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Discover the best of Vietnam with your family

Explore the treasures of Vietnam alongside your loved ones on our expertly crafted family tours. With a blend of immersive cultural experiences and exciting adventures, these carefully planned itineraries ensure an unforgettable vacation where every member of the family can create lasting memories together.

Tours recommended for young families

Experience the essence of Vietnam alongside your family with our curated escorted family trips. Embracing the same exceptional sightseeing and expert guidance found in our group tours, these journeys are uniquely crafted with families in focus. Indulge in a touch more leisure time to unwind poolside at your accommodation, allowing for cherished moments of relaxation amidst the adventure. Moreover, both parents and children will relish the chance to forge connections with like-minded families traversing the same path. Our Vietnam Family Holiday tour warmly welcomes children aged 5 and above, while our teenager tours cater specifically to families with children aged 10 and older.

Activities and highlights ideal for families

Mekong Riverboat Ride

Cruise the Mekong

Cruising the Mekong and Mekong Delta in Vietnam on a family tour offers a blend of adventure and cultural immersion. Explore floating markets, lush landscapes, and traditional villages. Kids can learn about local life, taste exotic fruits, and enjoy scenic boat rides, creating cherished family memories in this vibrant region.

Cycling through the Vietnamese countryside

Countryside bike riding

Cycling through the Vietnamese countryside provides an intimate journey into rural life. Pedal past rice paddies, ancient pagodas, and friendly locals. Experience authentic cuisine, bustling markets, and serene landscapes. This active adventure offers a unique perspective on Vietnam's beauty and culture, ideal for family exploration. Also on out tours, families can enjoy a fun cooking class, and can taste their creations!

Junk boats cruising on Halong Bay

Swimming and kayaking in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of Vietnam's main highlights, sure to wow kids and adults alike. There are numerous activities available in the bay, including swimming and kayaking among the lush limestone islets, as well as visiting caves and staying aboard a traditional Vietnamese junk boat!

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