Traditional Egyptian Feluccas, sailing on the River Nile


One of the highlights of our Egypt group tours, is felucca sailing on the Nile, from the Nubian town of Aswan through to Kom Ombo, some 45kms away. Feluccas are simple, traditional sailboats, with broad sails, that have plied the mighty Nile since ancient times. They are a wind-powered craft with no motor. Sail during the day, taking in the colourful sights of the Nile village life en-route with various stops, planned or impromptu and let the peaceful routine of life aboard allows you to escape the stress of everyday life! Prior to sundown, the anchor is dropped and the felucca is moored at the riverside for the night. Nothing beats the experience of sleeping under a blanket of stars in the great outdoors!

Feluccas carry between 8 - 12 passengers comfortably. The boat’s deck is draped with soft colourful cushions that serve as your lounging and meal area during the day and as your sleeping area at night. All meals are prepared and cooked onboard by the friendly crew. WC and shower facilities are not available onboard, though regular shore stop are made.

Relax under the shade of the canopy, top up your tan in the sun, swim in the Nile and share evenings with new found friends, after whiling away another leisurely day. We spend two nights aboard a felucca on several of our Egypt group tours and our family tours include a half day felucca cruise around some of the islands on the Nile, stopping at Sahal Island to visit a local village and school. If you're planning your own tailor-made Egypt adventure, a felucca sailing excursion can be arranged upon request.

Here's a list of Egypt tours that include felucca sailing on the mighty River Nile.

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