The best time to visit Australia

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Australia at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

Recommended time to visit: September to November and March to May are the most popular times to visit Australia. Just before and after the height of summer means that the weather is perfect to explore the country without it being too hot or too cold.

Less popular time to visit: The low season for tourism in Australia is between June and August as the winters are cool and cloudy. However with less tourists and cheaper flights and accommodation it is still a good time to explore the cities.

Best time for beaches: December to February are the best months to enjoy Australia's beautiful beaches. With hot weather and sunny skies the beaches are the perfect destination.

Best time for Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling: The dry season between May and October are the perfect time for snorkelling this famous reef. With little rain the water will be clear and give you the best chance to see this picturesque location.

AUS Climate | Sydney

Temp Min °F666664595448464852576164
Temp Max °F797977736863636470727377
Rainfall (mm)1171281421251021387082658010275

AUS Climate | Brisbane

Temp Min °F727068645954505457616670
Temp Max °F848484817570707275798284
Rainfall (mm)1651671301129049593532102129130

AUS Climate | Perth

Temp Min °F666864595452505052555963
Temp Max °F868884777266646668727782
Rainfall (mm)112315421111631651087651259

AUS Climate | Cairns

Temp Min °F757573726864636366707273
Temp Max °F888886848179797982848888
Rainfall (mm)381390371193924734263060100185