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Explore the wonders of Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America but is surprisingly less frequented by tourists. Nicaragua, which is tucked between Honduras and Costa Rica, offers a wide range of attractions, including miles of thick jungle, verdant tobacco fields, towering volcanoes, picturesque lakes, and the quaint Spanish colonial towns of Leon and historic Granada.

One of the most charming towns in Central America, Granada was founded by the Spanish in 1524 and is situated at the foot of the Mombacho Volcano, on the beaches of Lake Nicaragua. The town exudes a peculiar Moorish charm. The largest body of water in Central America is Lake Nicaragua, and Ometepe Island is the spot to unwind. With one of our many group tours to the area, you may see all the main attractions of Nicaragua and its neighbours.

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When is the best time to visit Nicaragua?


Nicaragua's dry season lasts from November - May and is generally regarded as the best time to visit the country, with warm and dry weather. Jun - October sees heavy rainfall and much of the country becomes difficult to navigate. There's more information in our guide about when to visit!

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The Best of Nicaragua

Nicaragua, the biggest nation in Central America, has a tonne of attractions, a lot of which you might not be aware of! These are the top choices we make for visitors on our tours in Nicaragua!


Nicaragua's intellectual capital is home to a large student population, located in the shadow of Momotombo volcano. An eruption caused the abandonment of the city in 1610, but it was rebuilt to the east, in its present day location. Expect exceptional views of the volcano and Lake Managua.

Ometepe Island

Ometepe, a volcanic island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, is a fertile paradise thanks to the volcanic-ash-enriched soil. Two volcanoes named Concepcion and Maderas are joined by a strip of land, and visitors to the island can hike and horseback ride amongst the lush forest. The island was also once an Indian burial ground, with many important historic relics still visible today.


Historically a major thoroughfare for looted gold, once resplendent Granada is slowly being restored to its former glory. English, Dutch and French pirates have at one time or another invaded the city, on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Tourism has found its way to the city, with many bars, restaurants and attractions now catering to visitors.

Masaya National Park

One of Nicaragua's many natural gems, visitors to Masaya National Park can spend their time here discovering the active volcano and surrounding crater lakes or hiking to see the hilltop fortress of Coyotepe. Dusk is a great time to see thousands of bats emerging from Tzinaconostoc Cave, and other wildlife to spot in the park includes a variety of monkey species and iguanas.

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