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Nile Cruises

Updated: 09th November 2021

Cruiseboat sailing down the Nile at sunset

What to Expect

Our Nile Cruises offer a 5-star experience while you navigate the stunning River Nile. Cruising for 8-12 hours in total during the 3 or 4 day trip, our ships cover a distance of 212 kilometers between the two cities of Luxor and Aswan (or vice versa). Your time is split between relaxing on board and enjoying the amenities on offer, and docking at sightseeing stops along the route, including the famous double temple of Kom Ombo. A peaceful experience, the journey is a wonderful way to unwind after sightseeing in Cairo or exploring the magnificent temples of Abu Simbel.

Along the route, expect beautiful views of the river banks with their rising sand dunes, lush greenery, and scenes of local village life by the water. A guided sightseeing stop is included at Kom Ombo, a unique temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and falcon god Horus. Then by night, we take in unspoiled views of the starry night sky overhead, best viewed from the top deck, as well as the modern conveniences and comforts of your cabin.

Double bedroom aboard a Nile Cruiser, Egypt

What are the cabins like?

Located on the main or upper deck, all of our cabins are outward-facing and large windows ensure you don't miss any of the stunning views as we sail. Inside, the rooms are similar to that of a 5-star hotel, with twin or double beds and private bathrooms.

Amenities such as air-conditioning, a minibar, and a TV are also included in the cabins. So if sailing aboard a traditional felucca doesn’t sound quite like your style, our Nile Cruises are a great alternative.

Pool and sunchairs aboard a Nile Cruiser, Egypt

What facilities are on board?

Our Nile Cruisers offer ample facilities to ensure you have an amazing experience onboard. The deck offers plenty of space for sunbathing and the plunge pool is a perfect place to cool off from the heat of the Egyptian sun. There’s also a lounge area and bar, perfect for enjoying a cocktail or two with your fellow passengers, and some cruisers offer gyms or wellness facilities such as a sauna and massage services.

All meals are included aboard our Nile Cruises and served buffet-style in the ships’ restaurants. If you purchase any drinks during your time on board, you can pay your bill upon check out.