The Streets of Hoi An: In Photos

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2017)

Hoi An is easily Vietnam’s most charming and attractive city. It was a merchant trading port between the 15th and 19th century, the most significant of its time. And opened up routes with Europe, Japan, China and India. Hoi An’s trading value declined then came to a complete end in the 19th century. However, to this day it retains the street plan and many buildings from this time.

It’s a delightful melting pot of local architectural style and oversea influences. This foreign impact can be seen in the colourful French colonial buildings, Chinese temples and the Japanese Covered Bridge. Hoi An’s unique heritage is just one of the wonderful things to enjoy in this city. Many of the streets are car-free with pollution and traffic almost non-existent. Hoi An is also the venue for the Full Moon Festival every 14th day of the month. You’ll also find a wealth of food markets, street stalls and restaurants serving delicious and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Guest blogger Nisreen Akolawala recently travelled to Vietnam and took to the streets of Hoi An to photograph its delightful charm.

Nisreen Akolawala is a former architect who left her career to follow her passions of travelling and photography. She has enjoyed incredible experiences all over the world including living with gypsy Banni villagers in Western India and taking a 48 hour camel safari across Rajasthan’s Thar desert. She contributes her travel stories and tips to Soul Indian Journeys and you can follow Nisreen on Instagram @travellersdiary_nisreen

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