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Culinary Tours

A wonderful way to really experience a destination is by digging into its flavours through your taste buds, whether it’s slurping up simple street food, indulging in gourmet meals or summing the courage to try quirky local delicacies.

Our Culinary Tours are the perfect way to see the sights and delights of a destination, while also satisfying your appetite for local cuisine and learning how to prepare it yourself through market visits, cooking classes and demonstrations. In inspirational hands on sessions you'll learn new techniques and culinary secrets. Our teachers range from gourmet chefs to local women who have been cooking almost since they could walk.

Cooking in Vietnam | Tra Que | Vietnam

Markets, classes & demos on our culinary holidays

We've got a great selection of culinary tours to choose from, whether its learning how to prepare an Indian curry in palm-fringed Goa, getting the flavours of Hummus just right in the Petra Kitchen in Jordan, perfecting your own Pad Thai in Chiang Mai or creating traditional dishes in the Vietnamese countryside.

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