Best time to visit Uganda

Updated: 17th May 2021

Lake Bunyoni in Uganda - Best time to visit - On The Go Tours
Visit Uganda and Lake Bunyonyi during the dry seasons for the best weather

Uganda at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

Recommended time to visit: Uganda's two dry seasons last from December - February and June - August and are characterised by dry, pleasant weather, perfect for trekking.

Less popular time to visit: March - May is by far the wettest period in Uganda, with heavy rainfall making trekking more challenging. National parks are lush and green however, with many species giving birth in this period.

Best time to see gorillas: June - August is the best time for spotting gorillas, with dry weather making trekking easier and vegetation less dense, so you can better spot gorillas. It also coincides with the Great Migration in nearby Tanzania, which is easily combined with gorilla trekking. One benefit of visiting Uganda in the wet season, however, is that gorillas tend to stick to the lower slopes as food is plentiful, meaning trekking times are short.

Best time for safari: The dry seasons from December - February and June - August are also best for heading into the country's game reserves. Uganda is a great bird-watching destination year round.

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Climate | Kampala

Temp Min °C181818181717171617171717
Temp Max °C282827262525252527272727
Rainfall (mm)4661130175147744686919712299
You can go gorilla trekking in Uganda all year round, but June - August is the best time to go

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