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Egypt FAM trip March 2014 - Abu Simbel

The Awards

Our coveted tour leader awards recognise our best 7 tour guides in our key destinations. The awards are judged primarily on feedback from our travellers. The well deserved winners get a complimentary holiday to another one of our destinations ... and of course kudos by the bucket load too!

Guides at the Taj Mahal - India Tours - On The Go Tours

The 2015 Winners

The results are in for our second Tour Leader of the Year Awards, so it’s time for our new stars to shine and for us to recognise and appreciate all their amazing work. We will be running the awards every year, so if you’ve been impressed with your guide, be sure to leave us a review of your tour and mention him or her.

Vietnam Duong

Jonny wins in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Phan Ngoc Duong (Jonny) took first place, with Tran Binh Nguyen close behind. Jonny has been a guide for over 11 years and has been impressing our travellers with the highlights of Vietnam for three and a half. Here’s what he likes about guiding: "I love exchanging culture with my passengers. I meet people from all over the world in my job and it is fascinating to learn about them and their culture and in return I teach them about mine.". Jonny will be heading to Egypt next year to see the ancient land of the Pharoahs!

China Stephanie

Stephanie wins in China

We’re pleased to announce Tong Aizheng (Stephanie) as the deserved winner of our tour leader awards in China with last year's winner Feng Xinwen, hot on her heels as runner-up. Stephanie has been a guide for over seven years and has been sharing her knowledge and passion for her country with On The Go travellers for six. Here’s what she loves about guiding: "Being a guide is the best choice I have ever made in my life , because I am seeing people, learning from people and communicating with people from all over the world. I am not just a "postcard" of my country but also l am the "mum" for the people I have met along the tour! Meanwhile the people bring a lot of new different ideas of life and a different angle of seeing the world! So I really enjoy being a guide" As our 2015 winner in China, Stephanie is off travelling soon to discover the delights of Russia.

Egypt Momo

Momo wins in Egypt

We’re excited to reveal Mohamed Saiid (Momo) as the deserved winner for Egypt, and Haytham Youssry hot on his heels as runner-up. Momo has been a tour guide for almost ten years and part of the On The Go family for eight since he joined in 2007. Here’s what he likes most about guiding: "I love meeting new people and showing them Egypt. I love guiding so many people from all over the world and learning about their cultures and what brought them to Egypt. It also gives me the opportunity to serve my country." As the winner in Egypt in 2015, Momo is off to marvel at the wonders of Vietnam this year.

Jordan Ogla

Ogla wins in Jordan

And the winner In Jordan is ... Ogla Al-Nawafleh who will be on his way to visit Turkey soon. Ogla has been a guide for eight years and started showing On The Go travellers what makes Jordan so special seven years ago. Here’s what he loves about guiding: "Guiding for me is happily more than work, it gives me the chance to communicate with people from all over the world and understand other people’s culture. I also get to introduce my beautiful country to those people."

India Satendra

Satendra wins in India

Our tour guide of the year for India is Satendra (Sat) Sharma. A very passionate guide, Sat joined the On The Go fold 12 years ago and impressed us all. He picks Kumbhalgarh Fort, Udaipur as his best site in India. Sat on what he loves about guiding: "I like most being a Tour Guide is letting people know about my country, its unique identity as "University in Diversity" one of the best examples of communal harmony in the world. A land of religious beliefs and practices. A country which is the birthplace of some of the world's major religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and I am proud of it and take pleasure in my profession giving out my 100% to it." Our runners up for India were last year's winner Yusuf Khan as well as Samridh Singh. As our 2015 winner in India, Sat will be heading to the far east with a trip to China!

Russia Natalia

Natalia wins in Russia

Natalia Abrosimova took the number 1 spot in Russia. A passionate guide, Natalia joined the On The Go team in 2013 and has been impressing our passengers with her knowledge of Russian history and culture ever since. Her favourite site in Russia is the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg - her home town! Here’s what she loves most about guiding: "Turning the first experience in Russia into something very special, creating unforgettable memories while travelling together with my groups." As our 2015 winner in Russia, Natalia will be travelling with us to discover the wonders of Jordan.

Turkey Recep

Recep wins in Turkey

And our winner in Turkey is ... Recep Aydin who just pipped Burhan Çoşkun, to scoop the top award. Recep is a passionate guide who has worked as a guide for 14 years, joined the On The Go fold 8 years ago and impressed us all! He picks Cappadocia as his favourite site. Recep on what he loves about guiding: "Such a great profession for me and my character ,it has always been my passion. I love introducing my country in every aspect and making connections between past and today. It is just an amazing feeling, plus meeting new people from all around the world and making new friends is just super amazing for me and also great fun"

Pyramid and Shinx - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours copy

Tourism in Egypt has been hit hard and it's not easy committing to years of study to qualify as an Egyptologist guide. So we have launched a new initiative in Egypt where we sponsor one of our talented transfer reps through university, at the end of which they will be a fully qualified guide, well versed in Egyptology. This year we've sponsored Sherif Fawzy in becoming an Egyptologist and he has recently received his guiding license. Previously our Field Manager in Cairo Sherif is now ready to start leading our King Tutankhamen and King Ramses tours, sharing his knowledge and passion for Egypt with the lucky travellers.

Anh and Haytham Pyramids

Previous Winners

In 2014 we saw Nguyen Quoc Anh (Anh) in Vietnam, Feng Xinwen in China, Haytham Youssry in Egypt, Jamileh Mohammed in Jordan, Yusuf Khan in India, Tatiana Sukhorutchenko and Metin Edzi in Turkey! They’ve all completed their trips to another destination and had a great time!

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