Thanksgiving Vacations in 2020

Ditch the Turkey & pumpkin pie to head somewhere exotic this Thanksgiving

Where to go this Thanksgiving

Leave the sofa and weekend TV behind and use the two days of extra holiday to explore more of the world this Thanksgiving. Stick to the Northern Hemisphere for winter wonderlands including Iceland for a memorable time searching for the Northern Lights. Or if the thought of Black Friday madness leaves you cold, there's plenty of destinations enjoying the start of their summer period from the comforting warm climes of Southeast Asia to Latin America and India.

We have a range of tours departing over the Thanksgiving period and here we've selected some of our most popular 5-15 day itineraries to a variety of exotic destinations that capitalise on the long holiday weekend. The world definitely is your oyster so if you're looking for something even longer or perhaps to a particular place, check out our full range of destinations for more tour ideas.

Thanksgiving vacations to Asia

November is a great time to visit the southeast part of Asia with the monsoon rains having passed on to leave stunning verdant landscapes, particularly in the north of Thailand and Vietnam where you can trek through rice terraces to meet local hill tribes. It also makes November a great time to visit the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, free from torrential downpours and highly evocative as the lush jungle consumes the ancient ruins. In the Far East of Asia, temperatures are getting considerably colder but that's not to stop you from visiting the Great Wall in China.

Thanksgiving vacations to Latin America

It's topsy-turvy in Latin America - while the States are heading towards the depths of winter, countries south of the equator are welcoming the summer months, making November a great time to experience the great outdoors from the Andes to Patagonia in Argentina and Chile. The rains will soon start in Peru so now's the last chance to trek the Inca Trail without getting soaked while in Central America the rains are starting to clear so great for beaches and exploring ancient ruins. For many in the States, Mexico is just a short flight away so minimal travel time required.

Thanksgiving vacations to the Middle East

If you like your heat dry then the Middle East is a top destination. Temperatures in late November are pleasantly warm without being unbearable hot, which is ideal for sightseeing around Egypt and Jordan for their ancient wonders and outdoor adventures. It does get a little colder at night so take layers if you're considering heading to Morocco and the Sahara desert or Israel for its numerous religious monuments.

Thanksgiving vacations to Africa

This Thanksgiving is unlikely to be your first rodeo so how about swapping the usual animals that grace the family dining table with the exotic wildlife of Africa? East Africa is largely considered a year-round destination with Kenya and Tanzania experiencing short rains in November that won't hamper your safari adventures too much. In southern Africa the rains are drawing in which transforms the arid landscapes of Namibia while nearby at Victoria Falls visibility is at its best after the dry season.

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These are just some suggestions of exciting travel destinations this Thanksgiving but if you're thinking of somewhere else or prefer a private holiday with friends and family, contact our tailor-made team to start planning that dream trip. Need a little more inspiration? Take a look at our pick of top destinations in November to help you decide on the ideal beach break or wildlife adventure this Thanksgiving vacation.