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Explore our most popular tours of Laos with a selection of these signature group tours. Our Laos group tours cover the countries most iconic attractions and locations, with many also extending across the borders to other popular travel destinations across Southeast Asia. Visiting the historic cities of Vientiane and Luang Prabang either side of a visit to the picturesque town of Vang Vieng ensures a unforgettable travel experience for everyone.

Join us on one of our journeys to Laos and you’ll get to enjoy a fully guided tour and plenty of opportunities for sightseeing at some of the most iconic and picturesque locations in Southeast Asia. Enjoy comfortable and well located accommodation whether in Laos or one of its neighbors, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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Laos private tours

If you would prefer to visit Laos with just your family or friends, then we have great private package trips too. You get a similar experience but get the freedom of travelling independently.

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What to expect on a group tour of Laos

Vang Vieng

A group tour of Laos offers a vibrant mix of cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and serene experiences. Here’s what to expect when visiting some of the main attractions:

Vientiane: The capital city, Vientiane, is a charming introduction to Laos. With visits to key sites like the gilded Pha That Luang stupa, Patuxai Victory Monument, and the serene Wat Si Saket temple. The city's relaxed atmosphere, riverside promenades, and bustling markets provide a perfect blend of culture and leisure.

Vang Vieng: Known for its dramatic karst mountains and the Nam Song River, Vang Vieng is an adventurer's paradise. Here travelers will be exploring historic caves and relaxing in the refreshing waters of the Blue Lagoon. The areas natural beauty is complemented by vibrant nightlife and riverside cafes.

Royal Palace, Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang: This UNESCO World Heritage city captivates with its blend of French colonial architecture and traditional Buddhist temples. The tours highlights here include the majestic Kuang Si Waterfalls, the night market, and the spiritual alms-giving ceremony. Don’t miss a climb to Mount Phousi for panoramic views.

Pakse: In southern Laos, Pakse serves as a gateway to the Bolaven Plateau, renowned for its coffee plantations and waterfalls. The town itself has a laid-back charm with its riverside setting and local markets.

Khong Island: Part of the 4,000 Islands region, Khong Island offers tranquil beauty and a glimpse of rural life. Enjoy boat trips on the Mekong River and a visit to ancient Khmer ruins at Wat Phou.

An On The Go Tours group tour of Laos promises diverse experiences, from cultural immersion to natural wonders, ensuring a memorable journey filled with unforgettable experiences.

Multi-country tours

Combining your tour of Laos with its neighbors in Southeast Asia is the perfect opportunity to experience the very best of the entire region and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the regions interconnected history and culture. By combing tours of Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand into one you take advantage of the geographical convenience, cost effectiveness, and maximize your time in this beautiful region of the world.

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When is the best time to visit Laos?

The dry season in Laos lasts from October - April and is characterized by pleasant temperatures and little rainfall. However, as a landlocked country, Laos does not experience the extreme variations in weather experienced by neighboring countries in South East Asia, like Vietnam. So visiting Laos is possible outside of these months. There's more information in our online guide.

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