circle of Iceland seeing the beautiful...

Signature Range

Aegean Explorer

7 Days | FROM R13,900

Kicking off in the powerhouse of the Ottoman empire - Istanbul, pay...

Handpicked Range

Captivating Croatia

8 Days | FROM R28,900

SEMI-INDEPENDENT TOUR: From the capital Zagreb, see stunning Plitvice...

Handpicked Range

Croatia Island Hop & Stop

8 Days | FROM R16,900

SEMI-INDEPENDENT TOUR: Discover Dubrovnik, Croatia's medieval old...

Handpicked Range

Western Balkans Discovery

7 days | FROM R21,900

COACH TOUR: From the Croatian capital of Zagreb, cross the border into...

Handpicked Range

Balkans Odyssey

11 days | FROM R35,900

Discover the best of Croatia and Slovenia before exploring the cities...

Tailor-made Range
Bucket List Tour HeroWorld Wonders Tour - 31 Days Map

World Wonders Tour

31 Days | FROM R109,900

Tick off the Seven New Wonders of the World on this 31-day...

Tailor-made Range
Athens Acropolis Daytime - Greece Tours - On The Go ToursAthens City Stay - 4 Days Map

Athens City Stay

4 Days | FROM R7,900

Enjoy a historic getaway with this 4 day stay in Greece's capital...

Handpicked Range
Baltic Capitals Explorer Main Image - Tallinn Old Town - Eastern Europe ToursBaltic Capitals Explorer - 8 days Map

Baltic Capitals Explorer

8 days | FROM R16,900

On this enchanting 8 day tour you'll not only take in the highlights...

Handpicked Range
Finland Wilderness Discovery - Finland - On The Go ToursFinland Wilderness Discovery - 5 Days Map

Finland Wilderness Discovery

5 Days | FROM R20,900

Crossing the Arctic circle, discover the wildlife and stunning...

Signature Range
Vodka-Shot-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tours-RussiaMood for Moscow - 4 days Map

Mood for Moscow

4 days | FROM R9,900

A city of contrasts where history peeks from behind every corner. From...

Signature Range
Turkey-Unplugged-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-TurkeyTurkey Unplugged - 10 Days Map

Turkey Unplugged

10 Days | FROM R16,900

Explore stunning Istanbul with its bazaars and mosques and wander...

Handpicked Range
The town of Rovinj - Croatia Tours - On The Go ToursGondolas, Lakes & Split - 9 Days Map

Gondolas, Lakes & Split

9 Days | FROM R43,900

From the Alps to the Adriatic Sea, discover the natural beauty of this...

Handpicked Range
Jewels of Greece Express main image - Acropolis at sunset - GreeceJewels of Greece Express - 5 Days Map

Jewels of Greece Express

5 Days | FROM R11,900

Discover the highlights of mainland Greece on this 5-day express tour...

Signature Range
Hagia Sofia in winter - Turkey Tours - On The Go ToursChristmas Turkey - 12 days Map

Christmas Turkey

12 days | FROM R28,900

There’s no stuffing birds or entertaining aunts! Enjoy snowflakes on...

Signature Range
Ephesus-Library-of-Celsus-TurkeyTurkey Discovered - 14 Days Map

Turkey Discovered

14 Days | FROM R28,900

Discover the jewels in Turkey's crown on an exciting two week...

Handpicked Range
Zagreb St Marks Church - Croatia Tours - On The Go ToursZagreb to Split - 4 Days Map

Zagreb to Split

4 Days | FROM R14,900

Discover the lively capital of Zagreb before exploring the spectacular...

Handpicked Range
Meteora Monastery - Greece Tours - On The Go ToursWonders of Ancient Greece - 7 Days Map

Wonders of Ancient Greece

7 Days | FROM R19,900

Travel through the stunning landscape of mainland Greece, learning...

Handpicked Range
Highlights of The Baltics Main Image - Vilnius Old Town - Eastern Europe ToursHighlights of the Baltics - 8 days Map

Highlights of the Baltics

8 days | FROM R15,900

This 8 day tour of the Baltic capitals introduces you to the...

Handpicked Range
Fat Bike Tour 2- Yllasjarvi - Finland - On The Go ToursLand of the Midnight Sun - 5 Days Map

Land of the Midnight Sun

5 Days | FROM R14,900

North of the Arctic circle in Finnish Lapland you'll find a place...

Signature Range
Simply-St-Petes-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tours-RussiaSimply St Petes - 4 days Map

Simply St Petes

4 days | FROM R8,900

A very European city in a very Russian setting. With beautiful...

Handpicked Range
Historical Highlights of Greece main image - Meteora - GreeceHistorical Highlights of Greece - 8 Days Map

Historical Highlights of Greece

8 Days | FROM R27,900

Discover ancient history and classical architecture on this 8-day...

Signature Range
Night - Museum - Simply - St - Petes - Main - RussiaNight at the Museum - 4 days Map

Night at the Museum

4 days | FROM R10,900

If you are an art or history buff you won't want to miss out on the...

Handpicked Range
Jewels of Greece & Aegean Discovery Cruise main image - Mykonos - Greece Jewels of Greece and Aegean Islands - 8 Days Map

Jewels of Greece and Aegean Islands

8 Days | FROM R30,900

SEMI INDEPENDENT TOUR: Combine classic Greek history with sun-kissed...

Handpicked Range
Rialto Venice - Italy Tours - On The Go ToursVenice to Split - 4 Days Map

Venice to Split

4 Days | FROM R16,900

From Venice discover the coastal town of Opatija and the glorious...

Handpicked Range
Lights over Lofoten Islands- Arctic ExperienceArctic Experience - 6 days Map

Arctic Experience

6 days | FROM R25,900

Explore Norway's northern Arctic region. From Tromso head into the...

Handpicked Range
Ilulissat HarbourGreenland Ilulissat Adventure - 5 days Map

Greenland Ilulissat Adventure

5 days | FROM R66,900

Enjoy a short stay in Ilulissat in Western Greenland staying at the...

Handpicked Range
Santorini - Greece Tours - On The Go ToursAthens to Paros & Santorini - 8 Days Map

Athens to Paros & Santorini

8 Days | FROM R19,900

SEMI-INDEPENDENT TOUR: Discover the fascinating ancient wonders of...

Handpicked Range
Best of The Baltics Main Image - Riga Castle - Eastern Europe ToursBest of the Baltics - 10 days Map

Best of the Baltics

10 days | FROM R22,900

Take in Castles, Cathedrals and medieval constructions on this 10 day...

Handpicked Range
Lapland and Husky Highlights - Lapland - On The Go ToursLapland & Husky Highlights - 5 Days Map

Lapland & Husky Highlights

5 Days | FROM R22,900

Set out to discover the Arctic wilderness on this tour in Finnish...

Signature Range
Hermitage Museum by night - Russia Tours - On The Go Tours copyWhite Nights and Museums - 6 days Map

White Nights and Museums

6 days | FROM R17,900

Are you a lover of the arts and fascinated by history books? If the...

Signature Range
St Basils Cathedral & Kremlin - Russia Tours - On The Go ToursVodka Shot - 6 days Map

Vodka Shot

6 days | FROM R15,900

This short and sweet 6 day tour of Russia takes in the must-see sights...

Signature Range
Goodbye-USSR-Itinerary-1-Group-Tours-RussiaGolden Ring of Russia - 7 days Map

Golden Ring of Russia

7 days | FROM R29,900

Discover the age-old allure of Russia on this 7 day tour of Moscow and...

Handpicked Range
Balestrand Hotel and View - Magic of the Fjords - On The Go ToursMagic of the Fjords - 7 days Map

Magic of the Fjords

7 days | FROM R26,900

From breathtaking Bergen, the gateway to the Fjords to the picturesque...

Handpicked Range
Icebergs in Grrenland and the MIdnight Sun - On The Go ToursWestern Greenland Explorer - 8 days Map

Western Greenland Explorer

8 days | FROM R82,900

Discover the beauty of Greenland in the summer. Fly from Copenhagen to...

Handpicked Range
Delphi 2 - Greece Tours - On The Go ToursGrand Tour of Greece - 10 Days Map

Grand Tour of Greece

10 Days | FROM R35,900

Embark on your own grand tour of discovery on this 10-day journey of...

Handpicked Range
Poland and Baltic Discovery Main Image - Wawel Castle, Krakow - Eastern Europe ToursPoland and Baltic Discovery - 13 days Map

Poland and Baltic Discovery

13 days | FROM R30,900

Discover the amazing highlights of Poland and the three Baltic...

Handpicked Range
Lapland Family Explorer main image - Northern Lights - Finland - On The Go ToursLapland Family Explorer - 5 Days Map

Lapland Family Explorer

5 Days | FROM R22,900

Explore the untouched wilderness of Lapland on an exciting family...

Signature Range
Peterhof Palace - Russia Tours - On The Go ToursBack in the USSR - 7 days Map

Back in the USSR

7 days | FROM R19,900

Explore Red Square, the Kremlin and opt to go inside a Soviet Bunker...

Handpicked Range
Finland Family Adventure - Finland - On The Go ToursFinland Family Adventure - 5 Days Map

Finland Family Adventure

5 Days | FROM R19,900

Discover Lapland on a fantastic family adventure in Finland. This...

Handpicked Range
Aurora-&-Glass-Igloo-Explorer---Finland---On-The-Go-ToursAurora & Glass Igloo Explorer - 5 Days Map

Aurora & Glass Igloo Explorer

5 Days | FROM R32,900

Spend an exciting 5 days exploring the beautiful scenery of Lapland as...

Handpicked Range
Lapland Long Weekend Main - Finland - On The Go ToursLapland & the Arctic Circle - 5 Days Map

Lapland & the Arctic Circle

5 Days | FROM R15,900

SEMI-INDEPENDENT TOUR: Head to Finnish Lapland for 5 days with a...

Handpicked Range
Santorini - Best places to visit in Greece - On The Go ToursBest of Greece - 10 Days Map

Best of Greece

10 Days | FROM R28,900

SEMI-INDEPENDENT TOUR: Travel from Athens to Santorini enjoying the...

Handpicked Range
Vision Of The Fjords Main Image - Bergen, Norway - On The Go ToursVision of the Fjords - 7 days Map

Vision of the Fjords

7 days | FROM R24,900

Discover Norway in its winter colours with an unforgettable journey...

Handpicked Range
Zakynthos Town Classical Greece & Idyllic Islands - 12 Days Map

Classical Greece & Idyllic Islands

12 Days | FROM R39,900

SEMI-INDEPENDENT TOUR: Discover Greece’s extreme beauty on this...

Signature Range
St Basils Cathedral - Russia Tours - On The Go ToursRussian Revolution - 9 days Map

Russian Revolution

9 days | FROM R26,900

Enjoy more time in St Petersburg and Moscow, with guided sightseeing...

Signature Range
Pokrovsky Monastery in Suzdal - Russia Tours - On The Go ToursDiscover Russia - 9 days Map

Discover Russia

9 days | FROM R31,900

Take in the highlights of St Petersburg and Moscow before getting off...

Handpicked Range
Highlights of Poland Main Image - Malbork Castle - Poland - On The Go ToursHighlights of Poland - 8 Days Map

Highlights of Poland

8 Days | FROM R21,900

Travel from south to north Poland on this 8 day tour. From the...

Handpicked Range
Levi Landscape - Finland - On The Go ToursLapland Explorer - 6 Days Map

Lapland Explorer

6 Days | FROM R16,900

SEMI-INDEPENDENT TOUR: Spend 6 days in Finland's most popular ski...

Handpicked Range
Rhodes - Greece Tours - On The Go ToursGreek Explorer & Cruise - 14 Days Map

Greek Explorer & Cruise

14 Days | FROM R50,900

SEMI-INDEPENDENT TOUR: Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Greek...

Handpicked Range
Istanbul to Athens MainIstanbul to Athens - 14 days Map

Istanbul to Athens

14 days | FROM R49,900

From Istanbul - the great capital of the Ottoman Empire, to Athens -...

Handpicked Range
Snowmobiling - Christmas in Finland - On The Go ToursNew Year's in Finland - 7 Days Map

New Year's in Finland

7 Days | FROM R28,900

Make new year's eve 2019 one to remember with a week long stay in...

Handpicked Range
Christmas in Finland Reindeer - Finland - On The Go ToursChristmas in Finland - 7 Days Map

Christmas in Finland

7 Days | FROM R29,900

Spend a white Christmas in the winter wonderland of Kuhmo near the...

Signature Range
Newsletter main image Oct'12Turkey & Tutankhamun - 16 days Map

Turkey & Tutankhamun

16 days | FROM R23,900

From Ottoman Istanbul, the battlefields of Gallipoli, Roman ruins, the...

Signature Range
Port of Marmaris - Turkey Tours - On The Go ToursIstanbul to the Med - 7 days Map

Istanbul to the Med

7 days | FROM R17,900

Following the famed Aegean coastline, we discover Ottoman Istanbul,...

Signature Range
Church on Blood Yekaterinburg - Russia Tours - On The Go ToursRoute of the Romanovs - 10 days Map

Route of the Romanovs

10 days | FROM R31,900

Follow in the footsteps of Russia's last ruling aristocrats - the...

Handpicked Range
Aurlandfjord - Norway - On The Go ToursScandinavian Explorer - 10 Days Map

Scandinavian Explorer

10 Days | FROM R43,900

Explore some of the highlights of Scandinavia on this 10 day tour....

Europe Overland Adventures

Essentials Range
Istanbul to Azerbaijan main image 2 - Khor Virap monastery - Armenia - On The Go ToursIstanbul To Azerbaijan - 30 Days Map

Istanbul To Azerbaijan

30 Days | FROM R54,900

Explore the highlights of Turkey and the Caucasus on this 30-day...

Essentials Range
Turkey to Tashkent main image - Library of Celsus - Ephesus - TurkeyTurkey To Tashkent - 48 Days Map

Turkey To Tashkent

48 Days | FROM R93,900

Follow the ancient Silk Road trading route from Istanbul to Tashkent...

Essentials Range
Registan Square at dusk - Samarkand - Uzbekistan - On The Go ToursCentral Asia Discovery - 63 Days Map

Central Asia Discovery

63 Days | FROM R114,900

Immerse yourself in the heart of Central Asia on this 63 day overland...

Essentials Range
Sumela Monastery - Silk Road Encompassed main image - Central Asia tours Silk Road Encompassed - 89 Days Map

Silk Road Encompassed

89 Days | FROM R156,900

Journey from Istanbul to Xi'an across the heart of Central Asia on...

Europe Sailing Holidays

Handpicked Range

Croatia Island Discovery

8 Days | FROM R23,900

Sail from Dubrovnik on a stunning 8 day sailing cruise. Relax onboard...

Handpicked Range

Croatia Island Express

6 Days | FROM R9,900

Setting sail from the walled city of Dubrovnik, this express tour...

Handpicked Range

Adriatic Explorer

8 days | FROM R15,900

Sail the beautiful Dalmatian Coast in style onboard a premium boat....

Handpicked Range

Creme de la Croatia

8 days | FROM R30,900

Premium Cruise: Setting out from Split enjoy an unforgettable week of...

Handpicked Range

Sailing Split

8 days | FROM R10,900

Setting sail from the ancient port of Split on Croatia's Adriatic...

Handpicked Range

Wonders of the Adriatic

8 Days | FROM R23,900

Spend a week cruising the stunning turquoise waters of the Adriatic...

Handpicked Range

Highlights of Croatia and Slovenia

11 days | FROM R52,900

COACH AND CRUISE TOUR: Starting in Zagreb, journey into Slovenia,...

Essentials Range
Split Sailing Adventure - Croatia - On The Go Tours Croatia Sailing Adventure - 8 days Map

Croatia Sailing Adventure

8 days | FROM R9,900

Take in the warm Mediterranean weather, gorgeous beaches, vibrant...

Handpicked Range
Turkish Delight Main Image - Turkey - On The Go ToursTurkish Delight - 8 Days Map

Turkish Delight

8 Days | FROM R7,900

Sail through the beautiful waters and stunning scenery of the Gulf of...

Handpicked Range
Aegean Islands Escape - Main Image - Turkey - On The Go ToursAegean Islands Escape - 8 Days Map

Aegean Islands Escape

8 Days | FROM R19,900

From the buzzing port of Bodrum in Turkey to the perfect paradise...

Handpicked Range
Dalmatian Elegance Main Tour ImageDalmatian Elegance - 8 days Map

Dalmatian Elegance

8 days | FROM R32,900

Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the beautiful Croatian coastline,...

Handpicked Range
Turkey-Discovered-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-TurkeyCruise the Med - 8 days Map

Cruise the Med

8 days | FROM R9,900

Up anchor at Marmaris on Turkey's spectacular Mediterranean coast for...

Handpicked Range
Island of Symi - Turkey & Greece Tours - On The Go ToursGreek Island Getaway - 8 days Map

Greek Island Getaway

8 days | FROM R19,900

Setting sail from Bodrum spend an idyllic week aboard a gulet, Greek...

Handpicked Range
Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast - Main Image - Croatia Sailing HolidaysDubrovnik & the Dalmatian Coast - 8 Days Map

Dubrovnik & the Dalmatian Coast

8 Days | FROM R20,900

Explore the dazzling Dalmatian coast with its beautiful secluded bays,...

Handpicked Range
Hvar Waterfront - Croatia Tours - On The Go ToursJewels of the Adriatic - 8 Days Map

Jewels of the Adriatic

8 Days | FROM R30,900

Embark on an Adriatic adventure onboard a luxury ship, where each day...

Europe Private Tours

Tailor-made Range
Untouched Finland- Finland - On The Go ToursUntouched Finland - 7 days Map

Untouched Finland

7 days | FROM R31,900

Discover the stunning Aland archipelago in western Finland by car....

Tailor-made Range
Black-Sea-Discovery-Itinerary-Main-TM-Tour-TurkeyBlack Sea Discovery - 7 days Map

Black Sea Discovery

7 days | FROM R69,200

Explore the sites of enchanting Istanbul, then get off the beaten...

Tailor-made Range
Classical Turkey newClassical Turkey - 10 days Map

Classical Turkey

10 days | FROM R63,900

A 10 day tour that uncovers the highlights of Turkey. From the...

Tailor-made Range
Jewels-of-Sultans-Crown-Main-TM-Tour-TurkeyJewels of Sultans Crown - 12 days Map

Jewels of Sultans Crown

12 days | FROM R87,900

From historic and majestic Istanbul to surreal Cappadocia, all the...

Tailor-made Range
Santorini Istanbul to Athens NewIstanbul to the Acropolis - 15 days Map

Istanbul to the Acropolis

15 days | FROM R98,900

From the great capital of the Ottoman Empire to the ancient capital of...

Tailor-made Range
Karelia-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-RussiaKarelia & Kizhi Island - 4 days Map

Karelia & Kizhi Island

4 days | FROM R13,900

Resting on the shores of the Onego and Ladoga Lakes, the historic and...

Tailor-made Range
Vladimir Old Town - Russia Tours - On The Go ToursCapital & Country - 5 days Map

Capital & Country

5 days | FROM R26,900

Take in the highlights of Moscow – Russia’s capital city, before...

Tailor-made Range
The-Golden-Ring-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-RussiaThe Golden Ring - 7 days Map

The Golden Ring

7 days | FROM R43,900

Russian history and architecture, famous old cities and towns. The...

Tailor-made Range
Norwegian Fjords - Fjords, Charms & TraditionsFjords, Charms & Traditions - 8 days Map

Fjords, Charms & Traditions

8 days | FROM R21,530

Take a self drive holiday through Norway's stunning fjords. Explore...

Europe Tailor-made Holidays

Tell us what's on your bucket list. And we'll make it happen. We'll tailor your Europe tour to match your ideal adventure.

Wander the city streets of the east. Get lost in the history of ancient civilisations. Cruise the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea. Gaze as the northern lights decorate winter night skies. Or explore the rugged landscapes of snowy Scandinavia - and beyond.

Our tailored trips offer the ultimate in flexibility. You can enjoy the continent on your own terms, in your own time. We'll do the legwork. You enjoy the ride.

Ready to go? Let's get your bespoke Europe trip started!

Where will your European adventure take you?

Europe tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.82 out of 5 based on 214 recent reviews — See All Europe Reviews

The tour was fabulous but it was our guide who made it special. The history, knowledge and Turkish culture he imparted to us in our two short weeks together was amazing. He made the trip lots of fun as well as a real voyage of discovery. This was the first tour we have ever done as we always travel independently and thanks to the tour content, but especially Reggie we will be back for more. ”  

Michelle Raumer • Submitted 4 Nov 2019

Hi! I've just returned from a wonderful trip from Turkey and wanted to express my thanks to Burhan, our guide and Fiko, our driver. Burhan's passion and enthusiasm for Turkey and its history shone through daily - I didn't realise how much history it had! I would recommend this tour to anyone that is looking to find out a bit more about Turkey, its history and its people.”  

Deepa Patel • Submitted 15 Oct 2019

A very interesting and well organised tour which covered a lot of ground, with an excellent guide. The hotels were generally good - the quality of the meals provided was good although the buffet main course meat choices were sometimes limited and often there was no fish dish. Several extra dinners were provided and this was much appreciated.

Overall, the tour provided an insight into several facets of an amazing country.”  

Ian Parker • Submitted 8 Oct 2019

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