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About Greenland

Wedged between North America and Europe, Greenland is a once-in-a-lifetime travel destination. Despite being the world's biggest island it’s mostly uninhabited and practically untouched by mankind. 80% of the land surface is covered by the Greenland Ice Sheet. It's an island of majestic landscapes forged by ice with rugged mountains and spectacular glaciers, which in turn give rise to remarkable fjords and jaw-dropping icebergs.

Despite the remoteness and lack of commercialism, there are plenty of activities and unique experiences to enjoy by sea, land, and air. With our Greenland trips, you can take a cruise to the ice fjords under the midnight sun, spot whales and seals out at sea and get up close and personal with towering glaciers.

Our Greenland trips and package tours show you the best that this incredible destination has to offer. Staying aboard a purpose-built expedition ship, these tours take you to all the main highlights, from Nuuk and Ilulissat to the majestic icebergs and marine wildlife to be spotted out at sea.

Explore the icy waters of Greenland on a state-of-the-art Ocean Albatros expedition ship. Having launched in November 2022, the ship has been made with exploring the frozen lands of the Arctic in mind and will be your home for the duration of your Greenland tour. With 95 comfortable cabins to suit a range of budgets and 18 zodiac boats for shore landings, it's the perfect vessel for your Greenland package. Built with sustainability in mind, the Ocean Albatros expedition ship has a 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional expedition ships. When not relaxing in your cabin, travellers can look out for whales on the viewing deck or relax in the onboard jacuzzi. There is also a spa, bar, and two onboard restaurants to enjoy. Throughout your tour, you'll make regular stops to explore settlements, enjoy wildlife-spotting and hiking tours, and to see some of the natural wonders which abound in Greenland. Explore our Greenland tours below

Frequently asked questions

Will I have phone signal and Wi-Fi?

Greenland is very remote, and whilst there is Wi-Fi in many hotels, bars, restaurants and destinations on land which you can make use of, there is no Wi-Fi on the Ocean Albatros. However, a 60-minute internet package to use onboard computers can be booked and paid for locally on your Greenland tour. Similarly, when you visit Greenland, mobile phone reception will be mostly unavailable, and it is best to simply focus on enjoying your experience on our Greenland trips.

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Wildlife to spot on your trip

A humpback whale

By far one of the highlights of visiting Greenland is searching for some of the island's iconic wildlife. Ilulissat and Disko Bay are some of the best places for whale watching, with many species travelling from the Caribbean to spend the summer in Greenland. You're unlikely to spot a polar bear on our Greenland tours as it is too far south for them, but land-based species to see include harp, ringed, and hooded seals, walrus, Arctic foxes, and Arctic hares. Numerous bird species live in Greenland, including snow bunting, white-tailed eagle, puffin and ptarmigan (a popular Greenland delicacy!)

The Best of our Greenland Trips

You probably aren't familiar with all the main sites in Greenland. From towns like Ilulissat and Nuuk to natural wonders including the Eqip Sermia Glacier and Disko Bay, these are the unmissable highlights of Greenland's west coast, which you'll discover on our Greenland package tours.


Nuuk is the Greenlandic capital, and by far its biggest settlement. Around 17,000 people call the town home. Located in south Greenland, it gets the "best" of Greenlandic weather and is home to Greenland's only shopping centre, the Parliament and the University. It's the world's most northern capital, being a few kilometres further north than Reykjavik. The scenery surrounding Nuuk is spectacular, although it has an average summer temperature of just 7 degrees Centigrade.

Disko Bay

Disko Bay and adjacent Ilulissat on the west coast are probably the most visited places in Greenland. The large Disko Island shelters the bay from the elements somewhat and it is a gathering spot for humpback whales and other species in summer, making it one of the best places for whale watching. And the bay is also known for giant icebergs which calve from several huge glaciers in the area. Just to the north of Disko Bay is Uummannaq, with its famous heart-shaped mountain.


Greenland's most famous town, Ilulissat is best known as the home of the ice fjord, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. You'll want to explore the fjord on foot and by boat, which is an especially memorable experience at night. The ice shines a dazzling blue under the midnight sun. It's the best place in Greenland for dog sledding, too.

Eqip Sermia Glacier

Around 70 kilometres north of Ilulissat is the Eqip Sermia glacier, where travellers can see the thundering calving of new icebergs as they crash into the sea. This is Greenland's most active glacier, and the rumbling of the icebergs is deafening. Your expedition ship will get as close as is safe to enhance the experience, and you will also want to look out for whales and seals in the area.

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