South Korea Travel Guide

If South Korea is next on your holiday list, start your preparations with our travel guide. Here you'll find lots of useful information on everything from when to go and what to see as well as details on what visas you'll need to get there. In our Top Travel Tips section you'll find a wealth of topics covered from what plugs you'll need over there to whether you should leave a tip at restaurants. You can also see what our travellers think of our tours to South Korea in the reviews section.


Best Places to Visit

Don't miss these top attractions that include bustling cities and stunning islands

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Best Time to Visit

Plan when to go with our overview of the seasons, weather and festivals


Top Travel Tips

Plenty of info on everything you need to know from health to money, food to voltage


Tourist Visas

Visa requirements for travellers to South Korea and information on getting your visa

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Travel Advice & Updates

The latest warnings on health, safety and security for travel to South Korea


Traveller Reviews

See what our travellers say about our tours to South Korea and the Far East of Asia

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Get to know South Korea

Recommended Reading

  • The Vegetarian
    by Han Kang
  • The Naked Tree
    by Park Wan-Suh
  • The Guest: A Novel
    by Sok-Yong Hwang
Did you know...?

Facts about South Korea

  • Rather than horoscopes, many Koreans believe that your personality traits are reflected in your blood type.
  • 1 in 77 people in South Korea has had plastic surgery, making it the country with the highest rate per capita.
  • In South Korea age works a little differently as babies are said to be one when they are born, instead of zero.

South Korea Travel Advice

We stay informed of the latest travel advice to South Korea and follow the regulations laid out by the British Foreign Office. The safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country.

Useful Online Resources:

The official South Korea Tourist Organisation site and the latest South Korea Weather Updates from the BBC.