While Machu Picchu is clearly one of South America's most popular ancient monuments, as you will discover on our range of tours, that's not all Peru has to offer travellers.

Brimming with archaeological treasures from Machu Picchu to the little-visited sites of the north it’s little wonder that Peru is one of South America’s most popular destinations. Peru claims a sizeable portion of the Amazon rain forest and is also home to Lake Titicaca where indigenous cultures still live in the ways of old. History echoes through the cities of Lima and Cuzco, filled with world-class museums, fine colonial buildings and ancient ruins. There's plenty more to this fascinating country including one of the world’s deepest canyons in the Colca Valley and the mysterious geoglyphs at Nazca too.

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Discover Peru's top spots on our adventure-style group tours or create your own bespoke journey with our tailor-made service.

Upcoming Peru Trips

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom USDDealMap
Peru to Chile Express - 15 days Lima, Peru 31 Mar 2017 USD $3,805 Peru to Chile Express - 15 days Map
Peru Encompassed - 21 Days Lima, Peru 01 Apr 2017 USD $4,315 Peru Encompassed - 21 Days Map
Trails to Titicaca - 15 days Lima, Peru 01 Apr 2017 USD $3,505 Trails to Titicaca - 15 days Map
South America Coast to Coast - 32 days Lima, Peru 01 Apr 2017 USD $8,065 South America Coast to Coast - 32 days Map
Amazon & Machu Picchu - 8 days Lima, Peru 01 Apr 2017 USD $2,885 Amazon & Machu Picchu - 8 days Map
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Peru Group Tours

Escorted by tour leaders, average group size of 12, local transport, charming local accommodation & jungle lodges, all the main highlights.

A llama in front of Machu Picchu  | Peru | South AmericaTrek the Inca Trail - 7 days MapActive Days, Rustic Nights

Trek the Inca Trail

7 days | FROM USD $1,795

Discover the magic of one of the most famous treks in the world on and...

Panoramic view of Machu Picchu | Peru | South AmericaMachu Picchu by Train - 8 days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Machu Picchu by Train

8 days | FROM USD $3,595

Explore some of Peru’s most enchanting sites, from mighty and Inca...

Local musician | Peru | South AmericaAmazon & Machu Picchu - 8 days MapActive Days, Rustic Nights

Amazon & Machu Picchu

8 days | FROM USD $2,760

Discover the very essence of Peru staying in the heart of the lush and...

Hacienda Concepcion by Inkaterra canoe excursion in the Amazon | Peru | South AmericaAmazon & the Inca Trail - 11 days MapActive Days, Rustic Nights

Amazon & the Inca Trail

11 days | FROM USD $3,595

This tour will take you through forests, jungles, mountains and more...

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Peru Private Tours

Classic touring itineraries in Peru, local guides, accommodation and pace of travel tailored to suit you.

Machu Picchu | Peru | South AmericaInto the Incan Empire - 8 days MapTailored To Suit You

Into the Incan Empire

8 days | FROM USD $2,695

This classic journey through the Inca heartland of Peru takes you from...

Salar de Uyuni salt flats | Bolivia | South AmericaHighlights of Bolivia - 9 days MapTailored To Suit You

Highlights of Bolivia

9 days | FROM USD $5,125

Travel from southern Peru into Bolivia, visit the Bolivian Highlands,...

Chan Chan ruins | Peru | South AmericaNorthern Peru Discovery - 14 days MapTailored To Suit You

Northern Peru Discovery

14 days | FROM USD $5,165

Explore Peru’s less-visited yet archaeologically-rich northern in to...

Colca Canyon | Peru | South AmericaPeru, Canyon & Jungle - 17 days MapTailored To Suit You

Peru, Canyon & Jungle

17 days | FROM USD $5,385

Discover the treasures of Peru from the spectacular depths of Colca to...

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Tailor-made Holidays

Fancy creating your own itinerary to Peru, designed specifically for you? With the help of our expert team of tailor-made consultants you can do just that. Using their expertise of the region they will help you put together your dream itinerary with hand-picked accommodation, the places you want to see and experiences you want to have. Whether you're on a tight budget or are out to splurge, we'll make sure your holiday fits your requirements.

Peru tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.86 out of 5 based on 7 recent reviews — See All Peru Reviews

We had a great time and it helped that the group got along so well. Our Guide Christian was well organised, reliable and liked by everyone. He was super efficient in getting us to our various destinations on time. He also knew lots of excellent restaurants so we were always sure of good meals. He managed to get the balance right between being very much part of the group but also standing back as well.

The various guides (Inca, Uyuni) were all very professional and friendly, in particular Sante (Inca). The drivers were also reliable. The only negative comments are regarding the hotel in La Paz and the dormitory on the last night in the desert before crossing from Bolivia to Chile. These were below the standards of the rest of the accommodation. I can be more forgiving of the dormitory but I think a better hotel could have been chosen in La Paz.”  

Gail Macindoe • Submitted 7 Dec 2016

Christian is a fantastic tour guide, always going above and beyond to help everyone in our group with their questions/needs etc.

The tour was excellent and thankfully great weather the entire trip. We really enjoyed it. ”  

Elizabeth Wong • Submitted 29 Nov 2016
Santiago to Lima - 21 days

Wilson was one of the best guides I have come across during any trip. He was always helpful and gave us a lot of insights of the countries we visited. He even helped me apply for the Brazil visa as I couldn't do that in the home country. I was able to visit Brazil just because of his help.”  

Ronak Gupta • Submitted 20 Sep 2016
Sth America Coast to Coast ex Rio - 32 days

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The Lost Citadel of Machu Picchu
A Brief History

Mighty and mysterious, Machu Picchu was, for centuries, an abandoned citadel known only to the local peasants. In 1911, however, this all changed when Hiram Bingham, an American archaeologist, stumbled upon it and spread the news of his discovery around the world, driving curious explorers to Peru to witness its magnificence firsthand. To this day, the purpose of this hilltop complex remains a matter of debate, with theorists claiming it could have been a royal retreat or a monument to nature, among other possibilities.

Peru Map

Recommended places to visit in Peru

Everyone knows Peru claims one of the world's most impressive archaeological sites but what about the mysterious geoglyphs, expansive lakes, colourful indigenous cultures and thriving cities that the country also offers? Check out our recommended places for the low-down.

Colca Valley - Home of the Condor

View on map
Colca Canyon | Peru | South America

The dramatic landscape of Colca Valley is home to many things – colourfully-attired locals, the large Andean Condors that soar on the thermal air and, of course, the awe-inspiring Colca Canyon - one of the world's deepest. Nearby you can also find the hot springs of La Calera, the perfect place to kick back and relax for a while.

Cuzco - Cafe Culture

View on map
Cuzco | Peru | South America

An intoxicating blend of colourful markets, charming cafes, bars blasting salsa tunes, traditional Andean culture and architectural wonders, Cuzco has a vibe you simply won’t be able to resist. If you can tear yourself away from the streets, why not take a day trip to the Sacsayhuaman Ruins – an erstwhile Inca fortress that overlooks the city, and the stonework ruins of the Koricancha complex.

Lima - Big City Life

View on map
Lima | Peru | South America

While it’s no Big Apple, Lima is the largest city in Peru and a treasure-trove of fascinating museums, edgy art galleries and colonial facades nestled in its beautiful UNESCO-listed centre. There are also first-class restaurants, high rises and bars brimming with locals, so whether you are a culture vulture, fine diner or night owl, Lima will have something for you.

Machu Picchu - Inca Citadel

View on map
Machu Picchu | Peru | South America

Often referred to as the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu is a stunning sight that will amaze and astound even the most seasoned traveller. Surrounded by lush mountain forest, no trip to Peru would be complete without entering the Sun Gate at dawn for your first glimpse of this 15th century city basked in the golden hue of the morning sun.

The Amazon - Jungle Paradise

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The Amazon | South America

With unparalleled biodiversity and indigenous settlements, the Amazon cannot fail to inspire. The best way to experience the Amazon is to spend a night or two in an eco-lodge surrounded by nothing but rainforest. Kick back in your hammock, go on a jungle trek, explore the waterways by kayak, learn about indigenous life at a jungle farm or climb a canopy tower for a bird’s eye view.

Lake Titicaca & Puno

View on map
Uros Islanders on Lake Titicaca | Peru | South America

Located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, this shimmering body of water is certainly a sight to behold and is well worth exploring for a day or two. On the Peruvian side the city of Puno is the gateway to Lake Titicaca, which is dotted with islands and the floating reed villages of the Uros people, where you can stay for a night to get to know the locals and learn about their fascinating way of life.

Peru Travel Guide

A well-prepared trip can make all the difference so to help you we've put together an essential guide on travel to Peru.

Uros Islanders on Lake Titicaca | Peru | South America

Best Places to Visit

Places on our must-see list of any visit to Peru

Best Time to Visit

Information on climatic and weather conditions in Peru

Top Travel Tips

Money, shopping, transport, food, health advice & more

Exterior view of Inkaterra Haciencda Concepcion, Amazon

Signature Upgrade

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Tourist Visas

Visa requirements for Peru and info on getting your visa

Cuzco at night | Peru | South America

Style of Travel

More about travelling on our group tours to Peru

The Amazon | Peru | South America

Multi-Country Tours

Available touring combinations in South America

Picture of a panoramic view of Machu Picchu on a clear day

Visiting Machu Picchu

The best ruins, when best to visit, places to stay & more

Hikers on the Inca Trail in Peru enjoying the views

Trekking the Inca Trail

Information on obtaining your Inca Trail permit

Inca Trail Packing List

Our recommended packing list for the Inca Trail

Get to know Peru

Recommended Reading

  • Conversation in the Cathedral
    by Mario Vargas Llosa
  • The Conquest of the Incas
    by John Hemming
  • At Play in the Fields of the Lord
    by Peter Matthiessen
Did you know...?

Facts about Peru

  • Peru is home to the world's deepest canyon and highest navigable lake - the incredible Lake Titicaca.
  • Second only to India, Peru has one of the largest numbers of Shamans in the world.
  • In Peru, it is tradition to give friends and family yellow underpants on New Year's Eve.

The Wildlife of the Amazon

The Amazon is not only the world’s largest rainforest, but is also known globally for its unparalleled biodiversity. Home to over 2,000 species of animals and birds, one in every 10 known species can be found within this vast, verdant expanse. Some of the most famous players in the Amazon’s wildlife scene include capybaras, anacondas, sloths and jaguars - the largest cats in the Americas. Other animals that can be found within the rainforest, but might be harder to spot, are spider monkeys, as they dwell at the top of the canopy, and giant river otters, endangered due to hunters killing them for their skin. Toucans, harpy eagles and macaws are just a few of the hundreds of birds that flutter through the uppermost regions of the forest, while the murky waters of the Amazon river are home to bullsharks, electric eels, piranhas and river dolphins.