A group kayaking in Lake Baikal

Kayaking & Tubing

Experience the thrill of white water and white knuckles tubing at Saklikent Gorge in Turkey or rafting the mighty Zambezi River in Africa. Take a catamaran along the winding rivers of the Ural Mountains in Russia, kayak between the spectacular limestone peaked islands of Halong Bay in Vietnam or for the ultimate thrill, kayak in the icy waters of Antarctica, amongst seals, penguins and perhaps even whales!

We are always looking for novel ways to see the world’s scenery and sitting in the inner tube of a rubber tyre whilst rushing through a 17km long canyon is one of our top picks! The Saklikent (meaining Hidden city) Gorge is a spectacular place to do this and there are plenty shaded Turkish bars to relax in after you’ve had your adrenaline fix. If that just isn’t enough then a bit of white water rafting at Vic Falls could be just the ticket.

Still wanting more? Our Antarctica tours are sure to satisfy your cravings for adventure, with a whole itinerary dedicated to avid sea kayakers. If all this seems a bit overwhelming have a look at our laid back Summer rafting optional activity in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

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