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Travelling solo to Japan can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The country is safe, clean, and welcoming, with a rich culture and history to explore. And if you join one of our Japan tours then you aren't really alone, you'll be exploring Japan with other like-minded travelers! Here are some tips and advice for solo travelers, as well as some suggestions for what to see and do. And if you are looking to join a Japan tour as a solo traveler, then check out some of our most popular Japan tours!

Tours with no single supplements!

On select Japan tours, solo travelers need not pay an single supplement. On these tours, single travelers will have a single room free of charge at all of the western style hotels. They will be asked to share with another single traveler of the same sex at the Japanese style stays (Max 3 nights).

Popular Japan Tours for Solo Travellers

These are some of the tours to Japan that are regularly booked by solo travelers. On all of these tours we welcome solo travelers who can enjoy their own private room throughout their tour. The beauty of travelling on a group tour as a solo traveler is that you aren't really alone! Escorted by an expert guide on most trips, you will also be accompanied by a group of like-minded travelers, and are sure to make new friends on tour!

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Our Best Value Japan Tours

Looking to explore Japan for less? These are our best value Japan tours, perfect for solo travelers. On many of these tours, we make use of hostels and Japan's efficient public transport network (including bullet trains!). This keeps costs down and gives you a truly authentic Japanese experience.

Solo Travel Tips for Japan - Eating Alone

Don't be shy

Eating alone is quite common in Japan, so don't feel self-conscious about it. Many restaurants and cafes have counter seating, which is a great option for solo diners.

Try kaiten-zushi

Kaiten-zushi, or conveyor belt sushi, is a fun and casual way to dine alone. Simply grab the plates you want as they pass by on the conveyor belt and stack them up until you're finished.

Use a ticket vending machine

Many Japanese restaurants have ticket vending machines outside where you can purchase your meal ticket before entering. This can be a great option for solo diners who don't want to deal with language barriers or ordering in person.

Bring a book or download a podcast

If you're feeling self-conscious about eating alone, bring a book or download a podcast to keep you company. Alternatively, you can observe the people around you and take in the ambiance of the restaurant.

Of course, if you book one of our group tours, there will be plenty of opportunities for group dining with the guide and the other members of your tour!

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Frequently asked questions

I'm travelling alone. Will I feel comfortable in a group tour?

Absolutely! Many of our travelers are solo adventurers, and you are unlikely to be the only solo traveler in your group. Even if you are, group tours offer a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and create lasting connections while exploring Japan together.

Is there a single supplement fee for solo travellers?

Can I have my own room, or will I be paired with another solo traveller?

How will transportation work for solo travellers within the group?

Is there an age limit for solo travellers on group tours?

What if I want some alone time during the tour?

Solo Travel Tips for Japan - Safety

Japan is generally a very safe country, but it's always important to be aware of your surroundings. Stick to well-lit areas at night, and trust your instincts if you feel uncomfortable. Avoid walking alone in unpopulated areas, ensure your phone is charged when you head out to explore, and learn some basic phrases of Japanese to help if you get lost.

Remember that Japan is a very safe country with a low crime rate. Japanese people are generally very respectful and helpful towards tourists, and you'll likely encounter friendly locals who are eager to assist you. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice if you need it.

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