Best Holidays for October 2019

Himalayan hiking adventures await you with clear skies and mountain vistas

Where to go on holiday in October

October means autumn for much of the Northern Hemisphere so it's a wonderful time to visit the Far East, which is often carpeted in beautiful autumnal colours of red, orange and gold with countries like South Korea at their most scenic. Temperatures are cool but the skies are often clear and the Croatia sailing season will end mid-month. It's still the rainy season across Southeast Asia so expect showers if planning a visit to the region. Rains and strong winds are also targeting Central America at this time of year so for guaranteed dry weather and some sun, head to the Middle East where temperatures are pleasantly warm.

If you're looking for inspiration for where to travel to in October 2019, take a look at our top recommended destinations and experiences that this month offers around the world. We've also compiled our best October beach destinations for those looking for a bit of sun, sea and sand, as well as a guide to where best to head for wildlife adventures.

Our Top Travel Picks for October

For Where

It's late spring in Zanzibar, just perfect beach weather. Also consider Morocco and the Red Sea in Egypt & Jordan.


October marks the final month of the dry season in Africa, while it's the beginning of safari season in India and Sri Lanka.

Festivals & Events

Consider the Hoi An Lantern Festival, Diwali in India, Egypt's Sun Festival or Phuket's lively Vegetarian Festival.

Bucket List Travel

Tick a few must-dos off your list with Machu Picchu, Petra and the Himalayas topping our list.

Top Destinations and Experiences in October

Mountain vistas

Trekking in the Himalayas

After the monsoon rains the clouds clear across the Himalayan region to reveal spectacular mountain vistas. October and November are two of the best months to trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal when visibility is at its best. Temperatures at this altitude will be cold but the days will be dry and clear. It's also a great time to explore neighbouring Tibet and Bhutan.

Petra Treasury from above - Jordan Tours - On The Go Tours copy
Monuments and deserts

Exploring Jordan's attractions

With the intense heat of summer now subsiding, October is a fantastic month to visit Jordan. Daytime temperatures are manageable so you can explore the ancient city of Petra and ride the red sands of Wadi Rum without overheating. You can still expect blue, largely clear, skies and nighttime temperatures are still pleasantly warm for a desert camp. And it's just the right conditions for lazing in the Dead Sea.

Machu Picchu with woman in the foreground - Peru Tours - South America Tours - On The Go Tours
Inca citadels

Sightseeing in Peru

October marks the last month of the dry season in Peru. This means it's still a good time to tackle the popular Inca Trail to Machu Picchu before the summer rains arrive. It's also still drier in the Amazon, which means better wildlife spotting opportunities. And if your itinerary takes you to Lima you might be able to witness the colourful Lord of Miracles festival, one of South America's largest processions.

Buenos Aires city - October holiday ideas - On The Go Tours
Tango and beer

Visiting the cities of Argentina

This time of year means spring for the Southern Hemisphere. In the north of Argentina you can expect warm temperatures and plenty of sun. It's just the right conditions for exploring the country's fascinating cities, from the capital of Buenos Aires where you can learn to tango, to culture and history-heavy Cordoba where you can participate in the annual Oktoberfest.

Best Festivals in October

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda on Inle lake

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival

Where? Inle Lake, Myanmar
When? 29th Sep-16th Oct 2019

One of the most famous and distinctive of Myanmar’s local pagoda festivals is Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. During the 18-day festivities, revered images of the Buddha are paraded around Inle Lake on an elaborate barge pulled by traditional long boats with hundreds of rowers. This visual spectacle is accompanied by rowing competitions, processions and much excitement, before the images are returned to their shrine.

Full Moon Celebrations in Hoi An-Secondary

Hoi An Lantern Festival

Where? Hoi An, Vietnam
When? 12th October 2019

Held on the night of a full moon within 15 days of the autumnal equinox, Hoi An's Lantern Festival is a celebration of the forthcoming harvest after the monsoon rains. It's also a time to gather together with friends and family and prayer for blessings. For travellers it's a wonderful time to visit with colourful lanterns decorating the streets and floating into the night sky, and plenty of tasty cakes and candies available to eat.

Abu Simbel - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours copy

Abu Simbel Sun Fest

Where? Abu Simbel, Egypt
When? 21st October 2019

Twice a year the sun aligns to illuminate the inner sanctum of the incredible Abu Simbel temple. Built by King Ramses II, the temple was specifically designed so that this alignment would occur on the date of the king's coronation (21st February) and his birthday (21st October). This extraordinary feat of ancient engineering has to be seen to be believed and it's the perfect time to visit the rest of Egypt with pleasant temperatures for sightseeing.

Fireworks in Mlebourne

The Melbourne Festival

Where? Melbourne, Australia
When? TBC

First staged in 1986, The Melbourne Festival is now one of the leading international arts festivals in Australia. Over 17 days, the festival sees a diverse program of events covering everything from theatre and music to dance and visual arts. It has an outstanding reputation and is known for attracting top names. But you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy it, there's a variety of venues where many of the events are free.

Best Beach Destinations in October

It's the final month of the monsoon season in Southeast Asia so there'll still be high rainfall across the prime beach destinations, however, East Africa's coast is still a reliable option as is the Middle East with pleasant temperatures and lots of sunshine. Central America is best avoided at this time of year as hurricanes and typhoons are likely to be hitting the region.



It's spring in the Southern Hemisphere and this means cool and dry weather perfectly suited for a Zanzibar holiday. The sandy shores are drenched in sun, the waters are warm and there will be little rain. October is also a great time for diving off the north coast of the island and if you're thinking of combining beach with a safari adventure, the Great Wildebeest Migration is in full swing in Tanzania so an ideal time.

Hurghada Highlight


October brings with it much cooler temperatures across Egypt so it's a great time to head to the Red Sea for some sun, sea and sand. Expect sunny, dry days perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling with great diving opportunities year-round. With the bi-annual Sun Festival happening in Abu Simbel, it's an ideal time to combine beach with culture and the delights of the Red Sea with the ancient wonders of Egypt from Cairo to Luxor.

Taghazoute 1 - surfer


With a sizeable slice of Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline, Morocco has a great selection of beach resorts to choose from whether it's Tangier on the Strait of Gibraltar or Essaouira with its beautiful walled medina only a few hours' drive from Marrakech. October is also a good time for surfing with Taghazoute the country's premier surfing destination providing large swells and plenty of surf points to try.

Best Wildlife Destinations in October

Peak safari season in Africa is coming to a close as October marks the final month of the dry season - soon the rains will return causing vegetation to thrive and creating more water sources for the animal population. Elsewhere, the Amazon is still relatively dry with great fishing and jungle trekking opportunities while the cool and dry season across the Galapagos is ideal for diving and there's always some activity in the wildlife world. In Costa Rica it's nesting season for Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles.



The monsoon rains have petered out come October and India's national parks reopen for business. The landscapes are lush with foliage and rivers full with water so it's a great time of year for landscape photography with the added bonus of the chance to spot a Bengal tiger in the wild along with plenty of other wildlife including sambar, chital, nilgai, wild boar, leopard, sloth bear and myriad birdlife.

Wild elephants at Minneriya National Park

Sri Lanka

October is the final month of Sri Lanka's wildlife spectacle - the annual 'gathering' of hundreds of elephants that flock to Minneriya National Park looking for a reliable water source as the rains stop across the North Central & Eastern provinces. The majestic creatures gather around the centrepiece reservoir and come November will disperse across the region as the approaching rains create more varied water sources.


Southern Africa

It's the last month of southern Africa's dry season so it's a good time to head to the region on safari before the rains begin. In Botswana you'll find large herds of elephants gathering in Chobe National Park while in Namibia the Namib-Naukluft is a good choice with the coastal winds keeping it cooler. By now many habitats have gone without rain for almost five months so vegetation will be at its thinnest, ideal for spotting wildlife.

Wildebeest Zebra Migration - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The

East Africa

By and large this is the last month that herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle will attempt to cross the Mara River from the northern region of the Serengeti into the adjacent Masai Mara. This is one of the most impressive times to visit Kenya and Tanzania during the Great Migration as come November short rains will begin, encouraging the growth of vegetation that makes wildlife viewing more challenging.

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