On the Go passengers covered with the bright paint used in India's Holi festival - the festival of c

Unusual Festivals

Plan your trip to coincide with many of our destinations most fascinating and entertaining festivals. Join the world's biggest party at the Rio Carnival, attend the Sun Festival of Abu Simbel in Egypt or marvel at mans creations at China’s Harbin Ice Festival where elaborate and incredible ice sculptures will amaze you. Celebrate the vibrant Indian Festival of Colours and prepare to get messy at Holi. To experience a technicoloured congregation of camels, cattle and humanity in all their glory, visit the Pushkar Camel Fair in India. Or to watch large Mongolian men compete in manly games at the Naadam Festival in Ulaan Baatar!

For exciting races in brightly decorated boats have a look at our Dragon Boat Festival in China, or to get to know the culture and philosophy of this ancient country visit the Confucius festival where you will be treated to a world of dancing, music and theatre that celebrate the wise man’s teachings. Turkey’s wise man, Mevlana, taught people how dance can help achieve unity with god and at the Whirling Dervish festival in Konya you can witness the spinning holy men.

If music is your passion head to South Korea for the acclaimed Jarasum Jazz International Festival or melodical Morocco. Combine lectures, exhibitions and artistic exchanges with music from the Sufis of Turkey and the chants of the Hindustani’s to the trance of the Berbers and Christian Gospel music and more. You can learn about the unusual and multi cultural religious music and rhythms of the Gnaouas and enjoy a selection of jazz, pop, rock, electro and world music at Essaouira. See below to learn more about these fabulous festivals and when and where to go and see them.

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