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Opt to disembark the cruise in Kristiansund and be driven along the Atlantic Ocean Road, which has been called the world's most beautiful drive. The road meanders along islets and skerries, known for its car commercials, and more recently as the location of a car chase scene for the new James Bond film. We stick to a slower speed so you can enjoy the scenery, and also make time for photo stops. After the drive above the sea, we drive through an undersea tunnel and arrive at Kvernes Stave Church. Stave churches are Norway's most important contribution to European architecture. Kvernes Stave Church is richly decorated with leaf vines over walls and ceilings. The altarpiece and the rest of the church interior is characterized by the exuberant and colorful baroque style of the 17th century. The journey starts with a sightseeing in Kristiansund, the klipfish capital. The town is built around the international klipfish industry, and while you are there you can sample one of the numerous dishes that can be made from klipfish: bacalao. Finally, there is time for a short sightseeing in Molde before boarding the Havila Voyages ship again.

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Departs at 16:45 on day 3 of Fjords, Cruise & Coast tour. Disembark the cruise in Kristiansund where you are picked up at the quay by bus for the drive along the Atlantic Road. Re-board the ship in Molde.
Duration approx. 4hr 30 mins.
Guiding may be in an additional language to English
Prices shown are ‘per person’, based on 2 or more persons travelling. Available on Fjords, Cruise & Coast tour
We recommend that you book this excursion when you book the tour, as we cannot guarantee availability if booked upon arrival in Norway
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