On the Go Tours Our Journey ...
On the Go Tours
Our Journey ...

All journeys begin with a single step ...

... and ours was no exception.
We know that time is precious, that travel experiences can lift us out of the everyday and so above all, we’re here to give you a brilliant and unforgettable holiday.
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Where it all began

Escaping a cold London winter back in 1998, we followed the sun for a colourful adventure around the world. Discovering amazing history, interesting cultures and the jaw-dropping beauty of our planet, the friends we made along the way made our journey all the more special. Inspired to share our experiences, the seeds were sown and On The Go Tours was born.

A purposeful local ethos

Over the years we’ve grown into a small yet global company, with a purposeful local ethos. True to our own travels, authenticity is core to our holidays. We’d love you to experience a country the way it really is, with people who live there and know it inside out. We know this makes the difference between a great holiday and a truly memorable one. Our carefully sought out English-speaking local guides are passionate about sharing their country with you and we believe that they are amongst the best in the business.

Adventure in Style

We know too that adventure feels better with a chilled beer poolside or a soft pillow at the end of each day and we search out comfortable hotels and boutique properties for your stay. As we love to say - travel with us and adventure in style!

A light footprint

Ensuring our footprint is light and that the benefits of travelling reach the local communities you visit is paramount too. We’re proud to say that when travelling with us, the large majority of your holiday funds remain within the countries you visit, supporting local economies at a grass roots level. Discover more about our sustainable travel policies here.

Setting our compass

As a team, we’ve always been more like a close family than colleagues, bound by our passion for travel and a professional work ethic. Having now grown into a global team, we all get together once a year for a few days at one of our destinations. Everyone comes along, ideas are shared and we all jointly set our compass for the year ahead.

Turning the page

We know that time is precious, that travel experiences can lift us out of the everyday and so above all, we’re here to give you a brilliant and unforgettable holiday.

So onto the next page in our story and, while we continue to explore the world, we hope to inspire your next adventure and welcome you on holiday soon.

Travel happy!

Scott and Jay
Founders and Owners
On The Go Tours
Proudly 100% privately owned and managed

Travel - what a feeling!

We are excited to present you with a production that’s all about what travelling is all about to us. A BIG THANKS to our past travellers who inspired us to put this together.

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