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Seljalandsfoss, Iceland: The Iconic Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss is one of Iceland's most iconic waterfalls, renowned for its breathtaking beauty and unique features. Located in the southern part of Iceland, along the country's famed Ring Road, Seljalandsfoss stands out not only for its impressive height but also for the rare opportunity it offers visitors to walk behind the cascading water.

The waterfall originates from the Seljalandsá River, which has its source in the volcanic glacier Eyjafjallajökull. As the river plunges over the edge of a cliff, it creates a dramatic drop of approximately 60 meters (197 feet) into a deep pool below. The sight and sound of the water thundering down into the misty pool evoke a sense of awe and wonder.

Guided Tours to Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Guided tours to Seljalandsfoss offer visitors a comprehensive and enriching experience, providing insight into the geological wonders, cultural significance, and natural beauty of this iconic Icelandic waterfall. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours typically include transportation to and from Seljalandsfoss, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery along the way. Guides often share fascinating facts about the waterfall's formation, its role in Icelandic folklore, and the surrounding landscape. Additionally, guided tours may include visits to nearby attractions such as Gljúfrabúi waterfall, Þórsmörk National Park, or the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, offering a well-rounded exploration of the area. Whether it's a small group tour or a private excursion, guided tours to Seljalandsfoss provide an educational, immersive, and memorable adventure for travelers seeking to delve deeper into Iceland's natural wonders.

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What to expect – why visit Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

When visiting Seljalandsfoss, you can expect an awe-inspiring experience surrounded by Iceland’s stunning natural beauty. Here’s what to expect:

Spectacular Waterfalls

Seljalandsfoss is a powerful waterfall plunging over a 60-meter (197 foot) cliff, creating a mesmerising cascade of water. You’ll be treated to the sight and sound of the water thundering down into a misty pool below.

Unique Opportunity to Walk Behind the Falls

One of the highlights of visiting Seljalandsfoss is the chance to walk behind the waterfall. A well-maintained footpath leads you to a viewpoint behind the cascading water, allowing you to experience the waterfall from a different perspective and feel the spray on your skin.

Scenic Surroundings

Seljalandsfoss is set amidst stunning Icelandic scenery, with rugged cliffs, lush greenery, and panoramic views of the countryside. The surrounding landscape provides ample opportunities for photography and exploration.

Potential for Getting Wet

Be prepared to get wet when walking behind Seljalandsfoss, especially if it’s a windy day or if the waterfall is flowing strongly. Wearing waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear is advisable to ensure a comfortable experience.


Seljalandsfoss is a popular tourist destination, particularly during the peak travel season. Expect to encounter crowds, especially during the day. If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting early in the morning or later in the evening.

Facilities and Amenities

There are facilities available near Seljalandsfoss, including parking, restrooms, and sometimes food vendors. However, amenities may be limited, so it’s a good idea to bring your own snacks and water.

Weather Conditions

Icelandic weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for changing conditions. It’s advisable to dress in layers and bring waterproof clothing, even on sunny days, as rain showers are common in Iceland.

Safety Considerations

While visiting Seljalandsfoss, exercise caution, especially when walking on slippery surfaces near the waterfall. Stay on designated paths and follow any posted safety signs and instructions.

Popular sites to see around Seljalandsfoss, Iceland


Another majestic waterfall in close proximity to Seljalandsfoss is Skógafoss. Skógafoss, known for its impressive width and powerful cascade, is a must-visit destination for waterfall enthusiasts. Visitors can also climb the staircase adjacent to the waterfall for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


Known as the Valley of Thor, Þórsmörk is a stunning nature reserve nestled between three glaciers: Tindfjallajökull, Eyjafjallajökull, and Mýrdalsjökull. Popular activities in Þórsmörk include hiking, camping, and exploring the rugged terrain.

Eyjafjallajökull Visitor Center

Learn about the infamous 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which disrupted air travel across Europe, at the Eyjafjallajökull Visitor Centre. The centre offers exhibits, multimedia presentations, and firsthand accounts of the eruption’s impact on Iceland.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to experience Seljalandsfoss during peak tourist season?

To avoid crowds during peak tourist seasons, consider visiting Seljalandsfoss early in the morning or later in the evening when there are fewer visitors.

Is swimming or wading allowed in the river above Seljalandsfoss?

Can I visit Seljalandsfoss at night?

Can I walk behind Seljalandsfoss?

Is there an entrance fee to visit Seljalandsfoss?

What should I wear when visiting Seljalandsfoss?

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Guided tours to Seljalandsfoss offer travelers an unparalleled opportunity to discover the majesty of this Icelandic treasure in a structured and informative manner. By providing insights into the waterfall's geological significance, cultural heritage, and surrounding attractions, these tours enrich the visitor experience, ensuring a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders of Iceland. Whether embarking on a group excursion or a personalized journey, guided tours to Seljalandsfoss promise unforgettable memories and a profound connection with the awe-inspiring beauty of this iconic waterfall and its captivating surroundings.

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