A boat sailing along the Dalmation Coast in Croatia

Sailing & Cruising

Sail the open seas aboard a traditional gulet in Turkey, dropping anchor at small islands, inlets and bays for sunning, swimming and relaxation or island hop the picturesque Dalmation Coast in Croatia. We offer a range of Croatia sailing holidays, visiting medieval Dubrovnik, the ancient port of Split and beautiful islands inbetween such as Korcula, Krk and Hvar.

Inland we offer a range of river cruises. See the best of ancient Egypt onboard a 5 star Nile cruiser or a traditional dahabeya, cruising the Nile in style between Aswan and Luxor, stopping a various points of interest en route. In Syria we take a boat trip on Lake Al'Assad and the Euphrates River. In China relax aboard a three night cruise along the Yangtze River, through the breathtaking three gorges, where dramatic limestone peaks tower above the narrow gorges, cruise the Grand Canal and picturesque waterways of Suzhou or the beautiful River Li in Guilin, passing an endless procession of peaks and simple villages. For an alternate mode of transport in Russia, cruise along the Neva and Volga river from St Petersburg to Moscow, visiting Golden Ring towns, stunning lakes and ancient monasteries en route.

For those with a real sense of adventure, we offer the opportunity to travel to end of the world on an incredible Antarctic expedition. Explore an icy wilderness where giant icebergs float surreally across an immeasurable horizon, emperor penguins glide through the water and giant elephant seals clash on the coast. Camp out or trek on the Antarctic peninsular, cross the Antarctic circle, kayak or even dive in icy waters or visit wildlife rich islands of South Georgia and the Falkland. Our range of Antarctic expeditions offer a range of once in a lifetime experiences.

In South American witness a wildlife extravaganza on one of our Galapagos voyages, aboard a motorised yacht. Whilst each of the Galapagos Islands is unique, some have volcanic landscapes whilst others are lined with beautiful beaches, they are all a naturalists paradise, with an array of wildlife from blue footed boobies, sea lions and iguanas, to giant tortoises and penguins. Alternatively cruise the waters of the Amazon basin, exploring the amazing and varied rain forest eco-system of onboard a traditional river cruiser -enjoying jungle walks, fishing, swimming and canoeing - a true Amazonian adventure!

We offer a wide variety of cruising and sailing experiences, below is a small selection to inspire you.

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