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Cape Town, South Africa: The Capital of the Rainbow Nation

A peninsula underneath the picturesque Table Mountain, Cape Town has stunning beaches and rich history. It is clear to see that Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist destinations across South Africa. The city’s historical significance is clear in its colonial architecture, particularly in the colorful Bo-Kaap neighborhood, renowned for its vibrant streets lined with brightly painted houses.

Guided Tours Across the Nation

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our highly sought-after South African tours, featuring multi-country expeditions, that begin in the city of Cape Town, through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Our adventurous expeditions across South Africa include spectacular wildlife, desert dunes and canoeing down the Okavango Delta. These tours are in high demand and spots tend to fill up quickly. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Cape Town and other must-see destinations with us.

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What to Expect – Why Visit Cape Town? 

A beach full of penguins in South Africa
Boulders Beach | South Africa

Cape town invites travelers to wander the streets of the city, embracing the melting pot of cultures that has developed over the last six centuries. Locations such as Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope have stunning natural landmarks, sweeping ocean views and diverse flora and fauna. Tours of Cape Town, South Africa include all the city's landmarks and well-known attractions, such as Boulders Beach, and the incredible costal scenery of Hout Bay and Chapman’s Park.

Popular Sites to See Across Cape Town

Table Mountain

Take a ride up to the top of Table Mountain on the cable cars or on foot and see the breathtaking views of the city below. The mountain is a UNESCO world heritage site and is popular with hikers and sightseers alike.

Robben Island

Visit the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years during the era of Apartheid. The island was a maximum-security prison and is now classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a place where residents and tourists can learn about South Africa’s struggle for freedom.

Cape Winelands

Cape Town is situated near some of South Africa’s most famous wine regions, such as Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl. These areas are known for producing world class wines and offering picturesque vineyard landscapes, wine tastings and gourmet dining.

Local Etiquette in Cape Town


Tipping is customary in South Africa, particularly in restaurants, bars and for services like taxi rides and local tour guides. A standard tip would be 10-15%.


While English is widely spoken, learning a few words in Afrikaans or isiXhosa shows respect. For example: - ‘Dankie’ - Thank you in Afrikaans - ‘Molo’ - Hello in isiXhosa

Dress Modestly

Dress appropriately, especially when visiting religious sites or townships. Modesty is valued, and it is best to avoid revealing clothing.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Cape Town so Famous? 

Cape Town is famous for its iconic landmarks, such as Table Mountain, rich history and its vibrant cultural diversity.

Is Cape Town Safe for Tourists?

Is Cape Town Expensive to Visit?


Whether you are traveling back into history, hiking up mountains or relaxing with a glass of wine in Cape Winelands, Cape Town tells a story of rich history blended with a culture melting pot, with a mix of European, African and Asian influences. On the edge of the world has never felt so much like home.

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