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Bulgaria ToursExplore Bulgaria and the Balkans on a guided group tour

Popular Bulgaria group tours

Explore our most popular group tours of Bulgaria! Our tours encompass all the main highlights of this beautiful country, along with the rest of the Baltics. Discover the ancient city of Plovdiv, rich with fascinating stories and hidden secrets, and experience Sofia, one of Eastern Europe’s most vibrant capitals. Coupled with miles of picturesque rural scenery, Bulgaria is the ideal holiday destination.

When you book a Bulgaria package with us, you’ll enjoy excellent accommodation in centrally located 3-4-star hotels, fully escorted by a qualified tour leader. Our tours feature extensive sightseeing, both by coach and on foot. These are the best Bulgaria tours for a comprehensive experience of the Baltic states! Contact our Reservations team today to learn more about our Bulgaria trips.

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Why should you explore Bulgaria with On The Go Tours?

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

Explore the vibrant capital of Sofia, the ancient city of Plovdiv, and the picturesque mountains of Rila on an escorted tour of Bulgaria.

Our tours offer the best of what Bulgaria has to offer: enchanting old towns, vibrant cities, and vast, unspoiled countryside. Enjoy open-air cafes, crumbling castles, and extensive forests, making it the perfect place to lose yourself. Bulgaria’s unique identity is showcased through its Soviet architecture and ancient medieval churches, each telling a rich historical story.

Experience all this and more on our exceptional escorted group tours to the Baltics! With an On The Go Tours Bulgaria package, you’ll travel in comfort on modern coaches, stay in centrally located 3-4 star hotels, and explore the highlights of this beautiful country. Additionally, discover nearby Eastern European nations such as Lithuania, Romania, Poland, and Serbia.

Best of the Balkans

Combine beautiful Budapest in Hungary with all of these fascinating Balkan nations with our range of tours!


On some of our Balkans tours we pop into Slovakia to take in the country's capital, Bratislava. Travellers can explore Bratislava Castle, perched majestically above the Danube River, offering sweeping views of the city. And they can unwind in the welcoming atmosphere of local cafes and restaurants, savouring traditional Slovakian cuisine.

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A multi-country tour of the Balkans provides the opportunity to discover a region rich in history, culture, and stunning landscapes. Travelers can explore the medieval castles of Romania, the ancient cities of Bulgaria and the vibrant towns of Serbia and Croatia. Each country boasts unique traditions, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality. From the pristine beaches of the Adriatic Sea to the dramatic mountains of Bulgaria, a multi-country tour offers a diverse and immersive experience. It's the ideal way to experience the interconnected yet distinct cultures of the Balkans, making for an unforgettable and comprehensive travel adventure.

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Do these trips visit other Balkan countries too?

The majority of our tours visit neighboring Balkans countries. Our Romania tours take in countries such as Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Czechia and Hungary. So you're not short of options!

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