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Best time to visit Japan

Japan is all about the seasons. Whether its the pink hue of springtime when the cherry blossoms come out in bloom, or when the country transforms into stunning shades of yellow, orange and red during autumn. Winter is equally beautiful, especially on the northern isle of Hokkaido when the landscape becomes covered in crisp white snow.

The weather chart shows the average daily min and max temperatures in Celsuis and the average monthly precipitation.

Japan Seasons

The best time to visit Japan is generally in Spring or Autumn. Spring (March – May) sees a lot of the country ablaze with beautiful white and pink cherry blossom. Temperatures begin to rise and it is before the hot rainy season. Autumn (September – November) sees the similar temperatures which are now a welcome rest bite from summer. The country also now changes in to a haven of red and scarlet leaves which contrast strikingly against the deep blue clear skies.

Summer (June – August) sees the start of the rainy season. The rains aren’t seen every day like in some monsoonal countries but when they come they are heavy. The temperature after the rain is generally quite high and can be uncomfortable if you are moving around. Summer also sees lots of great festivals (or Matsuri) in Japan and there are lots of spectacular firework shows going on across the country.

Winter (December – March) is a beautiful time to visit Japan, especially if you are venturing to the ski slopes of Hokkaido or Nagano. These areas are carpeted in a brilliant white coating of fresh powdery snow making the traditional Japanese onsen (hot springs) even more fun to sit in. Nagano is also a great place to visit in the winter because of the resident snow monkeys who appear in bigger numbers at this time of year.

Japan Climate | Tokyo

Temp Min °C23611151923242115105
Temp Max °C101114192326303128221713
Rainfall (mm)626112613915016818218621523510844

Japan Climate | Kyoto

Temp Min °C124914192324201383
Temp Max °C8913192427313328221711
Rainfall (mm)50801201301602402301302201008050

Japan Climate | Sapporo

Temp Min °C-7-7-3381317181372-4
Temp Max °C-1-131117222526221682
Rainfall (mm)110100907060606014011011090100