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Finland guided tours Explore Finland on one of our expertly crafted guided tours

About our Finland Tours

Imagine snowmobiles, reindeer farms, husky sleigh rides, and the Northern Lights. Spending evenings in magnificent glass igloos or seeing Helsinki and the surrounding Baltic nations. We also have unique departures for Christmas and New Year's!

Finland is a fantastic getaway for families location because of its distinctive attractions, varied outdoor activities, and safe atmosphere. Families can spend quality time together in Finland's unspoiled wilderness, which offers breathtaking natural scenery as well as chances for hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation. Finland has many family-friendly attractions that are suitable for visitors of all ages, ranging from amusement parks like Linnanmäki to the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. Seasonal pursuits like summer berry picking and winter sports are also available to families. Finland offers educational opportunities in addition to enjoyable excursions because of its strong educational system and rich cultural legacy. Finland is a great destination for a wonderful family holiday because of its child-friendly features, which guarantee a hassle-free trip for families.

Why is a guided tour of Finland the best way to experience the country?

Taking a guided tour of Finland is, arguably, the best way to experience this enchanting Nordic country. Leading the tour will be a local guide who will be able to inform you about the country's history, culture, and natural wonders at each stop on the tour. You'll be able to listen to stories about Finland's hidden gems, folklore, and traditions that you might have missed if you were travelling on your own. Touring Finland include carefully curated itineraries that make the most of your time and allow you to see the most significant sights without the stress of planning. If you are looking to see the pristine wilderness of the Finnish Lakeland or the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights, these tours are designed to showcase the country's diverse landscapes and iconic attractions. By joining a guided tour, you can sit back and relax and immerse yourself in the experience, knowing that all the logistics have been taken care of. Whether you're wandering through the charming streets of Helsinki, exploring the Uspenski Cathedral, or delving into the Sami culture in Lapland, a guided tour to Finland ensures that you won't miss anything that makes Finland an incredible place to visit.

Finland Tours for Families

Finland is an amazing family destination, with Lapland being home to Santa Claus! Children aged four and over are welcome on these Finland trips, and highlights include meeting Father Christmas at Santa's Village, crossing the Arctic Circle, and coming face to face with huskies and reindeer no fun-filled sleigh rides. With airport transfers included on your Finland package and the services of expert guides for sightseeing, all the hassle of travel is taken right out of your hands. So you can focus on creating fun-filled memories in Finland with the family!

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Lapland Tours

Lapland is a wonderful getaway for families location that is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty and enchanted winter experiences. Families can experience snowmobile, reindeer safaris, and husky sledding as they immerse themselves in the mesmerizing scenes of shimmering ice and snow-covered forests. The Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, where kids may meet Santa all year round and enjoy the magic of Christmas, is also located in the area. Warm lodgings such as glass igloos and wilderness lodges allow families to make magical experiences while seeing the Northern Lights. Families looking for a magical winter trip will find Lapland to be the perfect place thanks to its unique experiences, adventure, and wonder.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I see the Northern Lights on your Finland tours?

Our group tours in Rovaniemi and Kuhmo are perfect for spotting the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), as they are northern locations in or near the Arctic Circle. Although you won't see the Northern Lights amongst the bright lights of the cities, you can head into the countryside on included or optional excursions to try and catch a glimpse of this natural phenomenon. Each of our group tours in Finland has a host of included and optional activities. Activities include snowmobiling, ice fishing, tobogganing, husky sleigh rides, and cross-country skiing, with more information available on the tour page for each Finland adventure. If witnessing the Northern Lights is your main reason for visiting Finland, we recommend our Aurora & Glass Igloo Explorer tour. On this trip you will spend a night in a glass igloo, keeping warm and toasty with your eyes fixed upwards on the night sky - it's the best chance you can get in Finland to spot the Northern Lights, and a unique experience too! The best time to see the Northern Lights in Finland is between the months of December - March, when our Finland tours operate. Of course, Northern Lights viewing cannot be guaranteed, but you have a great chance of seeing them on our Finland tours!

I want to take my children to see Santa Claus, can I do this on your Finland trips?

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The best of Finland

Here are our personal highlights in Finland. The beautiful capital of Helsinki isn't one to miss, and Rovaniemi is the best place to explore Lapland, by snowmobile, husky sleigh, or reindeer sleigh. Santa's Village is an important destination for families, and Kuhmo is the base for our Christmas and New Year Finland tours!


The capital of Finnish Lapland and the perfect base for husky sledding and snowmobiling, Rovaniemi is the place to be in Finland, with or without the kids! It's the perfect place for an outdoor adventure, and for spotting the Northern Lights. The town itself is charming, and the Arktikum Museum is a particular highlight - visit on some of our Finland tours!


Seaside Helsinki is the capital of Finland and the perfect place for a short break, located on the scenic Gulf of Finland. You'll definitely want to explore Suomenlinna Fortress and there are a host of superb restaurants and an emerging nightlife scene emerging in this increasingly popular city break destination. Nearby Nuuksio National Park is a great way to embrace Finland's wild nature without heading too far from the city.

Santa Claus Village

Located in Rovaniemi, this is where Santa Claus spends most of his year, working with his elves and getting ready for Christmas Eve. Visitors to the Santa Claus Village on our Finland tours can see the post office, which receives mail to Santa from all over the world. And of course, they can meet the man himself, and the children can tell him what they would like for Christmas this year.


Riverside Kuhmo is something of a hidden gem in Finland, attracting just a fraction of the visitors that Rovaniemi does, but boasting the same ice, snow, blue lakes, and stunning winter landscapes. This makes it the perfect place to host our Christmas and New Year tours to Finland, with husky sledding and cross-country skiing some of the more popular adventure activities. Plus, of course, you'll have a great chance to spot the Northern Lights, AKA the Aurora Borealis!

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