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Our guided Israel trips and tour packages are led by experts. They'll fill you in on the insider information - and the local secrets. In your group of like-minded adventurers, you'll make life-changing memories and life-long friends.

Pilgrimage to sacred sites like the Western Wall and the Sea of Galilee. Explore the city streets and lie back on sun-soaked beaches. A trip to Israel takes you to a holy land of ancient tales, unwavering faith, and striking spirituality. With a long coastline on the eastern Mediterranean Sea and a small window onto the Red Sea at the Gulf of Eilat, Israel offers restful beach breaks as well as a fascinating history. The three major monotheistic religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism – all have ties to the region and Jerusalem in particular. As a result, the Holy Land is a smorgasbord of cultures, making it a fascinating destination.

Holy land tours

Many people make the journey to Israel because of the country’s religious significance. Our escorted tours in Israel visit all the main sights of the country including the biblical sites of Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, and more. We offer a range of tours with expert guides to help you learn and discover the history of this deeply significant holy land.

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How big are your tour groups?

On our Signature small group tour, the maximum group size is 24 and tours depart with a minimum of four passengers. Our Handpicked Israel coach tours have a maximum group size of 45, and depart with a minimum of two passengers. More detail can be found on each individual tour page.

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Will I visit the Dead Sea as part of my Israel package?

The best of our Israel tours

From trendy Tel Aviv to historic Jerusalem, Galilee, the Dead Sea and everything in between, these are the must-visit highlights for every trip to the Holy Land of Israel.


An amazing ancient city of entwining histories and clashing cultures. Awaken your senses on Jerusalem's vibrant streets, and explore the scars of its turbulent past. From the iconic Temple Mount to the Western Wall, you'll enjoy guided tours of Jerusalem with all our trips.

Tel Aviv

Where modern Mediterranean life meets traditional Middle Eastern culture. Head to Tel Aviv for a city break like no other - and an unspoiled stretch of shimmering sea and sand. A thriving nightlife scene and great shopping, Tel Aviv is modern Israel at its best. And the old port city of Jaffa is right on the doorstep.


Once a quiet village in Roman-ruled Galilee, this lively Arab city now stands as a place of pilgrimage and spirituality. Nazareth defies expectation. It was the childhood home of Jesus Christ, and there are biblical and historical sites aplenty to explore on your trip, sites such as St Joseph's Church.

Dead Sea

Fed by the Jordan River and boasting astounding natural beauty, therapeutic and rejuvenating qualities, and famous buoyant waters. A trip to Israel isn't complete without a dip in the Dead Sea. Slap on some of the famous mud and watch its anti-ageing, and healing properties work their magic!


King Herod certainly picked a spectacular location for his palace. Overlooking the Dead Sea, these hilltop ruins are reached by cable car and were the last stronghold of the Jewish zealots during the First Jewish Roman War in 66AD. Definitely worth a trip!


The lowest freshwater lake on Earth and the location for many of Jesus Christ's miracles, including walking on water and a miraculous catching of fish. The Sea of Galilee is an important biblical site and a scenic place to relax. The 40km Jesus Trail is worth hiking if you have the time!

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