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The famous fortified city of Ait Benhaddou is situated in-between Marrakech and the Sahara Desert. Set on a hill along the Ouarzazate River the city was built on a former caravan route. The traditional buildings are an example of Moroccan earthen clay architecture. Many of the buildings date back to the 17th centaury but were built using techniques that had been used centuries earlier.

The city, or Ksar, is surrounded by a defensive wall and includes many buildings from a mosque to Kasbahs. Some of the residential buildings are still inhabited, though only about half a dozen families still live in the old city.

The winding alleyways and dusty red Kasbahs give the city an ancient feel, almost as though it is frozen in time. It's no surprise that Ait Benhaddou has been used as the backdrop for multiple films such as Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, and The Mummy. It's the perfect location for that ancient Arabian feel that movies wish to portray, but of course nothing will beat seeing the walled city with your own eyes.

Ait Benhaddou Tours

Explore the UNESCO city of Ait Benhaddou. Marvel at the incredibly well-preserved ancient Kasbahs and walk down the same alleyways once frequented by Moroccan traders when traveling between the Sahara and Marrakech. Or see if you recognize any of the buildings from your favorite movies as plenty of blockbusters have been filmed in the fortified city.

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Why you should visit Ait Benhaddou

Step back in time when exploring this well-preserved city. The towering red buildings are awe-inspiring to look at and the winding alleyways provide a sense of wonder and adventure. Become immersed in this heritage site and feel what it was like for people of centauries gone by to wander inside the walled city.

What to do in Ait Benhaddou

The city of Ait Benhaddou
The city of Ait Benhaddou

Walk around the Kashbahs

The best thing to do in Ait Benhaddou is simply walk around. You can explore the huge Kasbahs and even take a look inside some of the abandoned residencies. This give you a real taste of what life was like over 1000 years ago and is a must for any history buff.

An image of a man taking photos in Ait Benhaddou
Take some snapshots of the famous city

Photo Opportunities

Ait Benhaddou offers spectacular photo opportunities. Why not take some time to get some shots of the walled city to show your friends and family. Climb up to the top of the city for gorgeous panoramic views and be sure to take some snaps at the popular shops and cafes that line the road towards the city. Whether it's to post on social media or just for private keepsakes Ait Benhaddou is a great place to get once in a lifetime photos.

the city of Ait Benhaddou
A rooftop view of the city

Visit the local Shops and Cafes

In Ait Benhaddou you will find many small shops selling all kinds of souvenirs. These shops are famous for their decorated exteriors showing off their goods from Jewelry to textiles. These spots are the perfect place to pick up trinkets to commemorate your trip with. There are also cafes that you can visit for traditional Moroccan tea. Some of these provide rooftop and outdoor seating so you can enjoy your tea whilst taking in the view.

Frequently asked questionsFrequently asked questions

How old is Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou has been around since the 11th century making the site itself over 1000 years old. However, none of the surviving buildings are thought to be older than the 17th century making them around 300 years old.

Is Ait-Benhaddou inhabited or is it purely a tourist attraction?

How many Kasbahs are there in Ait-Benhaddou?

When is the best time to visit Ait Benhaddou

A good time to visit Ait Benhaddou is March-May and September-October. This is when the weather is warm but not too hot so you can explore the city comfortably.


Ait Benhaddou is a historical marvel, it is well preserved and offers a great look into Morocco's history. It's no wonder Hollywood loves to shoot movies here. From the winding street to the towering kasbahs there are few places like Ait Benhaddou. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see it for yourself!

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