Indian Subcontinent Travel Guide

Planning a holiday to the Indian Subcontinent but don't know where to start? Our Travel Guide is a great place to begin with details on the monsoon seasons and popular festivals to help you decide when to go. There's also a round-up of the region's best UNESCO sites so you can choose your itinerary to include these top attractions. And for wildlife enthusiasts, there's also a guide on the Subcontinent's most iconic species to inspire you for a safari adventure to either India, Sri Lanka, Nepal or Bhutan.

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Wildlife of the Indian Subcontinent

Plan your safari adventure with our guide to the region's most popular animals

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Best Time to Visit

Learn about how the monsoon rains affect the Indian Subcontinent and popular festivals to coincide your trip with

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Top UNESCO Sites

Must-see destinations on the Indian Subcontinent with the UNESCO stamp of approval from architecture to nature


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Indian Subcontinent Country Guides

Start planning your trip to the Indian Subcontinent with our detailed guides about visiting each country in the region on our tours.