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Zimbabwe Tours and PackagesExplore the Wonders of Zimbabwe: Exclusive Tours and Packages Await!

About our Zimbabwe Tours

Zimbabwe, a landlocked country, is a classic safari destination, home to the famous Victoria Falls and a number of excellent national parks, including Mana Pools National Park and Matobo National Park. The flagship Hwange National Park, on the other hand, is the highlight of the country's wildlife offerings. The reserve has a large population of elephants, as well as lions, buffalo, zebras, and giraffes. The Victoria Falls area has plenty to offer as well, with activities for people of all ages and interests, ranging from horseback riding and scenic flights over the falls to bungee jumping and rafting on the Zambezi River.

Our Zimbabwe Overland Camping Tours

Our small group Africa overland safaris include much of eastern and southern Africa, riding in rugged overland trucks with an experienced two-person crew. The entire party will pitch in to set up camp and cook, and you'll sleep on roll mats in two-man tents in some of Africa's most beautiful landscape. On the majority of tours, we additionally provide an accommodation upgrade. You'll travel with the camping safari group and assist with chores, but you'll stay in low-cost campground accommodations rather than tents.

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Our Zimbabwe Comfort Camping Safaris

Comfort camping safaris are great for people over forty, and families with kids ten years old and above are welcome too. You won't have to lift a finger when you go on these overland safaris since your knowledgeable three-person crew will take care of setting up camp, cooking, and cleaning. You'll also benefit from at least three nights in a hotel, which include the first and last nights of the tour, and the comfort of sleeping on a camp bed as opposed to a roll mat. These are small-group safaris with a 16-person limit that are led by certified African guides.

Our Zimbabwe Lodge Safaris

The amazing animal viewing and sightseeing opportunities offered by our Accommodated Safaris are identical to those of our Africa Overland Safaris, but you can unwind knowing that you'll return to a cosy bed at the end of the day. Depending on the tour, our lodging options range from basic chalets to exquisite mid-range resorts. Look through our tour pages to learn more. These trips are all led by knowledgeable local guides who also serve as your drivers, and they are all small groups with a maximum of 16 participants.

Our Zimbabwe Private Tours

Our 4-day Victoria Falls & Chobe tour can be ideal for you if you're pressed for time and would rather travel in a private rather than a group. After visiting Zimbabwe's primary draw, you'll go to nearby Botswana to experience the Chobe National Park's animals. Every day of the year, this tour can leave, and you can choose from a variety of affordable lodging choices. It can also be scheduled in tandem with our tours of the lodge and camping areas.

Frequently asked questions

Will I see Victoria Falls as part of my Zimbabwe package?

All of our Zimbabwe tours visit Victoria Falls, with the majority starting or ending in the town named after the famous waterfall. Some of our tours include entry and activities at the falls, whilst on others this is optional, but you will always have time to visit if you wish. You can find details about what is included in each tour on the relevant webpage.

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Best of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe features a few locations that are not to be missed, including one of Africa's best natural attractions and an amazing wildlife park where you can go on an amazing safari. These are the top destinations.

Victoria Falls

The Smoke that Thunders. Shared with Zambia, Vic Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and when at full flow takes the breath away from even the most seasoned traveller. The town of the same name is Zimbabwe's adventure capital and there are an indescribable number of activities to enjoy in the area. From boat trips on the Zambezi River and hikes to the falls, to scenic flights, horse riding, bungee jumping and more.

Hwange National Park

Zimbabwe's premier game reserve once had a severe poaching problem but has thankfully managed to mostly get on top of this scourge, and wildlife populations are now mostly healthy. More than 40,000 elephants live in the reserve, as well as lions, leopards, buffalo, giraffes, and other flagship African species. It's on the main road to and from Vic Falls, so it's easily accessible but always quieter than the main national parks of nearby Botswana and Namibia.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

A sprawling ruined city built by indigenous societies in the 13th and 14th centuries, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins are probably the country's cultural highlight. The complex was once the centre of a vast empire known as the Munhumutapa Empire, and much of the original architecture survives today. In some places, the stone walls are up to 6 metres thick and 12 metres high, with a section of wall running 60 metres long.


The capital of Zimbabwe is the gateway to the country’s incredible wildlife destinations, but it is also worthy of a visit in its own right. The Botanical Garden of Harare has 900 various species of trees and shrubbery to admire, and if you visit in September or October, you’ll see the purple blossoms of the jacaranda tree in full bloom. To admire and photograph the vast vistas of this intriguing city, head to Kopje, a granite hill that rises out of the centre of the city.

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