Elephants near the tank in the Minneriya National Park

Trips and Tours to Minneriya National Park

About Minneriya National Park

Exceptionally diverse and unfathomably beautiful, Minneriya is one of Sri Lanka's numerous national parks. The landscape varies wildly throughout the park, ranging from steamy wetlands to dry forests, making this park an ideal dwelling for a huge array of different animals. Located along the Elephant Corridor, a route that connects Kaudulla and Wasgomuwa parks, this park sees hundreds upon hundreds of these majestic creatures every year as they make their migration in search of some sustenance. From May to October, and particularly in August and September, elephants flock to an area of just a few square kilometres to drink from the Minneriya tank.

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While the main attraction of the park for most people is its abundance of elephants, there are dozens of other animals that call the reserve home. Rustling under the cover of the dense foliage that comprises the scenery here are sambar deer, crocodiles, leopards, monkeys and sloth bears, just to name a few. Various frogs and lizards also inhabit the warmer and wetter parts of the park and pipers, woodpeckers and hornbills nest in the trees or soar overhead.

The focal point of the park is the Minneriya tank, a vast lake that provides hydration for much of the indigenous wildlife when water elsewhere has dried up. Some of the endemic birds of the park also come here for water, including the Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl and the Sri Lankan Hanging Parrot. For bird enthusiasts, this is an opportunity not to be missed due to the fact that these winged creatures, as the name suggests, are not found anywhere else outside of the country.