Family Friendly Africa SafarisGuided Safari Tours For You And Your Family

Africa Safaris For Families

On some of our Accommodated Safaris, children aged 8 and over are welcome. These tours are a great option for families looking to enjoy a safari together, with all of your accommodation, transportation and wildlife-spotting packaged together. Guided by an expert crew, these tours are the best way for children to experience the majesty of Africa safely. The age rating varies by tour, for example there is a minimum age of 10 on some trips. This information is clearly displayed on each individual tour page.

We also offer a small selection of Overland Comfort Camping Safaris. The minimum age on these tours is 10 years old, and there is more information below.

Africa Safaris Suitable For Families

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The Best of African Wildlife

Whichever African safari or tour you choose, you will embark on game drives in some of the continent's most iconic national parks. From the sprawling grasslands of the Serengeti to the dusty plains of Etosha and the waterways of the Okavango Delta. These are some of the species to look out for on safari, including all of the majestic Big Five.


The only social member of the big cat family, living in hierarchical prides of up to 15 or even more animals, lions can be spotted throughout Africa's national parks. Chobe in Botswana and Hwange in Zimbabwe are great places to spot lions on safari.


The world's largest land mammal can be found in more than 30 countries across Africa. Find them drinking at watering holes, the locations of which are passed down the generations by matriarchs. Chobe, Kruger in South Africa and South Luangwa in Zambia have good elephant populations.


Both black and white rhinos are endangered, with black rhinos critically so. Conservation efforts using the money brought in from tourism are so important in protecting these iconic creatures. South Africa's Kruger National Park has by far the largest rhino population in Africa, and Namibia's Etosha is a stronghold for black rhinos too.


Leopards are the most elusive member of the Big Five, well camouflaged against the African bush and preferring to come out at night to hunt. Count yourself lucky if you spot one of these beautiful cats. South Luangwa in Zambia and Moremi in Botswana have some of the highest densities, giving you the best chance to see them!


The armoured tank of the animal kingdom, even lions will think twice before tackling a buffalo. Found in huge numbers across the continent, it is likely to be the first Big Five species you see on safari. The Serengeti is an iconic heartland for this bad-tempered herbivore.


The tallest animal on the planet, the gentle giraffe is surprisingly rare but easy to spot thanks to its height. You can spot them roaming the grassy plains of east and southern Africa, with the Serengeti, Masai Mara and Etosha being particular hotspots.

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Our Other Africa Travel Styles

We offer a variety of trip types in Africa. If you prefer sleeping in the great outdoors, then browse our selection of Camping Safaris. If you prefer a roof over your head and amenities including swimming pools, then perhaps our Accommodated Safaris are better suited. We also Private Safari Tours for those who don't want to travel as part of a group.

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