Best Holidays in February 2018

Shake your tail feathers and join the world's biggest party

Where to go on holiday in February

February brings with it a sense of fun as countries across the Caribbean and Southeast Asia enjoy perfect tropical weather that lends itself beautifully to carnivals and street parties, island getaways and archaeological discovery. It's summer in the Southern Hemisphere which makes Latin America a great place to explore with endless hiking opportunities in Patagonia while winter drapes its coat of snow and frost over the Northern Hemisphere, perfect for frozen wilderness and hunting for the Northern Lights in Iceland and Finland.

If you're planning a February 2018 holiday, take a look at our pick of destinations and experiences that this month has to offer. You'll also find a guide to the top beach breaks in February as well as where's best for wildlife and a range of recommended tours to take advantage of these destinations.

Top Destinations and Experiences in February

Samba and street parties

Rio Carnival in Brazil

With the festivities of New Year’s Eve already a month behind us you may be itching for another excuse to party. Well, lucky for you each year cities and towns across Brazil come alive in February for the world’s most famous street party. While Carnival is celebrated throughout the country, the real heart of the action can be found amongst the crowds on the streets of Rio de Janeiro with lively samba parades and dazzling costumes.

Abu Simbel - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours copy
Ancient engineering

Sun Festival at Abu Simbel in Egypt

While the ancient wonders, beautiful Red Sea beaches and warm dry climate are reason enough to visit Egypt in February, the list doesn’t stop there. On 21st February, the date of King Ramses II's ascension to the throne, you can witness the bi-annual occurrence of the Abu Simbel Sun Festival, when the sun’s rays align to illuminate the inner sanctum of the temple.

Colourful Rajasthani Spectacle

Jaisalmer Desert Festival in India

Set against the massive golden citadel of Jaisalmer in the mighty Thar Desert, this vibrant festival celebrates Rajasthan's rich cultural heritage with extravagant song and dance performances, quirky moustache contests, turban tying competitions and ceremonial processions. As you'd expect of a desert festival, camels feature highly with camel races, polo and even camel dancing, with all participating beasts dressed in their best attire.

Angkor Wat  - Cambodia Tours - Southeast Asia Tours - On The Go Tours
Mystical ancient ruins

Exploring the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia

February is a brilliant month to head to Cambodia to explore the remarkable temples of Angkor - it's the dry season which means sunny days, mostly clear skies and comfortable temperatures. Next month sees the temperatures and humidity increase in preparation for the impending monsoon rains. This good weather coincides with the peak travel season so plan accordingly to see the temples without the worse of the crowds and capture those perfect images.

Best Beach Destinations in February

It's great exploring every nook and cranny of a destination, but sometimes you just need a sun lounger on the beach with a cocktail in hand to top off your holiday. While the Northern Hemisphere is still submerged in the chill of the winter, south of the equator conditions are nice and steamy. The weather across Southeast Asia, Central America and the Indian Subcontinent is perfect for sunbathing with plenty of beaches to choose from.


Sri Lanka

For such a compact country, Sri Lanka experiences a dramatic variety of weather conditions with half of the island dry and the other wet at any given time. In February the southeast coast is experiencing dry conditions with sunny days and warm temperatures perfect for enjoying the miles of coastline and palm-fringed beaches as well as national parks in the south of the island.

Viva-la-Cubana -Itinerary-2

Central America

For many travellers the dry season between December and April is considered the best time to travel around Central America with pleasant temperatures and largely clear skies. February is a great time to take advantage of the perfect weather with less crowds than you would find over New Year and Easter - peak holiday seasons - and better availability and prices.

Beach in Goa


In India the southern region of Goa is pleasantly warm with low humidity offering the perfect conditions to kick back and relax on palm-fringed shores. It's just after the peak season so you needn't worry about fighting over beach umbrellas. There's another reason to visit as the streets come alive with the revelry of the Goa Carnival, complete with music and colourful floats.



East Africa experiences two dry seasons throughout the year and February marks the end of the second season, which starts in December. This means it's the last month for a while that offers perfect beach weather with dry, sunny days and cloudless skies. With wildlife spotting still good in Tanzania, it's a great beach choice at the end of a safari adventure.

Best Wildlife Destinations in February

If you're looking for a safari adventure in February then East Africa will be your best bet - here the dry season means sparser vegetation, making it easier for spotting the Big 5 while in Uganda the mountain trails are in better condition for trekking to see the gorillas. Elsewhere, it's a good time to take a jeep safari through Yala National Park in Sri Lanka on the look out for the elusive leopard and Costa Rica has plenty of wildlife to keep you happy from the nesting turtles on the coast to the dense interior forests home to myriad birdlife.

Amazon Parrot

The Amazon

The wet and warm season in the Amazon is the best time to take a luxury cruise with higher water levels making more and more waterways accessible by boat. Between January and April plants drop their fruit, which attracts myriad animal and bird species to the seasonal buffet that litters the ground. Numerous plants are flowering at this time too which makes it great for photography.

Whale watching in Argentina - On the Go Tours


Off the shores of the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina on the Atlantic Coast, orcas begin to arrive for the small nurseries of baby sea lions that populate the region between February and April. Commonly known as Killer Whales, it's not hard to see how they earned this name when they use their incredible hunting skills in what was designated an UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 1999.

Tiger Cubs in Bandhavgarh NP


February to March is the optimal time to visit India's national parks in search of the majestic Bengal tiger. With temperatures steadily heating up, the greenery is starting to thin out across the country so catching a glimpse of that flash of stripes in the undergrowth becomes all the more likely. In neighbouring Nepal, Chitwan National Park is a great location too with the added bonus of rhino.


The Galapagos

The Galapagos are truly a year-round destination with endemic species populating the numerous islands throughout the year. Each month brings something new to see and in February it's the sight of greater flamingos nesting on Floreana Island. It's also the start of the black-tailed pintails breeding season and the peak of the Galapagos dove nesting season so a great time for birders to visit.

Top Romantic Destinations for Valentine's Day

If you want to up the romance stakes this Valentine's Day then why not think outside the box, or even outside the country for that matter. What could be more romantic than whisking your sweetheart off to an exotic, far-flung destination for an unforgettable holiday for two this February.


The Maldives

Nothing quite says romance like strolling arm-in-arm across a pristine white sandy shore framed by palm-trees with waves lapping at your feet. Or what about stepping out of your overwater villa straight into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean? The scene you're picturing would be the Maldives, an idyllic Valentine's destination for February. Spend the days basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean, and at night dine by candlelit under the stars on the beach. If you've got some extra time on your hands consider combining the Maldives with the cultural delights of Sri Lanka, the Tear Drop Isle.

Tango in Argentina - Argentina Tours - On The Go Tours

Buenos Aires

As South America's self-pronounced Capital of Romance and the home of the passionate tango, it is no surprise that Argentinians love nothing more than celebrating love itself. So much so, in fact, that one single day is not enough to celebrate it, for Argentina also has a week in July solely dedicated to expressing love and romance. Naturally, a trip here in February is the perfect expression of romance and with lovely warm weather, tempting stretches of coastline, striking landscapes, plus prime steak and delectable wine, you simply cannot go wrong in Argentina on Valentine's.

Stellenbosch - Africa Overland Safaris - Africa Lodge Safaris - Africa Tours - On The Go Tours

Cape Town

In South Africa the spectacular Garden Route is the perfect escape for lovebirds in search of world-class wine, brilliant cuisine and dramatic landscapes. With the Mother City of Cape Town, picturesque coastal Knysna, the impressive landscapes of Tsitsikamma National Park and Storms River Mouth, plus the wineries of Stellenbosch, there is plenty to keep you and your beau content here. Did we forget to mention the weather's perfect too? With temperatures in the mid-20s, sunny skies and clear days it's the perfect place to combine culture, scenery and beach for a romantic getaway.

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