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There is no better way to experience the rich cultural heritage of a destination than by joining in one of its vibrant local festivals. With hundreds of unique cultural events to choose from, we’ve selected some of our favorites and aligned them to popular group tour itineraries. Once in a lifetime natural events such as solar eclipses also provide a great excuse to explore a country on your bucket list. Time your next trip to coincide with one of these events and fully immerse yourself in colorful local cultures.

If you have a specific festival in mind in one of our destinations that is not featured on our website, please do get in touch with our Tailor Made team and they will endeavor to put together a trip especially for you.

Upcoming Festivals

At any time of year somewhere in the world is throwing a celebration of local traditions or honoring long-held beliefs in spectacular fashion. Here we highlight some of our favorite that will soon be gracing the calendar.

Lady sitting in front of Abu Simbel - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours

Sun Festival

The Sun Festival at Abu Simbel happens twice a year - in February and in October - and we offer a number of trips to Egypt that coincide with this incredible phenomenon.

Full Moon Festival Celebrations - Southeast Tours - On The Go Tours

Full Moon Festival

Join our Full Moon Festival, Hoi An or our Full Moon Festival Express group tours to witness the mass release of hundreds of colorful lanterns and eat mooncakes.

Diwali India

Festival of Light

Join the celebrations of India's favorite festival on our Diwali, Festivals of Lights tour, with a visit to a local temple, a special Diwali meal and fireworks.

Thimphu Festival dancer

Thimphu Festival

Coincide your visit to Bhutan with the colorful masked dances of the Thimphu Festival, which takes over the Bhutanese capital for three days every September.

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Want to know more about some of the most popular festivals that we cover? Have a read of our comprehensive guides covering everything from the origins of these festivals to the best places to experience them.

Whether you're planning a visit or simply keen to know a bit more, you'll find all you need to know here.

We offer a number of specially crafted tours that take advantage of some of the world's most popular, colorful and fun festivals. Our full section is below, however, if there's a particular festival you want to include in your holiday plans, contact our tailor-made team who will be happy to put together your perfect itinerary.

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