While Machu Picchu is clearly one of South America's most popular ancient monuments, as you will discover on our range of tours, that's not all Peru has to offer.

For travellers looking for outdoor adventure, Indiana Jones style exploration and colourful cultures, Peru is just the place. Brimming with archaeological treasures from Machu Picchu to the little-visited sites of the north, Peru also claims a sizeable portion of the Amazon rain forest, a must for nature lovers with its unique biodiversity of wild animals, towering trees and vivid plants. History echoes through the cities of Lima and Cuzco, filled with world-class museums, fine colonial buildings and ancient ruins. There's plenty more to this fascinating country including one of the world’s deepest canyons in the Colca Valley, Lake Titicaca where indigenous cultures still live in the ways of old and the mysterious geoglyphs at Nazca too. Discover Peru's top spots on our adventure-style group tours or create your own bespoke journey with our tailor-made service.

Top Peru Travel Deals and Upcoming Tours

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom USDDealMap
Amazon, Incas & Titicaca - 14 days Lima, Peru 23 Dec 2017 USD $4,796 was $5,995 20% off Amazon, Incas & Titicaca - 14 days Map
Lima to Santiago - 21 days Lima, Peru 09 Dec 2017 USD $5,130 was $6,035 15% off Lima to Santiago - 21 days Map
South America Coast to Coast - 32 days Lima, Peru 09 Dec 2017 USD $8,751 was $10,295 15% off South America Coast to Coast - 32 days Map
Peru to Chile Express - 15 days Lima, Peru 15 Dec 2017 USD $3,761 was $4,425 15% off Peru to Chile Express - 15 days Map
Machu Picchu by Train - 8 days Lima, Peru 23 Dec 2017 USD $3,396 was $3,995 15% off Machu Picchu by Train - 8 days Map
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Peru Group Tours

Machu Picchu | Peru | South AmericaInca Trail to Machu Picchu - 7 days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

7 days | FROM USD $2,030

Hike the legendary Inca Trail and marvel at Machu Picchu, one of the...

Machu Picchu by Train

8 days | FROM USD $3,795

Explore some of Peru’s most enchanting sites, from mighty...

Amazon & Inca Trail

11 days | FROM USD $3,995

From Lima to Cuzco, explore the mighty Amazon jungle, visit the Sacred...

Amazon, Incas & Titicaca

14 days | FROM USD $4,995

There are few countries on the planet as wrapped up in mystery as...

Peru to Chile Express

15 days | FROM USD $4,425

Kicking off in Lima, continue on to explore the world-famous Machu...

Totally Peru

19 days | FROM USD $4,925

Absorb Peru’s majestic spirit completely with this all-encompassing...

Lima to Santiago

21 days | FROM USD $6,035

Experience a different adventure every day with this unique journey...

South America Coast to Coast

32 days | FROM USD $9,815

Take in the highlights of South America in just 32 days on this...

Experience the best of Peru with our Signature tours that cover the most popular itineraries whilst enjoying the comfort of 3-4 star hotels throughout. From modern and well-located city hotels to chic jungle lodges, our Signature Peru holidays ensure your accommodation is as memorable as the sites you'll be visiting. And there are plenty of inclusions too with guided touring of the Sacred Valley, Cuzco and its Incan monuments, and the star of the show - Machu Picchu. read more

Our adventure-style group tours are a fun and social way to explore the delights of Peru. With an average group size of 12, our trips are fully escorted by a tour leader who will be on hand to recommend the best spots for food, shopping and nightly entertainment. We use local public transport and stay in a range of locally-owned accommodation from simple hotels and guesthouses to campsites, home-stays and jungle lodges with plenty of local character, providing an authentic experience whilst in Peru.

Peru Private Tours

Salar de Uyuni salt flats | Bolivia | South AmericaHighlights of Bolivia - 9 days MapTailored To Suit You

Highlights of Bolivia

9 days | FROM USD $5,125

Travel from southern Peru into Bolivia, visit the Bolivian Highlands,...

Chan Chan ruins | Peru | South AmericaNorthern Peru Discovery - 14 days MapTailored To Suit You

Northern Peru Discovery

14 days | FROM USD $5,165

Explore Peru’s less-visited yet archaeologically-rich northern...

Colca Canyon | Peru | South AmericaPeru, Canyon & Jungle - 17 days MapTailored To Suit You

Peru, Canyon & Jungle

17 days | FROM USD $5,385

Discover the treasures of Peru from the spectacular depths of Colca...

If you're looking for comfortable travel with private services then our thoughtfully designed exclusive journeys are just the ticket. Delve into the Incan sites around Lima and Cuzco visiting Machu Picchu by scenic train, plumb the depths of Colca Canyon and scale the dizzying heights of Lake Titicaca or get off the beaten track in northern Peru visiting lesser-visited ruins and trendy beach resorts.

Local women with llamas | Peru | South America

Tailor-made Holidays

Fancy creating your own itinerary to Peru, designed specifically for you? With the help of our expert team of tailor-made consultants you can do just that. Using their expertise of the region they will help you put together your dream itinerary with hand-picked accommodation, the places you want to see and experiences you want to have. Whether you're on a tight budget or are out to splurge, we'll make sure your holiday fits your requirements.

Peru Day Tours and Excursions

Maximise your time in Cuzco and Lima with our range of day tours and activities, whether you're looking to explore impressive Inca ruins, discover grand colonial architecture or enjoy modern Peruvian cuisine.

Sacred Valley, Pisac and Ollantaytambo Day Tour

8 hours
FROM USD $78.99

Explore the main attractions of the Sacred Valley on this tour from Cuzco visiting the markets of...

Machu Picchu Day Trip from Cuzco

14 hours
FROM USD $346.99

Visit the breathtaking Inca citadel of Machu Picchu on this all-inclusive day tour from Cuzco with...

Lima Combo Tour: City Sightseeing and Museums

9 hours
FROM USD $189.99

See Lima's top attractions including Huaca Pucllana on a guided sightseeing tour in combination with...

Nazca Lines Air Tour and Ballestas Islands Day Trip

16 hours 30 minutes
FROM USD $490.00

Depart from Lima to observe the sea lions and birdlife of the famous Ballestas Islands before flying...

Frequently asked questions about our touring holidays in Peru

I hear that the number of Inca Trail permits are restricted. What happens if I don’t get a permit?

Don’t panic! All of our Inca Trail tours are on request until the Inca Trail permit is obtained. Once we have confirmation that your permit is secured, you can go ahead and book your fights. If for any reason we are unsuccessful in obtaining an Inca Trail permit then you can either choose a different departure date or alternatively take the Lares Trek which does not require permits. The Lares Trek is an incredibly scenic, off the beaten track hike through the Andes without the crowds of the Inca Trail.

I am not keen on trekking to Machu Picchu. What are my alternatives?

The iconic treks up to Machu Picchu are not for everyone and a popular alterative is the scenic Vistadome train - either on a day's excursion from Cuzco or an overnight trip, staying at the town of Machu Picchu Pueblo (also known as Aguas Calientes). Through large panoramic windows on the sides and roof of the train. you'll enjoy incredible views as the train winds its way through dramatic mountain ranges, past highland villages and impressive terraces. See our guide on visiting Machu Picchu for further information.

What about altitude sickness when visiting Machu Picchu?

Being at moderate to high altitude (generally anything over 3,000 metres) can affect anyone. No one understands why some people are affected and others not, and age, level of fitness and strength is no indication of how well you will fare. With altitudes of up to 4,200 metres on the Inca Trail, 4,600 metres on the Lares Trek and 3,399 meters in Cuzco, you might get affected by altitude sickness. Make sure you allow a few days of acclimatisation before the trek with minimal physical activity and plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Refer to our handy travel tips for more information on altitude sickness and other health advice.

What part of the Amazon do your tours visit?

On our group tours, we use the gateway of Puerto Maldonado, part of the southern Amazon jungle. Being in close proximity to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, Puerto Maldonado is perfect for combining a visit to the Amazon with other key highlights of Peru.

How big are your tour groups and what is the age of your travellers?

Our escorted trips to Peru have an average group size of 12, with a maximum of 16. Attracting an international mix of English speaking travellers, our trips are suitable for a wide age range from 20s through to 70s, with an average age of around 40.

What luggage do you recommend we take?

If you are doing one of the treks to Machu Picchu, we recommend backpacks of no more than 20kg. And to carry on the treks, your duffle-bag must not weigh any more than 5kg. For further tips read our recommended packing list for the Inca Trail.

What is the standard of hotels on your trips?

On our Signature group tours we use superior (3-4 star) hotel accommodation and for our adventure tours we use a mix of simple hotels, hostels and guesthouses. On the Inca Trail and Lares Trek you will be camping and in the Amazon you'll stay at jungle lodges. On our private touring itineraries of Peru and tailor-made holidays, accommodation standards will be as per your requirements.

What sort of transport do you use?

On our Signature Peru tours you'll be travelling in private air-conditioned vehicles while on our Adventure Peru tours it will be by a mix of transportation including private mini bus, public bus and taxi. If you're opting to visit Machu Picchu by train then you'll be taking the comfortable Vistadome. For excursions to the Amazon part of the journey is undertaken by boat while some longer journeys are covered by domestic economy class flights to save time travelling.

I am planning my one big trip to Peru. What time of year would you recommend I visit?

Peru is very much a year round destination, but May through October is generally the best time to visit the Amazon rain forest when it is slightly drier, with fewer mosquitoes and lower water levels. For visiting Machu Picchu, May to October is also generally the best time as well, with dry days and cool evenings. Our travel guide has further information on the best time to visit Peru. We also recommend a multi-country trip if you are planning a longer holiday to the region.

Peru tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.86 out of 5 based on 7 recent reviews — See All Peru Reviews

Our tour leader, Manny Salorio, was with us every step of the way. He was compassionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic in going above and beyond his duties as a leader. He always shared his expertise and accompanied us on his suggested places for dinners, shopping and other activists. He made the trip very successful.

The trip was excillerating and full of adventure. We experienced things that we didn't know were possible. ”  

Mary Colette Rosario • Submitted 17 Jul 2017

We had a great time and it helped that the group got along so well. Our Guide Christian was well organised, reliable and liked by everyone. He was super efficient in getting us to our various destinations on time. He also knew lots of excellent restaurants so we were always sure of good meals. He managed to get the balance right between being very much part of the group but also standing back as well.

The various guides (Inca, Uyuni) were all very professional and friendly, in particular Sante (Inca). The drivers were also reliable. The only negative comments are regarding the hotel in La Paz and the dormitory on the last night in the desert before crossing from Bolivia to Chile. These were below the standards of the rest of the accommodation. I can be more forgiving of the dormitory but I think a better hotel could have been chosen in La Paz.”  

Gail Macindoe • Submitted 7 Dec 2016

Christian is a fantastic tour guide, always going above and beyond to help everyone in our group with their questions/needs etc.

The tour was excellent and thankfully great weather the entire trip. We really enjoyed it. ”  

Elizabeth Wong • Submitted 29 Nov 2016
Santiago to Lima - 21 days

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Visiting Lake Titicaca in Peru – What to See

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The Lost Citadel of Machu Picchu
A Brief History

Mighty and mysterious, Machu Picchu was, for centuries, an abandoned citadel known only to the local peasants. In 1911, however, this all changed when Hiram Bingham, an American archaeologist, stumbled upon it and spread the news of his discovery around the world, driving curious explorers to Peru to witness its magnificence firsthand. To this day, the purpose of this hilltop complex remains a matter of debate, with theorists claiming it could have been a royal retreat or a monument to nature, among other possibilities.

Peru Map

Highlights of our Peru tours

Peru's crowning glory has to be the impressive Inca citadel of Machu Picchu and you'll find this ancient wonder on all of our Peru group tours. But alongside this ruined city in the clouds, Peru is also home to mysterious geoglyphs, expansive lakes, colourful indigenous cultures and thriving cities that also feature on our tours. Here's some of the highlights you can expect to experience.

Machu Picchu

View on map
Machu Picchu | Peru | South America

Trek the 4-day Inca Trail or take the scenic train to this recently voted New World Wonder and enjoy a guided tour of UNESCO-listed Machu Picchu for temple ruins and more.

The Amazon

View on map
The Amazon | South America

Spend two nights in the Amazon jungle, travelling to your jungle lodge by boat along the Madre de Dios River for nature walks, wildlife spotting and monkey feeding - bring bananas!

Lake Titicaca & Puno

View on map
Uros Islanders on Lake Titicaca | Peru | South America

Soak up the beauty of Lake Titicaca and take a boat trip out to the floating reed villages of the Uros people where you can learn about their age-old traditions and way of life.


View on map
Cuzco | Peru | South America

Enjoy time at leisure in the charming city of Cuzco where you can explore beautiful churches and Inca ruins including the Sacsayhuaman Ruins that overlook the city.

Colca Canyon

View on map
Colca Canyon | Peru | South America

Visit the awe-inspiring Colca Canyon - one of the world's deepest to watch the graceful Andean Condor soar on the thermal air and walk along the canyon's dramatic edge.


View on map
Lima | Peru | South America

Kick off many of our tours in Peru's capital city and spend time independently exploring the fascinating museums and colonial buildings in the UNESCO-listed centre.