Fethiye ToursA beautiful city on Turkeys Turquoise Coast

Fethiye Turkey

A stunning port city on turkey’s coast, Fethiye is the perfect destination to soak up the gorgeous Turkish sun. situation on turkeys Turquoise Coast Fathiye is a hotspot for tourists looking to enjoy a beach getaway. There are many beaches you can visit in Fathiye from the stunning Blue Lagoon Beach with its lush greenery and sandy seafront or the beach in Butterfly Valley, surrounded by the steep rock face and home to many different species of beautiful butterflies. Beaches aren’t the only thing to look forward to in Fathiye, with its vibrant Old Town, museums and ancient ruins, there is so much to see and do in Fethiye.

Fethiye Tours

Explore this seaside city at your own pace on one of our tours to Fethiye. Spend your time scuba diving in the crystal blue waters that boarder the city or lounging on the soft sandy beaches soaking up the warm Turkish sun. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore, including the butterfly valley with its wild dancing butterflies or walk up to the ancient rock tombs, also known as the Tomb of Amyntas, are ancient tombs carved into the rock face that look over the whole city. Choose which kind of visit suits you as there is something for everyone in the sunshiny port city.

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Visiting Fethiye

Expect to be greeted by the warm hospitality of locals as you wander through Fethiye’s charming streets lined with colorful shops and bustling markets. Adventure seekers can explore ancient ruins, hike scenic trails, or sail the tranquil waters of nearby bays and coves. Food enthusiasts will delight in Fethiye's diverse culinary scene, offering everything from traditional Turkish cuisine to international flavors. And for those seeking relaxation, Fethiye's pristine beaches and rejuvenating spas provide the perfect retreat.

What to do in Fethiye

Aerial  view of Fethiye
Aerial view of Fethiye

The Old Town

With its pretty streets and quaint shops, the Old Town in Fethiye Is a great place to spend an afternoon. Explore the winding streets filled with market stalls selling everything from spices to rugs and everything in between. There are many cafes and restaurants in the Old Town for you stop into and enjoy when you need a break from shopping. The streets are covered in beautiful decorative umbrellas and glass lanterns making walking through the streets of the Old Town a magical experience.

The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon

Ölüdeniz Fethiye

Ölüdeniz, also known as the Blue Lagoon, is a neighborhood and beach resort on the Turkish riviera. With water so clear and blue you can see through to the bottom the Blue Lagoon beaches are some of the most beautiful in Turkey. There are several water sports that you can partake in when visiting from scuba diving to paragliding. Or if you’re looking to take it slow you can rent out a sunbed and relax on the beach feeling the cooling sea air and warm sunshine. Stop off at one of the beach bars for a drink before heading into a local restaurant for some traditional Turkish food.

A Valley in Fethiye
A Valley in Fethiye

Butterfly Valley

Declared a nature reserve in 1995 Butterfly Valley maintains its natural beauty, untouched by construction. This stunning valley offers visitors gorgeous nature walks complete with lush greenery, sparkling waterfalls and a small sandy beach at the bottom of the Valley. The Valley gets its name from the multiple species of butterfly that call the Valley home. When trekking through the valley be sure to keep an eye out for all the different colored butterflies that live across the Valley.

Frequently asked questionsFrequently Asked Questions

Is Fethiye a family-friendly destination?

Absolutely! Fethiye offers plenty of family-friendly activities such as visiting the Fethiye Aquapark, enjoying a day at the beach, exploring the Fethiye Museum, and taking a family-friendly boat tour.

What are some good shopping spots in Fethiye?

What is the local cuisine like in Fethiye?

When is the best time to visit Fethiye?

If you are looking to spend long sunny days at the beach, then the best time visit Fethiye is between June and September. When the weather is hot, and the wildlife is in full bloom. Spend your time relaxing on the beach and cooling off in the clear blue waters of Fethiye’s many beautiful beaches.


In conclusion, Fethiye is a city of beauty, adventure, and cultural richness. Situated along the gorgeous Turquoise Coast, with its stunning beaches, historical sites, outdoor activities, and delectable cuisine, Fethiye offers an unforgettable experience for travelers of all interests. Embrace the warm hospitality of its locals, immerse yourself in its breath-taking landscapes, and uncover the secrets of its storied past. A visit to Fethiye will leave you with cherished memories and a longing to return again and again. Discover the allure of Fethiye and let its magic captivate you.

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