Trips and Tours to the Middle East and North Africa

Experience the Middle East and North Africa with our range of group tours, private journeys and tailor-made holidays to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Israel.

From the legendary Pyramids of Giza and treasures of Tutankhamun to the spectacular rose city of Petra and the holy city of Jerusalem, experience the magic of a holiday to the Middle East and North Africa. Sail the Nile river in Egypt, trek the rugged Atlas Mountains in Morocco, float in the Dead Sea shared by Jordan and Israel or dive in the Red Sea. Camel trek across the dunes of the Sahara or hot air balloon over ancient Luxor. Visit captivating cities and revered miracle sites, kasbahs, Crusader castles and Roman ruins.

Travelling with us you'll truly immerse in the local cultures - try tasty falafels from Cairo's most famous sandwich maker, take a dip in Cleopatra's spring, learn to cook traditional Jordanian food, camp out under the desert stars Wadi Rum, walk the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, barter in the souks of Djemma el Fna and spend a night with local Berbers in the vast Sahara Desert.

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Middle East & North Africa Group Tours

Essentials Range

Essential Egypt

10 days | FROM R13,930

A value-packed adventure through ancient Egypt. Travelling from Cairo,...

Essentials Range

Essential Egypt & Red Sea

13 days | FROM R19,457

From Cairo and the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza, to Luxor and the...

Signature Range

Road To Jordan

16 days | FROM R33,065

Discover the wonders of Egypt and Jordan on this 16 day adventure....

Signature Range

Festive Road to Jordan

16 days | FROM R33,915

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR TOUR: Uncover the wonders of Egypt and...

Signature Range

Imperial Morocco & The Blue City

8 Days | FROM R14,025

Journey through Morocco on this 8 day group tour. Setting off from...

Signature Range

Totally Morocco

9 days | FROM R16,915

Led by an expert local guide, this exciting 9 day group tour is an...

Signature Range

Morocco Meteor Shower

9 days | FROM R17,425

Gaze up to the nights sky and witness the incredible Geminids Meteor...

Signature Range

Road to Casablanca

9 Days | FROM R16,915

Depart from Casablanca, explore the capital Rabat, fascinating Fes,...

Signature Range

Totally Jordan

8 Days | FROM R20,400

Travel to the vast red desert landscape with rolling dunes and...

Signature Range

Magical Morocco

13 Days | FROM R23,715

Discover Morocco’s highlights and hidden gems on this 13 day tour....

Signature Range

Road to Jerusalem

11 days | FROM R36,295

Combine Jordan and Israel on one unforgettable trip. Discover the...

Signature Range

King Ramses

13 days | FROM R25,415

Visit the towering Pyramids of Giza, relax on a felucca as you cruise...

Signature Range

Casablanca & Coast

7 days | FROM R9,450

See the world's tallest minaret in Casabanca, browse the exuberant...

Signature Range

Passage to Petra

6 days | FROM R16,650

Spend two incredible nights in Petra's lost city, camp under the stars...

Signature Range

Best of Morocco

13 days | FROM R21,150

The journey of a lifetime awaits in Morocco on this exhilarating two...

Signature Range
Israel Explorer- main image- Jaffa - IsraelIsrael Explorer - 6 days Map

Israel Explorer

6 days | FROM R34,010

Discover the highlights of Israel on this six day tour, taking in the...

Handpicked Range
Marrakech djemaa el fna square - On The Go ToursMarrakech Express - 5 Days Map

Marrakech Express

5 Days | FROM R9,900

Head to Morocco for a long weekend with a difference. Explore magical...

Signature Range
Temples-Tombs-and-Treasury-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-EgyptPyramids, Petra, Promised Land - 19 Days Map

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land

19 Days | FROM R49,900

Travelling from Cairo to Tel Aviv, take in the highlights of Egypt,...

Handpicked Range
Sunset in Tangier Morocco Northern Explorer Main imageNorthern Morocco Explorer - 7 Days Map

Northern Morocco Explorer

7 Days | FROM R14,900

Explore the highlights of northern Morocco departing from vibrant...

Handpicked Range
Djemmaa el Fna - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursMarrakech & Beyond - 8 Days Map

Marrakech & Beyond

8 Days | FROM R13,900

Experience Morocco through the expertise and passion of your local...

Handpicked Range
Chefchaouen HousesCamels, Souks & Kasbahs - 15 Days Map

Camels, Souks & Kasbahs

15 Days | FROM R20,900

With an expert local guide by your side, uncover the Imperial Cities,...

Handpicked Range
Gemenids Meteor Shower MainGeminids Meteor Shower - 15 Days Map

Geminids Meteor Shower

15 Days | FROM R23,900

Become starstruck! Camel trek into the Sahara for an unforgettable...

Signature Range
On The Go group at the tomb of King Tutankhamun - Egypt - On The Go ToursFestive King Tut - 10 days Map

Festive King Tut

10 days | FROM R25,900

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR TOUR: Discover the ancient wonders of...

Signature Range
Festive King Ramses - tour group with santa hatsFestive King Ramses - 13 days Map

Festive King Ramses

13 days | FROM R32,900

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR TOUR: Spend Christmas and New Year in...

Active Range
Mount Toubkal in Morocco - On The Go ToursMount Toubkal Trek - 8 days Map

Mount Toubkal Trek

8 days | FROM R12,500

TREKKING HOLIDAY: Hike to the summit of Mount Toubkal, the...

Signature Range
Wadi Rum at sunset - Jordan Tours - On The Go Tours copyNew Year's in Wadi Rum - 8 Days Map

New Year's in Wadi Rum

8 Days | FROM R25,900

NEW YEAR TOUR: Celebrate a festive Bedouin New Year’s Eve in...

Signature Range
Temple-New-ImageCairo to Luxor Explorer - 6 days Map

Cairo to Luxor Explorer

6 days | FROM R11,500

This tour encompasses the major highlights of Egypt. Uncover the...

Handpicked Range
Jerusalem Old City Wailing Wall - Israel Tours - On The Go ToursHeritage & Holy Land - 8 days Map

Heritage & Holy Land

8 days | FROM R44,650

COACH TOUR: From vibrant Tel Aviv we trace Israel’s holy...

Signature Range
Camel man and Pyramids of Giza - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursKing Tutankhamun - 10 days Map

King Tutankhamun

10 days | FROM R19,900

Explore the legendary Pyramids of Giza, see King Tutankhamun's famous...

Handpicked Range
Highlights of Israel - Israel Tours - On The Go ToursHighlights of Israel - 8 days Map

Highlights of Israel

8 days | FROM R34,400

COACH TOUR: From the vibrant coastal city of Tel Aviv, spend 8...

Handpicked Range
Biblical-Land-Israel-Tourmain-imageBiblical Lands - 8 days Map

Biblical Lands

8 days | FROM R41,100

COACH TOUR: Join us on a Biblical adventure through Israel’s...

Active Range
Dana to Petra Trek 3 - Jordan Tours - On The Go ToursDana to Petra Trek - 8 Days Map

Dana to Petra Trek

8 Days | FROM R27,900

TREKKING HOLIDAY: Trek for six days through Jordan's beautiful...

Signature Range
Cruise ship on the Nile - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursJewel of the Nile  - 10 days Map

Jewel of the Nile

10 days | FROM R27,900

PREMIUM TOUR: Embark on a five star Egyptian adventure. Stay in...

Signature Range
Totally-Jordan-Meteor-Shower-Itinerary-5-Exclusive-Adventures-JordanPerseids Meteor Shower - 8 days Map

Perseids Meteor Shower

8 days | FROM R26,100

Witness the incredible Perseids Meteor Shower from our desert camp at...

Signature Range
Cruising the NileTreasures of the Nile - 10 days Map

Treasures of the Nile

10 days | FROM R33,900

PREMIUM TOUR: Discover the very best of ancient Egypt, from the...

Handpicked Range
Woman looking over Jerusalem Old City - Israel Tours - On The Go ToursHighlights of Israel & Jordan - 11 days Map

Highlights of Israel & Jordan

11 days | FROM R63,870

COACH TOUR: Journey through Israel and Jordan on this epic...

Signature Range
Lady in front of Hatshepsut TempleClassical Egypt & Nile Cruise - 11 days Map

Classical Egypt & Nile Cruise

11 days | FROM R30,500

Discover the ancient wonders of Egypt and cruise the River Nile in...

Signature Range
Seagulls flying over Essaouira - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursCasablanca to Essaouira - 13 days Map

Casablanca to Essaouira

13 days | FROM R24,900

Combining the best of culture and coastal bliss, this two week tour of...

Signature Range
HUrghada marinaEgypt Uncovered - 11 days Map

Egypt Uncovered

11 days | FROM R21,900

Take in the best of ancient Egypt, from the Pyramids of Giza to the...

Signature Range
Alexandria-&-Ancient-Egypt-Main-Group-Tour-EgyptAlexandria & Ancient Egypt - 13 days Map

Alexandria & Ancient Egypt

13 days | FROM R31,900

Take in the best of Egypt on this 13 day tour which combines...

Signature Range
Cairo Cruise & Coast - HUrghadaCairo, Cruise & Coast - 13 days Map

Cairo, Cruise & Coast

13 days | FROM R36,900

Discover the best of Egypt and its ancient wonders on this 13 day...

Signature Range
Camel caravan in the Sahara Desert - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursChristmas in Morocco - 8 days Map

Christmas in Morocco

8 days | FROM R13,500

CHRISTMAS TOUR: Make your way to magical Morocco this...

Signature Range
Passage-to-Petra-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-JordanTemples, Tombs, Treasury - 14 days Map

Temples, Tombs, Treasury

14 days | FROM R31,900

Experience the best of Egypt and Jordan on this 14 day adventure....

Signature Range
Rock-The-Kasbah-Itinerary-Main-Xmas-and-New-Years-MoroccoRock the Kasbah - 10 Days Map

Rock the Kasbah

10 Days | FROM R15,500

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR TOUR: A Christmas of changing colours at...

Signature Range
Pyramids to PetraPyramids to Petra - 15 days Map

Pyramids to Petra

15 days | FROM R35,900

Take in the highlights of Egypt and Jordan including the legendary...

Signature Range
Essaouira coastal town - UNESCO sites in Morocco - On The Go ToursNew Year's in Morocco - 11 Days Map

New Year's in Morocco

11 Days | FROM R17,900

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR TOUR: Spend a cracking Christmas...

Middle East & North Africa Family Holidays

Signature Range

Egyptian Family Adventure

9 Days | FROM R20,610

Pharaohs, pyramids, tombs, camel riding, boating on the Nile and a...

Handpicked Range

Morocco Family Adventure

9 days | FROM R15,210

Take your family on a Moroccan adventure! Marvel at the sights and...

Signature Range

Best of Egypt for Teenagers

8 days | FROM R13,950

Take in the highlights of Egypt with your family on this 8 day tour...

Signature Range

Egypt & the Red Sea For Teenagers

12 days | FROM R26,550

Discover Egypt on this 12 day group tour for families with teens and...

Handpicked Range

Morocco Family Adventure & Beach

12 days | FROM R18,666

Take your family on an adventure from the Sahara Desert to the beaches...

Signature Range
Children at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor - Egypt Family Tours - On The Go ToursEgyptian Express for Families - 8 days Map

Egyptian Express for Families

8 days | FROM R15,900

A one week family holiday with camel riding, boating on the Nile, a...

Handpicked Range
Morocco For Teens 2019 - Main Image - Camel Caravan in Moroccan DesertMorocco Adventure For Teenagers - 8 days Map

Morocco Adventure For Teenagers

8 days | FROM R13,900

From colourful Marrakech, ride camels into the Sahara Desert, explore...

Signature Range
Egyptian-Explorer-Itinerary-Family-Tours-EgyptEgyptian Family Adventure & Red Sea - 13 days Map

Egyptian Family Adventure & Red Sea

13 days | FROM R30,500

Enjoy a fun and educational family adventure in ancient Egypt. Explore...

Middle East & North Africa Private Tours

Tailor-made Range
Israel-Explorer-3-imageTel Aviv & Jerusalem - 4 days Map

Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

4 days | FROM R16,120

ISRAEL SHORT BREAK: Explore UNESCO Listed Jerusalem, one of the...

Tailor-made Range
Couple in front of Petra - Jordan Tours - On The Go Tours copyPetra & The Dead Sea - 4 Days Map

Petra & The Dead Sea

4 Days | FROM R21,550

PRIVATE TOUR: Enjoy a fleeting but memorable holiday to Jordan....

Active Range
Trek Jordan main image - solo traveller on rocks - JordanTrek Jordan - 7 days Map

Trek Jordan

7 days | FROM R26,750

PRIVATE TREKKING HOLIDAY: Trek the famous Jordan trail, through...

Tailor-made Range
Self Drive Jordan main image - driving in Wadi RumSelf Drive Jordan - 8 days Map

Self Drive Jordan

8 days | FROM R22,665

PRIVATE SELF DRIVE TOUR: Grab the wheel and take control of...

Tailor-made Range
Journey-To-Galilee-Israel-PrimaryGalilee to The Dead Sea - 8 days Map

Galilee to The Dead Sea

8 days | FROM R89,370

PRIVATE TOUR: Starting in Tel Aviv, spend 8 days taking in the...

Tailor-made Range
Jordan on the Menu main image - Jordan food stock imageJordan on the Menu - 8 days Map

Jordan on the Menu

8 days | FROM R46,920

CULINARY TOUR: Learn how to cook delicious Jordanian cuisine on...

Tailor-made Range
Marrakech skylineMarrakech & Ait Benhaddou - 4 days Map

Marrakech & Ait Benhaddou

4 days | FROM R12,370

PRIVATE TOUR: Enjoy a city break with a difference in...

Tailor-made Range
Lawrences-Arabia-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-JordanLawrences Arabia  - 9 Days Map

Lawrences Arabia

9 Days | FROM R51,100

PRIVATE TOUR: Jordan, home to the Rose City of Petra offers so...

Tailor-made Range
The blue city of ChefchaouenImperial Cities & Chefchaouen - 8 days Map

Imperial Cities & Chefchaouen

8 days | FROM R25,510

PRIVATE TOUR: Travelling from the modern port city of...

Tailor-made Range
Ait Benhaddou - MoroccoJewels of Morocco - 9 days Map

Jewels of Morocco

9 days | FROM R45,570

PRIVATE TOUR: Take in the very best of Morocco on this 9 day...

Tailor-made Range
Imperial-Cities-and-Deserts-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoImperial Cities & Deserts - 10 days Map

Imperial Cities & Deserts

10 days | FROM R33,600

PRIVATE TOUR: Soak up the atmosphere of Marrakech's famous...

Tailor-made Range
Jordan-Wildlife-and-Nature-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-Jordan copyJordan Wildlife &  Nature - 12 days Map

Jordan Wildlife & Nature

12 days | FROM R72,190

PRIVATE TOUR WITH WILDLIFE: Discover the rare wildlife,...

Tailor-made Range
High Atlas editedAtlas & Atlantic Coast - 10 days Map

Atlas & Atlantic Coast

10 days | FROM R29,510

PRIVATE TOUR: Experience vibrant Marrakech, visit the beautiful...

Tailor-made Range
Classical-Morocco-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoClassical Morocco - 14 days Map

Classical Morocco

14 days | FROM R45,530

PRIVATE TOUR: The ultimate Moroccan adventure! Wander through...

Tailor-made Range
Self Drive Petra & the Dead SeaSelf Drive Petra & Dead Sea - 4 days Map

Self Drive Petra & Dead Sea

4 days | FROM R8,935

PRIVATE SELF-DRIVE TOUR: Get behind the wheel of your rental...

Tailor-made Range
Classical-Egypt-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptClassical Egypt - 9 Days Map

Classical Egypt

9 Days | FROM R43,200

PREMIUM PRIVATE TOUR: Discover the incredible wonders of...

Tailor-made Range
Cruise-Lake-Nasser-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptCruise Lake Nasser - 11 days Map

Cruise Lake Nasser

11 days | FROM R57,400

PREMIUM PRIVATE TOUR: Cross the Tropic of Cancer, cruising Lake...

Tailor-made Range
Cairo-Cruise-and-Coast-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptCairo, Cruise & Red Sea - 13 Days Map

Cairo, Cruise & Red Sea

13 Days | FROM R51,780

PREMIUM PRIVATE TOUR: Discover the amazing highlights of Egypt,...

Tailor-made Range
Abu Simbel  Egypt  On The Go ToursCairo to Amman - 15 days Map

Cairo to Amman

15 days | FROM R84,610

PREMIUM PRIVATE TOUR: Discovering some of the world's best...

Tailor-made Range
Self Drive Jordan Discovered main imageSelf Drive Jordan Discovered - 7 days Map

Self Drive Jordan Discovered

7 days | FROM R18,215

PRIVATE SELF-DRIVE TOUR: Get behind the wheel of a rental car...

Man standing in front of Abu Simbel - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours

Middle East & North Africa Tailor-made Holidays

From Egypt's ancient Pyramids of Giza and Jordan's lost city of Petra, to the holy sites of Israel and the rolling dunes of the Sahara in Morocco, discover the wonders of the Middle East and North Africa on a Tailor-made holiday. Having extensively travelled to the region themselves, our Tailor-made travel consultants can suggest places to visit, experiences to enjoy and recommend the best hotels to suit your budget from comfortable 3 star to luxurious 5 star.

Explore the countries of the Middle East & North Africa

Middle East & North Africa tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.84 out of 5 based on 151 recent reviews — See All Middle East & North Africa Reviews

We toured for 23 days through Egypt, Jordan and Israel. The tour was well structured - a great itinerary and great/good guides. Our guide in Egypt Mahmoud Ramadan as excellent. He is the main reason I would recommend OnTheGo Tours. This is my fifth trip overseas and I have had countless short tour guides. He is the best! You want to request him if touring with On The Go in Egypt.

I also thoroughly enjoyed my time in Jordan. I was looking forward to Petra but was surprised by how much I loved Wadi Rum, Wadi Mujib and the Dead Sea. This was such a varied experience and a great time. We added a few days at the beginning in Cairo and a few days at the end in Tel Aviv which I would definitely recommend. Overall this was a great trip.

On The Go took very good care of us from meeting us at the airport to the transfer to the airport at the end. Great Service.”  

Paul Bruce • Submitted 25 Jul 2022

I believed the tour was actually good. Ahmed Esmat was nice and certainly committed to his role of the tour. My two favourite days of the experience were the day visiting the Egyptian Museum as well as the Egyptian Civilisation Museum and the day going snorkelling. I also made friends with a friendly family during the tour.”  

Jason Scotchmer • Submitted 11 Jul 2022

We felt the tour was great. The destinations were well chosen and the accomodation was always appropriate to the town. One that stands out was Rabat where we had rooms in the Medina itself close to the markets. We felt we really were offered a full taste of the Moroccan experience at this stop. At other times it was a modern (though superb) hotel and a bus ride to get to the town for free time and this restricted us a little. In Fez we had no free time and this was a disappointment. The town tours with local guides were great. Overall It would have been a solid four star experience........ however....

Our guide and driver Abdul and Suleiman Bairha took the tour into a different class. They were always polite and sensitive to everyone's needs. They fulfilled every need with a smile. They ensured good compromises were agreed when customers needs differed and ensured long coach trips were occupied with information, entertainment and laughter.

They took responsibility to minimise the inevitable dull processes of touring (ie hotel checking in etc) and accentuated the positives such as..... assisting in vital souk negotiations.....always pointing out interesting sights with much background history and explanation....and answering every question on the current culture and practices in Morrocco.

I would give the tour 7 stars if I could with these two hosts. ”  

Glyn and Senta Hawkings • Submitted 20 Jun 2022

Middle East & North Africa Video

Outdoor adventure abounds
Deserts, dead seas and beaches

There's more to the Middle East and North Africa than awesome archaeological sites and ancient history - outdoor adventurers will find plenty to entice them from the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea in Jordan to the undulating desert sands of the Sahara in Morocco and the appealing beaches of Egypt's Red Sea and Israel's cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv on the coast. Find your own outside fun in the Middle East and North Africa this year.

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