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Wild at Heart

Take a walk on the wild side and discover the wonders of the animal kingdom with on the go.  We offer a diverse range of tours which involve exciting animal encounters; walk with lions in Africa, visit the Giant Panda in China, track tigers in India  and meet ever so inquisitive penguins in Antarctica.


Africa is nature's playground. Go in search of the Big Five on safari in many of Africa's finest wildlife reserves; ranging across the open plains of the Serengeti and Masai Mara, visiting the floodlit watering holes of Etosha NP,  and scouring the shrub land in Kruger National Park. Try to spot Africa's big cats - leopards eating their kill up a tree, lightening quick cheetahs hunting and lions dozing under a tree. Or trek through dense jungle in search of the mighty mountain gorilla in Uganda.


The Indian subcontinent also has many fine national parks, including Ranthambhore in India and Royal Chitwan in Nepal, which are home to an incredible array of animals, such as one horned rhino, sloth bears, Asian elephants and most notably the elusive Bengal tiger. Go in search of tigers on one of our group tours, private journeys or mini breaks.


Or for a really unique adventure, enjoy a wildlife extravanganza on a cruise around the remote Galapagos Islands or travel to the bottom of the world on an Antarctic voyage, to an icy wilderness and encounter sea lions basking on the shores, rookeries literally teaming with penguins and breaching whales in the Southern Ocean.


For the opportunity to enjoy close encounters with many of the world's most incredible creatures, take a look at our wildlife categories above.


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Discover the Ngorongoro crater and more on an African Safari