Best Holidays for September 2017

End of the Asian monsoons and the scenery is lush, green and stunning

Where to go on holiday in September

After the peak in summer temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere and with kids back at school, September is the perfect time to enjoy lovely weather without the peak season crowds and prices. Europe is great to visit with warm, dry days while pretty much the whole of Africa is primed for safari adventures. The monsoon rains are still affecting much of Southeast Asia but there's autumn festivals to tempt you for a visit. It's also a great time to visit the Middle East as temperatures dip to a more bearable number.

Whether you're a nature lover or sun worshipper, there's plenty of choice when it comes to destinations in September. To help you plan your September 2017 holiday we've put together our recommended destinations and experiences as well as our choice of beaches and wildlife hot spots that are perfect at this time of year.

Top Destinations and Experiences in September

AK Hoi An Lantern Boys
Lanterns and moon cakes

Full Moon Festival in Vietnam

Held on the night of a full moon within 15 days of the autumnal equinox, Vietnam's Full Moon Festival is a celebration of the forthcoming harvest after the monsoon rains. It's also a time to gather together with friends and family and prayer for blessings. For travellers it's a wonderful time to visit Vietnam with colourful lanterns decorating the streets and floating into the night sky, and plenty of tasty cakes and candies available to eat.

Great Wall New-China Tours-On The Go Tours
Good weather and celebrations

Mid-Autumn Festival in China

The warm temperatures and low rainfall that accompanies September in the Northern Hemisphere makes September the perfect time to visit China. The clear skies make it an ideal time to visit China's many attractions and get that perfect shot of the Great Wall. It's also when the Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with lanterns, shrine worship and plenty of delicious treats. It's held on the full moon on the 15th day of the 8th month of China’s lunar calendar each year.

Cattle and camping

Migration of the Berbers in Morocco

In September the nomadic Berber tribes of Morocco make their second journey of the year across the Atlas Mountains and back to the edge of the Sahara desert where they will spend the winter months. Here the lower mountain slopes offer warmer temperatures where they can set up camp. Travelling with a caravan of cattle and belongings, the tribes take a scenic route that takes a few weeks, camping en route, a unique adventure for intrepid travellers to join.

Man walking into Nefertari Temple - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
Archaeological wonders and good weather

Exploring the Middle East

After the fierce heat of the summer months, September is a fantastic month to explore the Middle East, from the ancient wonders of Egypt to the lunar-like deserts of Jordan, the religious monuments of Israel to the riotous souks of Morocco. Temperatures are pleasantly hot so you can combine sightseeing with outdoor adventure whether it's trekking or Nile cruising. The school holidays in Europe will be over and so prices and availability will be much better after the peak holiday season.

Best Beach Destinations in September

The Mediterranean is still good in September with temperatures starting to drop but still warm enough for sailing and beach breaks. It's still lovely along the eastern coast of Africa with plenty of destinations to choose from. The monsoon rains are drawing to a close across Southeast Asia but it's better to wait a few months more for the best weather in this region, while in Central America it's hurricane season so best avoided at this time.

Maldives Beach Couple

The Maldives

The southwest monsoon that affects the Maldives between July and August has now moved on so the weather improves with clearer skies and less rainfall. As it's not the driest season of the year, prices will be reasonable and availability better. It's a good time for surfing and diving is also good on the Western sides of an atoll (coral island) with more plankton and greater chances of encountering dolphins and mantas after the heavier rains.



Croatia's peak holiday season is now over as children across Europe return to school yet the Mediterranean weather is still balmy with pleasant temperatures, warm waters and minimal rainfall. Prices drop a little at this time of year so you can still enjoy a sailing trip without breaking the bank with plenty of opportunities to relax on sandy beaches and explore historic cities along the coast. There's also the added bonus of much thinner crowds across the country.



Spanning a distance of 1,200 miles from the Mediterranean in the north to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Morocco has plenty of coastline to plan the perfect beach break. From Tangier to Agadir, there are plenty of accommodation options and September is the perfect time to visit with hot but bearable temperatures and little rainfall. The more popular resorts are also well-connected with international airports and there are many historic cities to explore.

Sri Lankan Beach

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's pristine coast on the northeast side of the island is experiencing its last good month of weather in September before the monsoon hits the region. Now's the time to plan a visit to Arugam Bay and the coastline north of Trincomalee with warm weather and little rainfall. It's still wet on the other side of the island but it's still possible to visit Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle and its many ancient marvels as well as the national parks.

Best Wildlife Destinations in September

The dry season continues across Africa with minimal rainfall and hot temperatures. It's been a few months since the last rains so the foliage is sparse, making it the perfect time to visit for a wildlife safari and you can take your pick as it's the same story from Kenya down to South Africa. Elsewhere it's a great time for jungle treks and fishing in the Amazon with low water levels, while Sri Lanka's famous elephant gathering is taking place in Minneriya National Park.

Zebra Crossing - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours

East Africa

The annual migration of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle is a year-long journey with September one of the busiest months as thousands of beast cross from the northern Serengeti in Tanzania to the adjacent Masai Mara in Kenya. It's a journey fraught with danger, from the sheer drop at the river banks to the hungry crocodiles that stalk the waters of the Mara River. It's one of the best months to visit East Africa to witness the brutal spectacle.


Southern Africa

Game viewing is at its best in Southern Africa as wildlife congregate around the few remaining watering holes after months of dry, warm weather conditions. It's a great time to visit South Africa with southern right and humpback whales breeding in the warm waters off the coast while herds of elephants start to come together in Botswana. Namibia's national parks are also ideal at this time of year before the temperatures soar.


The Galapagos

Between June and November the Galapagos Islands experience a cool and dry season with rougher seas and this is the perfect time for diving as plankton and nutrients are scattered far and wide attracting larger fish and sea birds such as albatross and penguins. In September sea lions are also at their most active as the females come into season and the males begin their battle to win over a partner.



Madagascar becomes a bird watcher's dream in September with the start of the breeding season and arrival of many migratory species. In preparation for finding a mate, birds will become much more vocal, filling the forests with song, and begin to display their most impressive moves and breeding regalia. If bird watching is what you're after, book in advance as lodges in prime birding locations tend to be small and book up quickly.

Here's a selection of our tours that perfectly suit travel in September from lantern celebrations in Vietnam to unique mountain treks in Morocco.

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