Multi-country tours in Southeast Asia

Popular combinations of countries that can be visited on one trip

Situated between China to the north and India to the west, Southeast Asia is a beautiful part of the world with a rich history and unique traditions passed down the generations. Home to powerful kingdoms in days gone by from the Khmer Empire to the Siamese rulers of Sukothai and Ayutthaya, the region is packed with spectacular ancient monuments and cities, chief among them the temple complex of Angkor. With several countries colonized by European nations, Southeast Asia's historic cities are home to charming colonial architecture and cultural legacies from baguettes to coffee. And then there's the scenery - jade-colored waters littered with craggy islands, picturesque rice paddies that carpet lush valleys, sprawling waterways surrounded by jungle and stunning sandy beaches backed by swaying palms.

We run tours to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar and you can visit each of these nations individually or combine two or three countries in one itinerary. A number of these countries border each other so it's easy to visit more than one country with a short flight or overland adventure. As an award-winning tour operator in the region, thousands of travelers have visited Southeast Asia over the years with us, and below we've recommended some often requested combinations of countries.

Countries often combined on a visit to Southeast Asia

These are the most popular mix of countries combined on a visit to the region. If we have not featured the particular combination of places you are looking for, we will be more than happy to tailor an itinerary to your exact requirements.