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From the vast sand sea of the Namib Desert and the iconic dunes of Sossusvlei, to the beautiful Skeleton Coast and the tropical waterways of the Caprivi Strip, and with some of the finest national parks in Africa, Namibia has a smorgasbord of attractions to tempt travellers. With a personalised itinerary carefully put together by our expert tailor-made team, you can enjoy the sights and delights of Namibia at your own pace – seeing what you want to see, when you want to see it - combining all the best national parks with safaris, dune climbing and local culture. If your ideal Namibia holiday for 2017 also includes Botswana, we can put together your dream multi-country itinerary.

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Recommended places to visit on a tailormade safari holiday to Namibia

Deserts and dunes, canyon and coast, wildlife and wilderness – Namibia is an African country with a difference! Home to the highest sand dunes, the world’s second largest canyon and one of the most inhospitable coastlines in the world - it really is a place to be properly explored. Add to that some beautiful wildlife, fascinating local tribes and classic African hospitality and you’ve got a great African safari destination. See below some of our favourite places to help inspire your holiday to Namibia.

Fish River Canyon Highlight - Web ready Proper

Fish River Canyon

Located in the South of Namibia, the Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world and the largest in Africa, as well as the second most visited tourist attraction in the country. It features a gigantic ravine, in total about 100 miles long, up to 16 miles wide and in places almost 550 metres deep. The Fish River, from which the canyon gets its name, is the longest interior river in Namibia. It cuts deep into the plateau which is today dry, stony and sparsely covered with hardy The ...
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Swakopmund Highlight - Web ready


Sitting on Namibia's coast, just a few hours West of Windhoek, Swakopmund is the number one holiday resort town in the country. With its colonial architecture, leftover from its time under German rule, and abundance of activities and attractions, the town has a perfect blend of beauty and adventure, making it ideal for all sorts of travellers. Over the Christmas period, the streets teem with visitors from Windhoek and other parts of Namibia, seeking the relief of the cool Atlantic breeze as they ...
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Twyfelfontein Highlight - Web ready


Twyfelfontein is a rocky site situated in the Kunene Region of north western Namibia. It is a historic area, complete with rock carvings dating back to 1000 AD. It is believed that the carvings took over 2000 years to create, making it the most impressive rock art collection around. The area was approved as a World Heritage Site in 2007 (by UNESCO) and was the first in Namibia. It has the densest and most important rock art concentration in Africa. The sites are guarded and require a tour guide ...
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Windhoek Highlight - Web ready


Located almost exactly at the centre of Namibia, Windhoek, its capital, is a small but exciting city with strong modern African and colonial European influences. This curious blend of cultures makes the city seem almost out of place when compared with other parts of Africa, which are more true to their traditional roots. Nevertheless, Windhoek is both thriving and progressive and is dotted with lush green areas where many locals spend their afternoons or lunch breaks. Also, unlike many other the ...
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Etosha National Park Highlight - Web ready

Etosha National Park

The Etosha Pan, located within the Etosha National Park is one of the finest examples of a salt pan in the world. Stretching out over 120km, the dried up lake glistens white in the sun because of the salty mineral deposit spread across its surface. During exceptionally heavy rains the pan may well acquire a thin layer of water, but otherwise the area remains bone dry. However, while the saline flat has a smattering of water, it becomes a mecca for hundreds of flamingos and pelicans who flock to ...
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Namib Naukluft Highlight - Web ready

Namib Naukluft National Park

Coming in at over 19,000 square miles, the Namib Naukluft National Park is one of the largest conservation areas in the world. It is divided in to four main sections: the Sesriem and Sossusvlei area, Sandwich Harbour, Namib and Naukluft and has an impressively varied landscape. Gigantic orange dunes ripple and roll away into the distance while the rocky, craggy Naukluft mountains rise up to staggering heights. Due to millions of years of rain, ravines or "kloofs" cut through the sides of the of ...
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Sesriem Highlight - Web ready


Characterised by the immense canyon that runs through it, Sesriem is one of the most fascinating area in all of Namibia. Ancient rock formations show the history of the area, which has been shaped and carved over the years by the Tsauchab River. Its name comes from early transporters who passed through the area with horses or oxen. The animals would stop here to drink but could not access the water down in the canyon. As a result, the traveller would have to bring the water up for the animals in ...
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Okonjima Highlight - Web ready


Home of the Africat foundation, Okonjima is well-known across the globe for having the largest free roaming cheetah population in the world. The organisation takes in hundreds of unwanted wild cats who would otherwise have been trapped, or even killed, by livestock keepers to prevent them from preying on their animals. The private reserve spans across 22,000 hectares and is used to rehabilitate and conserve the carnivores that are under the care of the foundation. The conservation project was in ...
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Namibia tailor made reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 5 out of 5 based on 3 recent reviews — See All Reviews

The trip was absolutely fabulous and met and exceeded all our expectations. The guide was excellent, he was good company and very knowledgeable about the country and people and willing to engage with us in some great discussions. Given it was just my wife and I and the guide it was important that we got on well with him and his presence did not feel intrusive to our holiday but more of a support and guide - he was perfect in all these aspects. We really got off the beaten track and really got to explore the country in depth.”  

Karl Jackson • Submitted 11 Oct 2016


I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for helping us arrange our trip to Namibia. We had an incredible time. Our guide, Francis, was first class. Everything went off without a hitch. I’m very grateful to you for the work you put into making this trip happen for us.

Take care, ”  

Sharon Forbes • Submitted 24 Aug 2015

Hi Sarah,

Hope you're well! We had the most FANTASTIC time on our honeymoon to Namibia. The guide, Will, was fantastic and showed us far more than we expected to see and even suggested we go sliding down the sand-dunes on pieces of cardboard which, at first seemed crazy, was a real highlight. The animals were amazing (although the Walruses smelt really bad) - we just wish we were on day one again so we could experience it all again. Every suggestion you put forward was stellar.

We really were spoilt all the way.

Thank you so much for organising this amazing honeymoon, and if you could please pass on our thanks to your team in Namibia, that would be great.

Please let Will and Mgabi know that we continue to appreciate how special they made our trip and how much effort it must have taken to put together such an amazing itinerary.

Thanks again ”  

Christine Bourmouth-Smyth • Submitted 20 Mar 2015

Useful tips for planning your tailor-made trip to Namibia

To really do justice to Namibia's incredible landscapes and to allow decent safari opportunities, you should allow at least 12 days for any planned trip to Namibia. With this amount of time you'll be able to cover the classic loop journey from Windhoek south to the dunes of Sossuvlei and up along the coast to Etosha National Park before returning to the capital for international departure. If you want to get off the beaten track in Namibia and head further north to the wilderness of Kaokoland then allow at least 15 days.

Namibia has accommodation options to suit all budgets from camping to boutique hotels and high-end lodges. It's one of Africa's safest and best developed countries, which makes camping an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. You'll find well-maintained campsites at all major destinations including Etosha, the Kalahari and Namib desert with ablutions and basic amenities. Many lodges also have their own campsites with facilities ranging from swimming pools to WiFi, a restaurant and bar. On the higher end of the budget scale, lodges are the way to go with en suite bedrooms in stylish properties that often seek to blend seamless with the local environment. More often than not the public areas offer incredible views of the surrounding landscapes with daily activities included in the package rate along with all meals. Whatever standard of accommodation you decide on, book as far in advance as you can. Many lodges are small with only 10 rooms and in the high season (May to October) these rooms are usually sold out so it's best to plan a year in advance for better availability and rates.

With excellent sealed roads, clear signage and striking scenery wherever you go, Namibia is a superb self-drive destination. Again, it's worth mentioning how safe Namibia is for travellers thanks to its political stability as many do baulk at the idea of driving on their own in Africa, however, in many ways Namibia is best suited to self-drive as it gives you total flexibility and works out cheaper. If you prefer to be escorted, we work with a well-trained, knowledgeable and passionate team of local guides who will accompany you from start to end. Your guide will be there to explain the history and wildlife of Namibia and provide an insight into the country from the perspective of someone who was born there - in this regard, there's no substitute. For groups of up to eight passengers, your guide will also be your driver while for larger groups you will be provided with a guide and driver so that the guide is better able to provide for the group.

Travelling by car is by far the best way to get around Namibia. The roads are perfectly suited to driving with manageable distances meaning you'll rarely spend more than 6hrs driving per day and that's just on the longer journeys from the desert to the coast with most journeys on the classic route just 3-4hrs. Driving is more affordable than flying and also means you can soak up the scenery rather than passing over it. For groups of up to three travellers we use 4x4 double cabin vehicles which means everyone gets a window from which to enjoy the landscapes. You'll have the choice of whether you take your safari drives in this vehicle or the open vehicle provided by the lodge you're staying at. There are pros and cons to each - the open vehicles mean you can stand up in the vehicle for unfettered views but you'll be sharing with other guests at the lodge so not everyone will have a window seat and you may be jostling cameras for that perfect picture. In the 4x4 you will be fully enclosed but it'll be private to your travelling party and the lower height of the vehicle means you'll be closer to eye level with the wild animals rather than looking at them from above - better pictures, some might argue.

If you prefer a self-drive option then we will provide a quote based on your preferred standard of vehicle. We always include full insurance coverage and a second spare wheel as flat tires are common and no one wants to find themselves with a second puncture and no spare wheel. As part of all self-drive packages in Namibia you'll be greeted on arrival by a local representative for a comprehensive run-through of your itinerary and all the info you'll need for your independent adventure. You'll also be given a Namibian SIM card for emergency phone calls.

For those interested in sleeping under the stars, we can provide vehicles equipped with all the camping gear you need or we can offer specially kitted 4x4 vehicles with rooftop tents so you can sleep on top of your vehicle rather than beside it! For camping we recommend a minimum itinerary length of 10 days to make it cost effective. Of course, you can choose to have a mix of camping and lodges for the full African experience.

Perhaps you'd like to sail above the undulating sand dunes of Sossusvlei in a hot air balloon or try sandboarding down the side of one of the larger dunes. Maybe you'd like to meet Namibia's ethnic people in Kaokoland and explore a local village to see how these tribes live. Or maybe you like the idea of spending an afternoon fishing or take a boat cruise on the Kwando River. If there's anything in particular that you'd like to include on your itinerary, let us know and we'll gladly add it in.

Namibia offers excellent value for money regardless of your budget. If money's tight then a self-drive camping holiday is the way to go. That's not to say that lodge-accommodated options are not affordable - many properties offer special package rates if you book all your accommodation within their collection. For example, we receive great rates with Gondwana lodges so if you stayed at two or more of their lodges across different destinations then you would save money. We also receive good rates with a number of independent lodges in Namibia and will always quote on properties that offer you the best value for money based on your preferences and requirements.

Let us inspire your safari to Namibia

Desert Dreaming

Desert walk in Sossusvlei

No trip to any desert would be complete without exploring the endless dunes and fascinating surroundings. A guided desert walk takes you deep into the red of Sossusvlei as well as to the tree graveyard of Deadvlei led by a local guide and desert expert! Learn about how flora and fauna survive in the desert and how the local San Bushmen live – it’s certainly an activity not to be missed!

Coming like a Ghost Town

Explore Kolmanskop

It’s not just the US that is home to Ghost Towns, Namibia has them too! On the southeast coast lies a town called Luderitz, from which a few kilometres inland Kolmanskop can be found. Originally a diamond playground for German families in the early 1900s, it was totally abandoned in 1954 and is still inexactly the same state it was left in – apart from a lot of sand seeping into houses that have been severely battered by the elements!

Wildlife spotting

Sundowners at Okaukuejo

In the heart of Etosha National Park sits one of three of the park’s most popular waterholes – Okaukuejo! Not only is it teeming with wildlife during the day, the floodlights in the evening mean you can spend an evening, glass in hand, watching the animals return for their nightcaps! Sit on the benches that line the area or stay in a luxury lodge overlooking the waterhole for the ultimate Etosha experience!

Joes Beer House
Game dining

Get stuffed at Joe's Beer House

Obtaining legendary status in Namibia, Joe’s Beer House in Windhoek is definitely the place to get an awesome fix of game meat and fresh beer! Benefitting from both African and German influences you can spend an evening eating the delights of peppered springbok steak, skewers of ostrich and zebra and even crocodile on a hotplate all washed down with steins of German lager and maybe a jagermeister or two?

Suggested tailormade holiday itineraries for Namibia

With great roads and signage, Namibia is a fantastic self-drive destination and we've got a sample itinerary to help you plan your own adventure. Alternatively, combine Namibia with neighbouring Botswana for deserts and deltas - the choice really is yours with a tailor-made holiday.

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Namibia Self Drive

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With the adventure capital Swakopmund, the wildlife of Etosha National Park, the stunning Sossusvlei dunes and...

Namib Naukluft- Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go ToursDelta & Desert Discovery - 17 days MapCultural Experiences, Local Partners

Delta & Desert Discovery

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Amazing Wildlife

Namibia has an abundance of wildlife and is home to Etosha, one of Africa’s finest national parks, where big game roam on the park’s ethereal silvery pan and gather to drink at the floodlit waterholes. Spectacular scenery and wildlife coupled with the world’s largest sand dunes, oldest desert and second largest canyon, not to mention ancient rock art and the fascinating Himba tribe, make Namibia a truly unique and enchanting destination.

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