Two girls on a horse ride along the coast in Dahab at sunrise

Horse Riding

Trot, canter or gallop along the coast at sunrise in Egypt, through the towering Todra Gorge in Morocco, up to the narrow Siq in Petra or through the breathtaking wilderness and grassy steppe in Mongolia.

Throughout history, horses and man have worked excellently together, with horses assisting as means of transport, in agriculture and in battle. Today horses are also used for police work, on ranches, in competitive sports and as affectionate companions. Many of our tours offer the chance to interact with these intelligent animals.

Why not opt to take a sunrise ride down by the beach in Dahab, Egypt or take a summer time horse trek through lush Todra Gorge in Morocco. A horseback safari is also possible in Mongolia through Terelj National Park. For the more experienced rider we recommend our Mongolian Horseback adventure, where you can experience life as a local, horse trekking through the beautiful countryside and meeting nomad families on the way. Have a look at the tours below for more details.

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