Best Holidays in January 2018

Start the year with a new travel wish list and get out and explore!

Where to go on holiday in January

Start 2018 with renewed spring in your step, pack the suitcases and head out to explore some of the world's far-flung places that are best visited at this time of year. You may have made a New Year's resolution to discover more of the world and January marks no better time to do so. Celebrate in style in Moscow or take some time out from it all surrounded by the desert in Jordan, or perhaps set yourself a physical challenge and take on Mount Kilimanjaro.

To help you plan your January 2018 holiday we've put together our selection of New Year destinations and top experiences to enjoy as well as a guide to the best beach breaks and wildlife spots at this time of year. You'll also find our choice of recommended tours.

Top Destinations and Experiences in January

Fireworks and vodka

New Year in Red Square

Cities across the globe take it in turns to ring in the New Year with spectacular firework displays watched by millions of people from Sydney to London. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to destinations to celebrate New Year's but Russia and the impressive city of Moscow is a great one with a dazzling display of fireworks against the colourful backdrop of St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin at the heart of legendary Red Square. Russians know how to party and bars and clubs across the city will be doing their best to entice revellers.

Starry skies and desert camps

New Year in Wadi Rum

If you're looking for a more subdued start to the new year, consider leaving behind the hustle and bustle of urban cities and escape instead to the peaceful quiet of the remarkable Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. Contemplate the year gone by surrounded by vast-stretching copper sands and dramatic rock formations with the night spent celebrating with local Bedouins over a camp fire and traditional BBQ dinner under an endless sky punctuated by thousands of stars.

Dragon dances and red lanterns

Chinese New Year in China

Dating back centuries, Chinese New Year is one of China's most important festivals with celebrations lasting almost two weeks. It's a time to honour deities and ancestors, and clean the home to welcome good luck. Other traditions associated with Chinese New Year include the lighting of firecrackers, gifting of money in red envelopes and decorating the streets with oval red lanterns. Many cities will also host colourful parades with dragon dances to scare away evil spirits. In 2017 Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 28th January.

Proud camels
Rajasthani flair and fun

Bikaner Camel Festival in India

The annual Bikaner Camel Festival in India is one of Rajasthan's most colourful festivals with a host of fun events designed to pay homage to 'the ships of the desert'. Hundreds of camels participate in camel racing and even camel dance performances over the course of two days in January with plenty of human performances from puppet shows to fire dances. January is also a great time to explore the rest of Rajasthan with a dry heat that is pleasantly hot rather than overbearingly so.

A New Year's Resolution Challenge!

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

If you managed to stick to your fitness resolutions made at the beginning of the previous year, why not consider putting yourself to the test by tackling Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. January marks the beginning of the first dry season of the year with warm temperatures and largely clear skies in the morning and evenings, ideal for scaling Kili's dizzying heights. There's a small chance of rain during the day but this is peak season for good reason with optimal weather for hiking.

New Year Tours
Ring in the New Year somewhere exotic

With our range of New Year tours you can celebrate the start of 2018 under a starry sky, surfing the Atlantic waves or marvelling at giant ice sculptures. How do you want to spend your New Year?

Best Beach Destinations in January

Beach weather graces destinations around the world in January, perfect for spending the start of the year somewhere warm and sunny from Central America to Asia. The southwest coast of Sri Lanka is still dry with plenty of sunshine and popular at this time of year with so many beach resorts to choose from while temperatures in the Middle East and specifically the Red Sea are pleasantly warm with consistent sunshine. If you're looking for a city and beach combo then consider Cape Town - it's the middle of summer at this time of year in South Africa and there's miles of sandy beaches to choose from.

Sihanoukville Top Picks

Southeast Asia

With the monsoon rains largely gone, you can take your pick of idyllic islands and pristine coastline across Southeast Asia from Krabi in Thailand to Phu Quoc in Vietnam and Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The weather is mostly cool and dry so the rest of these countries are ripe for exploration, perfect for combining a bit of culture and adventure with your relaxing beach break.

Livingston Top Spot Guatemala

Central America

It's dry season across Central America which means cooler but still deliciously warm temperatures and less rainfall on both the Caribbean and Pacific coast - the rains that do occur tend to be short afternoon showers that quickly move on. The choice of beach destination is as varied as the countries that make up the region from the glam resorts of Cancun to the pristine and quiet beaches of Belize.



This popular tropical island is hot and dry in January with temperatures sitting in the high 20s (degrees centigrade). The sandy shores are drenched in sunlight with spectacular sunsets a common sight. You may go days without seeing a single cloud in the sky and at night this means romantic sky gazing on the beach. Off the south coast of the island diving is particularly good at this time of year too.



Peak tourist season is in full swing at the beach resorts of Goa and the state of Kerala, and for good reason - the weather is perfect for enjoying sun, sea and sand along the Arabian Sea. Think clear sunny days and comfortable temperatures with humidity at its yearly lowest. These climatic conditions also mean it's great for exploring the rest of the region and its many attractions.

Best Wildlife Destinations in January

Rains are covering much of southern Africa so the scenery may be beautiful and lush but this makes wildlife a lot harder to spot - not ideal if you're planning a safari holiday. However, the equatorial location of East Africa means countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are experiencing a mini dry season, which is perfect for safaris. In the Amazon the wet season means higher water levels making more waterways accessible, ideal for cruising, while India's national parks are the place to go for wild tigers.

Wildebeest Zebra Migration - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The


A secondary, reasonably dry season hits East Africa from mid-December to mid-March and with the wildebeest of the southern Serengeti beginning their calving season, it's a great time to visit Tanzania for a safari adventure. The drier conditions will mean the bush has thinned for better wildlife spotting opportunities and with thousands of wildebeest being born each day, you're almost guaranteed to spot the creatures and the predators they may attract.


The Galapagos

It's the warm and wet season in the Galapagos which means low winds and calm seas so ideal for those that suffer from sea sickness. There's plenty happening in terms of wildlife with adult marine iguanas becoming more brightly coloured on Espanola Island, green turtles arriving on the shores to lay eggs and birds at their most active. The warmer water temperatures also make it an ideal time for snorkelling with clear waters and plenty of marine life.


Costa Rica

The dry season in Costa Rica brings with it huge concentrations of bird species including herons, ducks, spoonbills and numerous other water birds, particularly around the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Coast. Hawksbill turtles are still nesting at Tortuguero National Park while leatherback turtles nest on the Pacific Coast at Playa Grande and the northern Guanacaste province. The great weather also means it's a great time for outdoor adventure.

Leopard in Yala

Sri Lanka

The compact size of Sri Lanka means the wildlife that exists on the island can largely be seen year-round though the months between December and March are a particularly good time to see wild leopards in Yala National Park. At this time of year the southern region is hot and dry, which means sparser vegetation and conditions that encourage the nocturnal creatures to head out at dawn and dusk looking for food and water.

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